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His schedule could be complicated didnt give much info in your Op.

I used to work the night shift and it's a b!t@h! If he hasn't gotten back to you after the 3 day rule (I agree with Cowboy here) then leave him a text or message.

If after that he still doesn't respond ....move on! Night shift is hard but it doesn't mean the end of a personal life....after all, that's why God created weekends!
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Posted: 4/21/2009 8:01:18 PM
When I'm working many hours, I sometimes get lost in my job and sleeping for days. When those times come up, I always clarify in advance that it might be a while before I've got my head above water. If I commit to a time to call, I always do. Its may be he likes you very much but has other relationships to tie up loose ends on. If you like him, give him some time, men are obtuse at times. If the relationship does start on that note, make sure it improves rapidly within a few weeks, otherwise he is still looking for someone, not concluding other chapters.
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Posted: 4/22/2009 6:25:00 PM
Sometimes us guys need a few days or even longer after a very good date to let it all sink in.
We can be overwhelmed with all these new feelings that we are getting, so we`ll just slow cook in it for a while, very much enjoying the thought of meeting someone new whom we are very drawn to as well as the excitement of knowing she feels the same.

We`ll be thinking that over there at your place you feel the same way and knowing that we have plans to get together again soon, we think all is good between us.

So us guys will float on cloud nine but stay out of touch with you until we come down to about cloud seven, when we can think straight and not act a fool of ourselves.

We dont feel feelings all the time, and some of us will go days on end without feeling anything at all, other than being at peace which us guys LIKE being at.

We arent accustomed to feelings like women are, it seems to me you`re feeling something all the time, like you live for it and thats your world.

So when we`re trying to have a feeling dont mess with us until we have acclimated ourselves to this strange new sensation otherwise we`ll feel we`re being pushed- like we`re not feeling it fast enough or feeling it wrongly which will make them feelings for you go *poof* in an instant.
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