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Joined: 2/23/2009
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Bad Boy Syndrome. One of today's great mysteries.Page 1 of 1    
Like they say,...... science has explored the outer reaches of the solar system,...., but men can spend their entire lives trying to understand the female psyche,...and still not get it. I can see some of the gals who might be reading this, nodding in front of their monitors,.....going,...."yup, that's right, so what else is new". I know that women are sick of the irresponsible liars and sex maniacs that try to hit on them,....and as a result, many are extremely cautious about hitting the e-mail Reply button in general. Now, of course, the women who are gold diggers and searchers for pretty boys are in another category, and we know why THEY have no class....but we're not talking about them right now. The read/deleted e-mail experience is still epidemic,.....and the cause?..... is it a relatively small number of idiot men, who are poisoning the atmosphere with their antics,....while the actual majority of us guys are not like that at all,...but are being tarred with the same brush?

The ladies should understand, and I think that many do,...that it is harder than ever right now for a man to just be himself and be accepted,.... just as himself. I suppose that guys can be pretty insecure at times, as many of the ladies have noted. For example,....profile photos that actually feature the guy's car, rather than himself,.... shows me that males are feeling like they have to almost bribe the chicks, to even get them to talk to them. And then there's the dating phase of this,.....I remember reading a gals input a few years ago on one of the dating sites, that really was amazing. She was talking about how she analyzes her potential dates. "If the guy doesn't call as often as I'd like,.....then that means he's not interested enough. If he calls too often, then it means that he's desperate. I don't want either type". Wow. Think about THAT one for a moment. LOL. Kinda tough to win with odds like that, eh fellas?

I've seen scores of profile essays, with the chicks saying that they desire a "bad boy, with an edge to him". ? When they do find one,...and he turns out to be a total animal,...(big surprise),...they fume about the "terrible men out there". This pattern seems to repeat itself endlessly. So, what we need here is a discussion by both the guys and gals, to help address this very important question: What is the mysterious cause of Bad Boy Syndrome? Is it that decent men have been so feminized and reduced to insignificance these days, that women are feeling compelled to seek out lowlifes, for what appears to be masculinity,....even if it's the wrong kind?
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Bad Boy Syndrome. One of today's great mysteries.
Posted: 6/18/2009 2:22:09 AM

And so true.

At an early age, I wondered why woman would take the "bad boy" who treats them like gutter trash, over a nice, generous man who doesn't abuse them or yell at them.

I have heard that they favor the bad boy because they feel safe, and secure under the wing of a bad boy, whllst the nice, honest guy would apparently be too inconfident.
however, in the end, the badboy effect usually turns on the women, and they run back here or to that exaggerated site dont date him girls com to complain and gain a perception that ALL men are the same...why they don't prefer to be treated nice and from an HONEST male is beyond me.

I warned thee.

Redwood is the best.
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Bad Boy Syndrome. One of today's great mysteries.
Posted: 6/18/2009 7:40:03 AM
I understand the female psyche.
and it's not rocket science.
it's actually quite simple.
you just need to learn how to "read between the lines"

you can be a badboy with an edge and still have a good heart.
badboy does not = Evil Man.

think mischievous. think aloof. think dont give a **** about what anyone thinks but holds to a good heart.

being a badboy IS about being yourself. and NOT being a supplicating douche just to "get women to like you".

remember YOU'RE THE PRIZE. If she doesn't like you, she's not meant for you. Move on to someone else. Dont be somebody JUST to impress her. THAT will turn her off.

BE YOU. Be cheeky, be aloof, be funny and mysterious and Sexual.
and if she's a woman and a queen and not a prissy princess.
She will DEFINITELY fall for who you are.

whenever it seems that they dont it's cuz they're running a shit test on you to see if you're a douche or the real deal.

hope this helps.
take care.
Joined: 2/23/2009
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Bad Boy Syndrome. One of today's great mysteries.
Posted: 6/19/2009 12:29:59 PM

Oh yes, at an early age, yup,....well said. The bad boy pattern with some gals seems to go all the way back to High School, doesn't it. There is something about a fake image that really gets the girls running. For instance,.....we all remember some of the guys who were on the football teams, and many times it was the ones who were terrible players and actual knuckleheads,..... in any social setting,.....yet when they had that uniform on, they were instantly accepted and placed in God-like status. Not all of those guys were bad people, mind you, I knew some of them,.....but they used to think it was all very funny,..... and deliberately used these chicks ( and then moved on to the next one! ). One would think that this sort of nonsense would fade out once we all got older, but it hasn't. I used to love motorcycles,..... and they are major fun, of course,.....but I'm still stunned at how the very mention of the word "Harley" launches these chicks into immediate mating mode. Add a criminal record to some of these dudes,.... and you've got the makings of a whirlwind romance!,.....guaranteed to last at least a month ( or until she gets that first black eye! )


I liked your input there. You have the positive type of outlook, which is certainly needed by us all. We must not throw in the towel and admit defeat,.....that's true. I was just being sort of reflective about "understanding" the female mind. My choice of words probably wasn't the greatest there. Oh brother,....I do understand them,....but am just amazed at their checklist for what a "man" actually is. I guess the frustration for so many of us is how their perceptions of what is "attractive" frequently makes so little sense. Oh yes, they do put out their little "tests", by saying one thing,.... and actually meaning another. But jeesh,'s all so very exhausting. You had some excellent advice there though,....I'm glad you jumped in. I loved some of your expressions too,......"prissy princess",......OMG, that is perfect. You've obviously dated some of the gals here in California! (And bring plenty of cash,.....these chicks don't accept Mastercard).
Joined: 6/2/2009
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Bad Boy Syndrome. One of today's great mysteries.
Posted: 6/19/2009 5:57:02 PM


Yes, perfectly.

If she doesn't like you, she's not meant for you. Move on to someone else. Dont be somebody JUST to impress her. THAT will turn her off.

I like this part, Muscle P. I agree a lot with it too. I'd rather be myself than pretend, because I absolutely hate pretending...
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