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I've seen a few friends lately deal with sick animals, and really - I'm kind of surprised at the lengths some people go to...

I certainly agree with getting cats and dogs their shots...putting on a flea collar, etc. One of my friends was told that she needs to brush her cat's teeth daily. Another takes her cat to the vet, where (after going to the cat cardiologist and being cleared for anasthesia) the vet cleans the cat's teeth. Someone else just spent God knows how much money on chemo for her dog (the dog was I believe around 12 - and died while being treated).

I have another friend who just took her cat in for all kinds of tests (at about $600)...the cat is 10, and needs medication, and will be fine. Ok, I get that. But what about taking an "elderly" animal, putting it through tests, procedures, and suffering? I also know of someone else who's dog had all kinds of problems - she was giving it injections twice a day, and it was at the vets once a week for tests and treatments. She was spending her nights lying on the floor with the dog, because it was in pain and whimpering all night. THAT just makes me mad.

I understand people love their pets - I have had both cats and dogs and loved them both. But at some point, when does it not become about the animal, but about your own desire not to lose them? Just because something CAN be done - does that mean it SHOULD be done? What would you do?
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Pets and their Health Care
Posted: 5/8/2009 12:01:11 PM
I agree that once a cat or dog gets old enough that surgery or testing can further stress the animal and maybe only prolong life another couple months when they start failing in health, it becomes a question of who you're trying to make more comfortable - your pet or you.

Pets have a specific life span and when it's over especially a natural decline in health with age, it takes a strong person to allow the pet to progress thru this without trying to fix it or rescue the pet.

My ex's boss years ago had a yellow lab that at 10 years old was diagnosed with cancer. He put this dog thru many chemo treatments, and it was horrible to watch a dog who was too old to deal with go thru this. But he felt he had to do it...eventually his wife convinced him to let go and allow the dog to have some peace.
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Pets and their Health Care
Posted: 5/8/2009 1:22:08 PM
And sometimes it just comes down to finances. It hurts to say goodbye to a loved pet, but there are many other animals out there needing a good home - and equally deserving. So, why should I spend countless amounts of money to provide a few more questionable years for an animal I know has lived a good life - when so many others have not had that chance? Just my way of looking at it....
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Pets and their Health Care
Posted: 5/8/2009 7:08:12 PM

But what about taking an "elderly" animal, putting it through tests, procedures, and suffering?

i flat-out refuse to do this. in january, my little tortoiseshell, whom i had from kittenhood, became ill with a thyroid condition. she dropped weight alarmingly. i got meds for her (the same thing i'm supposed to take), but she started to vomit after a few weeks. she also lost more weight. the vet's office put her on fluids and kept her comfortable for a few days. she never got miserable, and i didn't want her to. so i had her put down before she could get too ill. they had discovered masses in her little tummy and suggested some sort of diagnostic procedure. i refused. after 15 good years, i didn't want her to go out suffering.

if you give an animal a nice little life, and they get to do the stuff they enjoy, you should have no regrets. you have to consider their quality of life.
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Pets and their Health Care
Posted: 5/8/2009 8:45:40 PM
i love my dog and cats too.Although I eat meat hunt fish stuff like that I dont like too see anything suffer.If the animal is in a lot of pain its better to put it down.A hard choice but less suffering for the animal.Now some people go way over board with there pests , but if thay have the money and its something that can be fixed why not?It comes down too how much you like haveing them around i
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Pets and their Health Care
Posted: 5/8/2009 9:07:58 PM
First of all... flea collars are archaic.

Secondly when you take an animal in it is your responsibility to take care of them properly. If you decide to get a small dog, like a Yorkie, Chihuahua, or Dachshund you should know they all get super nasty teeth because they are small dogs and will need lots of dental care throughout their lives. We're talking at least $200 per teeth cleaning if you do it at least once a year. It's the cost of owning a pet.

I'm sure you go to the doctor when you have a problem. How would you like it if your kids said "Oh she's got some arthritis, instead of treating it we'd like our mom euthanized!" I'm not saying you have to spend thousands of dollars on your pet but if the condition is treatable and the animal is in good health otherwise there is no reason not to treat the problem.

I DO agree that it is horrible when people drag their pets lives out. We see cats in kidney failure at 15-18 years of age and the owners are just squeaking them by. Cats that should weigh 12lbs that only weigh 4-6lbs. It's horrible. That I do disagree with. If the animal is in visible pain or the animal can no longer do the things it used to do to lead a normal life then I do think one should do the unselfish thing and put them out of their misery. As a pet owner it is also our responsibility to give a pet a dignified death.
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