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I found her.
A romantic, intellectually compatible and beautiful to me woman.

I got tho this thread and noticed a lot of negative headlines.

POF is stupid, one says, well, POF does not work, WE work and POF is a tool.

If I lay my drill on the workbench and stare at it for a hundred years, it will, by itself, drill nothing. What will you think then, if I post, "My drill is stupid"? of "It doesn't work"?

Give a moron a protractor and pencil, he or she will stab them selves with the sharp point of the protractor and bounce checks with the pencil, or write bitter letters.

Give the same to an architect and he or she will design a beautiful building.

Whine on whiners.

Design on designers.

I wish all of you honest (which does NOT mean all of you) the very very best.

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An intimate encounter for life.......
Posted: 5/14/2009 5:15:37 PM
Perfectly said!

People are people... there are no more "idots", "jerks", or "shite wimin" (Not really sure what that one is, buttttttt) than in the "real world."

I met several people from here and although most of them weren't my "match" (obviously) I did not run into any "jerks" or "idiots."

Perhaps if your profile attracts something that isn't what you are seeking, it's not saying what you need it to say?

Good luck to you all!
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