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Farming is not normally associated with the words exciting, adrenalin producing or wildly thrilling but when it is, it is usually accompanied with a setting a movie director would love, dark or pouring rain. The most difficult challenges are often accompanied by both just so the final triumph is that much more satisfying, but only in recollection and after a certain amount of time has passed.

It was morning, well technically, it was morning. The red blocky numbers displayed a time I preferred not to be familiar with, even though in these long days near summer solstice the birds were starting their morning chorus.

Since I’ve farmed, I’ve become a light sleeper and as I lay there in the dark, hearing the birds warming up, I was listening hard, silently straining to find the sound that had woken me. Sounds of past excitements darted through my mind, racoons murdering screaming chickens, the crunch of wood as the bear tore into the turkey house, the wild pounding of exhilarated hooves as the horses escape and run free down the road but I hear nothing matching these sounds.

That’s it! I hear nothing; there is no household noise, no hum of refrigerator, just a stillness. So how come my clock still works? My brain muzzily wrestles with this conundrum, as my body starts to slow down from alert status, oh, yah, emergency 9 v battery. My mind continues clicking pieces together; no power means no water, no shower, no porridge, no tea…. Sleep beckons, no power, no problem or at least problem for later so I lay there wrapped in warmth and silence and allow myself to float back down to sleep.

If you have any farming stories, add them.
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