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I have had intermitten lower back pain for about the past year. The pain usually goes up to my right hip area. Been to the Doctors quite a few times, they cannot find a cause. This pain can be disabling at times. Anyone have any ideas what this could be??
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/4/2009 10:46:58 AM
Pinched nerve? Not something you or a doctor can see but definitely painful if you're putting additional strain on your back/hip - perhaps running or sleeping on a not so firm mattress. Hard to guess .. you didn't mention a routine of physical activity.
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/4/2009 2:31:56 PM
thank you for your respsones. I have often wondered if my pain was associated with my kidneys. Interesting. I will go to the website you have listed.

many thanks again!
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/5/2009 8:52:02 AM
Kidneys are actually quite high up. if it really is kidney pain, be scared as hell. CKD is becoming epidemic (self inflicted, of course).

lower back is usually lumber 4 and 5

lower back pain is probably unavoidable, but can be greatly reduced in intensity and duration with exercise for most people.

Since most people are not fit, the muscles atrophy and don't hold the spine straight, bad posture, women caving in their chest to hide their boobs, pot guts (both sexes) pulling the lower spine forward so the upward spine goes backward, accentuating the s-shape of the spine, shoulders forward, chest caved in, back rounded (and covered with slabs of fat), walking with back of hands forward rather than out (thumbs forward).

Somewhere along the line I got sensitive to postures, so see many women who clearly spend a lot of money on clothes, hair, and make-up but destroy it all by walking and standing horribly.

sorry, I got carried away. :)
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/5/2009 11:28:36 AM
correction: lumbar 4 and 5 :)
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/5/2009 6:02:29 PM
I appreciate all this information! Could you explain what CKD is?
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/5/2009 8:26:03 PM
hey there sweetness,
i got lower lumbar to tailbone pain that is due to poster both in from the level of the mattress and the fact i sit in an office chair all day. what seems to work is chiropractic and massage treatments and yes, regular fitness training and stretching. eating a balanced diet will also regulate your bloodstream and wont allow any junk to settle in the tissues of where it hurts, which causes stress and pain as well. hope your feeling better in the mean time, ciao
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/6/2009 8:47:19 AM
One of the most important sites on Internet:
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/6/2009 9:19:13 AM
hi there...
so do u still have pains????
do u have any periods problem???
when this pain starts?any special time??
can u describe the nature of pain???

many questions..
it can be due to kidney, ovarian, musculoskeletal disease....
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/6/2009 6:59:34 PM
check into getting massage... have them work the psoas muscle... a bit uncomfortable to have worked on, but definitely related to low back pain... the psoas and the QL (quadratus lumborum).
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/6/2009 8:31:51 PM
homeopathy can really help. try RUTA Graveolens
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/6/2009 8:36:40 PM
Hi Jabrah,

I am still having pain. I do not have any menstrual problems, in fact my periods are light due to the fact I had a uterine thermoblasion a couple of years ago.

I have been taking ibuprofen to help deal with the inflamation. Strangely though I have had a low grade for the last 3 days or so. It has been at or near 100.2 degree's. I think it may be time to go see my family practicioner (again).

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lower back pain
Posted: 6/7/2009 9:49:16 PM
It's interesting that people are saying what this low back pain is "usually" from.

Low back pain can be caused by a TON of different reasons. Nobody can guess what your pain is due to without seeing you and doing a proper history and physical exam. It can be as simple as basic mechanical pain due to poor posture, or it could be as serious as metastasis, as many common cancers (ie. lung, breast, kidney, thyroid, prostate) go straight to the spine.

Another thing to consider is that visceral pain is very hard to localize in the body. So though the pain is referring to your hip, the problem can be somewhere totally different.

Some questions for you to consider:

1. Can you think of any specific incident that could have caused this pain?
2. You say you've had this pain for the past year. Is it constant (24/7)? If not, when do you feel the pain most? What relieves the pain? What aggravates it?
3. Does the pain go anywhere else other than your hip? Have you noticed anything else that's strange (not necessarily related to your back pain)? Any numbness/tingling/weird sensations anywhere in your body?
4. How intense is the pain? You've mentioned it's disabling at times. What can't you do because of the pain? What causes the pain to become disabling? Can you trigger anything that you're doing to cause that? When does the pain get better? Is it worse in the morning or at night?
5. How would you describe the pain? Is it dull? Burning? Shooting pain? Achy?
6. Have you had any bladder or digestive problems?
7. When was the last time you had a physical done?
8. We know nothing about your family history.

Anyway, don't answer these questions here. These are questions your health care provider should be asking you (whomever you choose to seek). I do highly suggest a chiropractor. They are, after all, specialists of the neuromusculoskeletal system and have put in a TON of time learning about the spine. ;)

Get well!
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/7/2009 11:01:00 PM
And out of curiosity, in which position do you sleep? If it's on your stomach, you may want to cut that out. Opt for the fetal position instead. If you care to put a pillow in between your knees, even better.
 slc ride
Joined: 11/16/2008
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/9/2009 3:15:16 AM
some common causes:

poor workout form at the gym
uneven shoes/high heals
poor posture sitting/standing (do you do either for several hours a day?)
waterbed or worn out mattress


Specific techniques with swimming, stretching and yoga will help considerably. Get a good massage/chiro guy. If you want details you can email me
Joined: 3/22/2009
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/13/2009 9:49:46 PM
OP do you practise yoga? Anyway try some of these yoga asanas (poses) and tell me if it helps?

Recycling Cobbler Pose

Cat Stretch Pose

Half Dog Yoga Pose
Joined: 6/24/2008
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/17/2009 12:39:29 PM
I have lower back pain too, but mine is from backyard wrestling.
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/17/2009 1:25:44 PM
Have you had any problems with your ovaries or womb? I have endometriosis and that contributes big time to back pain. I have pain in the same area mine comes with wicked put you on your knees cramps too but if there's problems with the front on women sometimes there's problems with the back. Does it happen around certain times of the month? Have you found it comes in patterns? Stress? Is it pressure or aching ?

Ask your doctor about yoga. You don't have to put your head on your toes or anything but I find if I do some yoga poses and breathe and stretch it releases it. You could also try Reiki if your interested in healing of sorts its non religious. I go to a wonderful healer who relieves my pain. I also go to a luminous body healer who is amazing too. Reflexology is a good one and also acupuncture. I could go on with naturopathic remedies but my biggest one is yoga even modified poses are wonderful.

I hope you find some help with it.
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/17/2009 3:00:42 PM
Magnolia, which yoga poses do you find most effective in relieving the lower back pain?
Joined: 9/20/2008
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/21/2009 2:29:54 AM
low back pain going up the hip is sciatica & is probably from disc inflammation. Dont listen to all the "medical" advice here- see a physician!
Joined: 11/14/2006
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/21/2009 1:49:54 PM
Actually Joanne...low back pain going up the hip is usually NOT sciatica. True sciatica, caused by disc compression or impingment of the sciatic nerve by a disc or vertebra is very rare.
Sciatica follows the path of the sciatic nerve...which does not go up the hip, but rather down the glutes into the back of the leg.

In most cases, lower back pain, accompanied by pain in either hip is caused not by true sciatica but by Piriformis Syndrome. Since the sciatic nerve lays right under ( and in some people right through ) the fibres of the priformis muscle, any inflammation, injury or tension of this muscle will cause pressure on the never, resulting in what seems like lower lumbar pain.
At least 80% of the clients I see with these symptoms have trigger points and spasm in the pririformis .

It is well worth your while to see a registered massage therapist to have the piriformis, glutes, hamstrings and psoas muscles stretched and worked.
Joined: 6/16/2009
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/21/2009 6:49:55 PM
satx78218 is making a whole lot of sense. Barring any health issues prohibiting specific exercises, posture and toned abs make less work for the back.
Joined: 6/3/2009
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/22/2009 3:07:02 PM
If you go to touch your toes with your toes pointed towards your body, does a pain shoot from ur lower back down 1 side all the way to your toes? If so.. Congradulations, you have a pinched sciatic nerve... I have this too, its rough somedays.. Just ice it and the irritation usually subsides, dont use heat as this can cause it to be enflamed.
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lower back pain
Posted: 6/22/2009 11:00:44 PM
Sweetness, I hope you find another dr, as nice as asking in the forums for diagnosis, you would be better suited in telling a Dr about your situation... ESPECIALLY if you are having a fever without any indicators as to what is causing an infection.

I know it is really frustrating NOT TO KNOW what is wrong, and Reiki as well as acupuncture, are all potentially helpful.

However for all we know your issues could result from having a spinal curvature, to having one leg a tad shorter than the other, to about a hundred or so other things...

Good deal on the thermoablation, had one of those myself, and it was one of the best things I did...

Good luck dear, I hope you are able to find out what is bothering you and get help with it asap...
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lower back pain
Posted: 1/4/2010 1:42:06 PM
I have Lumbar disc issues, especially with the 3rd and 4th vertebra. And yup, I had extreme pain in my hip area extending down to my knee. Sometimes that leg would feel weak. The shocks of pain going through my hip area would leave me breathless.

Those particular vertebra hold nerves that are associated with many organs, including the uterus.

It may not be sciatica, but instead you may have a different branch of nerves being pinched.

There is a drug called Gabapentin that can reduce the nerve pain quite abit. You may want to throw in a little codeine too for pain relief. Anyways, ask your doctor.

Also, see if you can get a MRI (expensive and a long wait I know) or a CT scan of your spine. That should show any vertebra out of place.

Good luck.


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