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Unconscious racial bias...Page 1 of 1    
I dont know about you, but since its mostly blonde and blue eyed`s making the top 500 then it sounds to me like they`re against us salt and pepper-hairs with hazel eyes too.

NOW I`m mad!!!!
Lets you and me go and get to the bottom of this right now!!!!
(you go first, I promise I`ll back up everything you say)

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Unconscious racial bias...
Posted: 4/22/2009 7:31:49 PM

I looked at the top 500 'hot' people on POF... it looks frighteningly Aryan. I mean, vast majority was blond and blue eyed. Only 1 black woman out of 500. Two asians. No 'indigenious' looking Latinas.

'Frighteningly Aryan? Is this because POF is a world-wide dating site, primarily including people from Britain, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States? I don't know the percentage of other racial groups on POF, but maybe it's low? Maybe it's a website-participation issue, rather than the latent-racism issue you're suggesting?

We all have our preferences with who we date, and these are based upon numerous factors, not only race. If I were in America I'd be happy to date an African-American woman, the same as I'd be happy to date a woman who was in my age-group with a similar lifestyle to me. Attraction is not race-specific, but cultural, social and religious issues often come into play if we are talking about a relationship.

For the longest time in Western history, white has symbolized virtue/purity/beauty... and black evil/degraded/sexualized.

Maybe America now has the opportunity to dispel this conception with it's new president? The first family is classy, poised, powerful and quite black. Michelle Obama is an amazingly beautiful woman without a blonde highlight in sight!
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Unconscious racial bias...
Posted: 4/22/2009 7:45:41 PM
All us whites are racist and we go to our klan meetings ever week to pick the top 500 aryans.You cant get in unless you know the handshake.Because only whites can be

There I told you what you wanted to hear happy now?lol
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