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 Gimli Girl
Joined: 4/22/2009
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Nothing against city boys but there is just something about country boys.

Tell me if I am wrong but when looking for a man, I think I have to look at the men who work the land. A man who works the land has an appreciation for hard work, knows how to use his hands and is able to use critical thinking skill to solve most any problem. If something needs fixing, they fix it. They don’t wait around expecting someone else to do it or pay someone else to do it if they can do it themselves. They are not materialistic; their reward for their hard work is being able to look over their land knowing that it is theirs. They are dependable, reliable and have strong morals instilled in them from a traditional family upbringing. They respect women, the elderly and family; they even will open doors for them. If ever you need help or a neighbour down the way needs help… you can always count on a country boy!

Just My Thoughts
Joined: 9/27/2006
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/17/2009 7:23:58 PM
If you want to find country boys or men that work the land, I would suggest you relocate to Alberta, or Rural Ontario. I have family in both provinces and I was amazed at the number of cowboys and ranchers.

I'm a city girl, I love the look of a man in a nice suit and someone to talk to about business, economics, world issues, or current events. Talking about farm work, crops, livestock and watching a man spit out a mouthful of snuff just does not do it for me. In Alberta or Rural Ontario, it was hard to find men who interested me.

Good luck!
Joined: 1/25/2009
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/18/2009 7:40:47 AM
Well, I certainly hope that farmers everywhere read that! Who woulda thunk that farmers cain't talk about impurtant stuff.

Stereotyping at it's finest.

GG, sounds like you enjoy being with a man who has a good work ethic. That type of man is everywhere. What about a guy who is an avid gardener?
Joined: 9/27/2006
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/18/2009 1:29:42 PM
Msg 3 - not stereotyping - stating a personal preference. I did not say that farmers or ranchers cannot or did not talk about important stuff. However many farmers/ranchers are not generally as passionate or interested about business and the other topics I listed, as some people who work in business and other professional sectors - there is nothing wrong with that.

My personal preference is to have a partner who shares some of the passions I do on certain topics, as this makes for wonderful thought provoking conversations. I would never dismiss a man who was a farmer/rancher, as everyone is an individual and I have always believed that it goes to reason, that if one person expects to be given a chance or an opportunity, it must be reciprocal. I am not really to passionate about some of the issues farmers/ranchers are interested in - and that too is ok, as we are all individuals. This is not to say that I would not be adverse to talk about the issues, I just dont see myself as being passionate about it. I have family members who are farmers and others who are ranchers, and I have found that regardless how hard we all try, stimulating conversation will only go so far on both sides. Does not mean we don't care or respect one another, it just means that there are others people who would make better conversationalists.
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/18/2009 5:24:48 PM
Wow a lot of threads on country boys
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/18/2009 7:38:45 PM
I think that's been my problem with dating. I've been always dating city guys and I'd love to live in a small town or on a farm. I need to find me a country man.
Joined: 9/26/2008
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/19/2009 5:29:10 AM
Well,I'm a country boy,born and raised. But a warning to the ladies who grew up in the city:country life might not be what you expect. I've found that a common dream of many women who grew up a city is to live out on a farm,but for many the fantasy is unlike the reality.
In the 1st long-term relationship my partner wanted to move out to the country to be with me,and after she did it took her about a month to discover that she hated country life,because as she put it,there was nothing to do. No malls to hang out at(she was 35 for crying out loud)no 7-11s a block or two away,no pizza delivery,etc. We broke up a few months later. My girlfriend now loves country life,but she hated when she 1st moved out here for many of the same reasons. Just remember that it is a different life from the one you have in the city.
Joined: 7/11/2008
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/19/2009 10:14:49 PM
I"m not worried about living on a working farm. My summers were spent at my grandparents farm helping out. That included getting up at the crack of dawn to feed the pigs and gather the eggs and to muck out stalls that needed mucking. At a time or two there were also cows to milk. Then we'd clean up for breakfast, sit to eat then it was out in the fields again for the guys and us ladies were at work in the huge vegetable gardens until it was time to make the lunches and get them out in the fields to the guys. Then we'd do it all again for the rest of the afternoon.

That's the time when you fall asleep at night and you know you've done some good.
Joined: 4/13/2009
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/20/2009 8:55:05 AM
I have to admit, I've a preference for country boys. I've lived in the city and worked in the heart of downtown with some high powered business types. In my experience, I've found that men involved in business are often consumed with pretense, the perception of themselves by others and pursuit of the almighty dollar. This is not someone I want. I've had the nice house, the nice vehicles, the impressive titles - and that's all they are...there is no substance. When in the race, you'd better learn to run, or get run over - including by the men in your life. If you're not the right version of Barbie, he'll set you aside and move on, because you're not going to promote his career.

I have found that men who work with their hands - be they involved in construction, mechanics, farming or other trades - are far more real. There is no "fake" persona that you have to look past to find the person - he's there, up front, honest and reliable. A man with dirt under his finger nails, is one that knows the value of his dollar, but is not obsessed with it and doesn't need flashy things to impress his friends. Who you are at home, should be who you are - not just who you are at home.

When in the rat race you have to "play the game" that was why I got out - I don't like the hassle of "maintaining an image" or "keeping up with the Jones's'." I found that's the nature of the beast, and it's not something that I want in my life. Call it a stereotype if you like, but I spent over a decade in that realm, and it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

My 2 cents...
Joined: 8/11/2005
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/22/2009 2:01:59 PM
I take no position one way or the other as I am interested in neither country boys nor city boys. I do, however, pose this question for consideration, what would happen if men discussed either rural or urban women with such a one-size-fits-all broad brush.

I have difficulty believing that all rural men are as wonderful and wholesome as they have been described. Similarly, I am quite sure that not all urban men are snakes in suits.

Granted I wear suits, the only dirt I get under my fingernails is from my garden, and I have trouble hammering a nail, but I am not obsessed with money, have no interest whatsoever in keeping up with the Jones family (or any other family for that matter), and am really quite certain that the work I do has value. (My clients seem to share this opinion).

It may well be that those who live in a rural setting are somewhat more likely to have certain interests (outdoor activities for example) than those who live in the city. Similarly, those who live in the city maybe more likely to enjoy other activities.

In my experience, it doesn't matter what geographical location you are considering, what occupation you are discussing, what gender, race, creed you are looking at, you get some nice folks, some mean folks, some thoughtful folks, some shallow folks ... et cet. It is just the nature of the human condition.
 Dance in Beauty
Joined: 1/30/2009
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/22/2009 3:38:18 PM
Hmmmmmmm let me boys vs city would a:

country boy be able to be compatible with me, same interests, adventurous, free spirit, love of life , living it to the fullest in whatever capacity we so choose and there would be chemistry?

or would the:

city boy be compatible with me, same interests, adventurous, free spirit, love of life, living it to the fullest in whatever capacity we so choose and there would be chemistry?

I would have no idea, everyone is their own unique personality I've know farmers who can talk the talk of the business world, and I've know suits who can't hold their own in the business world, so unless I have had the pleasure of their company to assess whether we would connect then I reserve my opinion.

That's my story and I'm sticking too it, no preconceived notions here.
 Gimli Girl
Joined: 4/22/2009
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/24/2009 4:05:08 PM
Bee a trix Kiddo... your right good work ethic is a big part of it, and an appreciation for the land. I also believe and have known country boys/men who are very up on world affairs. There livelihood depends on the markets and what’s happening in the world. I have found they know more about the economy then any city boy I personally have met. Yes I know there are obviously city boys who are very versed in the economy as well; I am not insinuating they are not. I just want to defend my country boys. And for the record, they don’t all spit.
 Dance in Beauty
Joined: 1/30/2009
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/24/2009 4:31:19 PM
I didn't know country boys spit? Do they? I've seen lots of city peeps coughing up the slimy stuff on the that is gross.
 Mysterius Blue Eyes
Joined: 7/13/2006
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/27/2009 8:51:01 PM
pegmale: your comments are pretty good.

No one is completely wholesome whether they live in the country or the city.

I've had the opportunity to live in a small town and the big city. What I have found is that men or woman from small town's are more relaxed about things (And I don't think that makes a person wholesome) their just not rushing around compared to the city people where your rushing to get here and rushing to get there.

For me, I have to dress up for work as well in suits and so forth, but when I get home, it's off with the suits and a pair of comfy pj bottoms & a t-shirt... But there are times I still like dressing up to the 9's and going out or just sitting around relaxing outside or curled up on the couch...

I know for myself personally, it doesn't matter where your from, it's what's inside that makes the person.

There's my two cents worth "again"...

 Gimli Girl
Joined: 4/22/2009
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/28/2009 9:35:49 AM
There is no doubt that it takes more then where you live to make up a good person. But... I think where you are brought up and the values instilled at an early age from both family and community has a huge part. Typically, farm communities are very close and very supportive. Again, there are some very strong communities in the city as well. But I still like the look of a man all hot and dirty working the land :) There is just some basic and soothing about it.
Joined: 7/16/2007
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/28/2009 9:55:44 AM
Your preferance then is country boys just leave it at that and stop this long debate as to who is better.

I too have seen both sides of the world city and small town living. It is all depending. Have seen where in a small town they are all very clicky and if they do not like you they will run you out of town. Not just not have anything to do with yeah.

You go for love, for compatability, what makes the man who he is. Does he do the walk from his talk. At the end of the day is that person who you want to put their slippers under your bed for more than a night heck for more than a year. That is what is important not where he was raised or where he lives.

That is my coins and bills thoughts on that.
Joined: 9/6/2011
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Country Boys
Posted: 4/9/2012 9:39:41 AM
Hey i just wanted to reply to this. I cant 100% agree because I am actually from a small town and I have lived in both small towns and cities and I still am looking for a nice old fashioned country boy. I want to live in the country because I love animals and I do want to one day have my own rehabilitation farm for endangered species. Sure there is nothing out there but when you have friends and a vehicle if you want a good time yo throw a tail-gate party or barn party. And if u needs something its a chance to drive in your truck and go to town and as a detour go fishin. I really am a country girl and if i can find my country boy that has the same values and morals as me that would be great!
Joined: 5/5/2012
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Country Boys
Posted: 6/24/2012 5:38:51 AM
No offense to city boys but country boys are always more polite - that's been my experience. I was brought up where hard work was just called "work". Anything that needed to be done had to be done, period. For me now it's tough as I don't see a lot of guys who work hard physically. Country boys that I've met have no choice but to get the work done. They don't complain about it either. The "suit" that has manicured nails, a maid and drives a car you can't get comfortable in just isn't attractive to me. Guys that aren't afraid of getting dirty are where it's long as they understand "shower" and put some effort into cleaning up nice when need be. For me, it's the work ethic that one has I guess. Country boys have it.
Joined: 2/26/2012
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Country Boys
Posted: 2/27/2013 7:30:12 AM
I completely agree with you. Not being the right brand of Barbie gets you stepped over and stepped on by city boys because they have in the back of their mind what they think look good on their arm. I prefer country boys because unlike the city slickers, they appreciate curves in a woman. I've been told that I'm gorgeous, but would I consider getting down to like a size 2. Are you serious??? Not to mention, I've always loved the country. The best place to raise a family and just have some peace and tranquility in your life.
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