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Joined: 7/10/2006
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Well, here's two answers for you.

1. First off, someone being of a particular ethnic origin does not determine their behaviour, xoAliciaxo, any more than your ethnic origin determines your behaviour. Believing that a person's ethnic origin determines their behaviour is quite simply racism, and a question framed with the premise "all members of ethic group X behave in the same way" has a somewhat racist flavour. I'm not accusing you of racism here, I'm simply making a point about the question.

2. That being stated, the social mores that someone has will be heavily affected by the environment they were raised in. Generally speaking, generalizations are false, but Iran *in general* is a quite conservative Muslim country where attitudes towards women are light years away from what prevails in much of the U.S. It would be quite ironic to describe many Muslim men of having a Madonna/whore complex, but that is often the case. But then, sleeping with any guy before dating him for some time is often a bad idea...
Joined: 4/28/2008
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persian men
Posted: 6/25/2009 6:15:05 PM
Personally, I won't date them. Yeah, a lot of Muslims (not all) think American women are whores. To have to weed through those that do and those that don't is too much trouble. I have a hard enough time with the men home grown in the U.S.
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Joined: 5/14/2009
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persian men
Posted: 6/25/2009 7:53:27 PM
I feel a great need to speak up here.

It is hard to believe that the US is filled with such ignorant, vocal presentations of xenophobia in the 21st century. People like Sagman need to inform themselves better before they open their mouths and offend.

Persians can be Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Muslim, or of several other religions. The Chaldean church is among the oldest Christian churches. The ancient society of Persia, where the nation of Iran sits today, is part of the cradle of human civilization. Today's Iran, for all its many faults, officially recognizes many of these religions and even assures governmental representation for these groups. In contrast: who can name a single muslim elected official in the US? There is one, but my bet is Mr. Sagman would call him weird, and no, Mr. Sagman, it's not Barack Obama.

Muslims have no enfranchisement on chauvinism or small minds. Just read the comments in these forums, and you can find lots of evidence that white, middle-class, Christian (sic) men from the heartland of America will toss you out like an old rag if you have sex with them. This is not a trait of muslims only.

Why pick on the Muslims? Oh, yes, they are weird, I forgot. Did some of these people forget that the great country USA was filled with the scum of the world? "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free"-perhaps some of the smaller brains in this audience would not even know the origin of this quote. I bet $100 that Mr. Sagman comes from some "weird" ethnic stock, somewhere. We all did.

Your question could be boiled down to: Is a cross-cultural relationship worth it? The answer is not an easy one, but doubtless, there are many black, green and yellow women very happy not to have Mr. Sagman seeking their telephone numbers. A cross-cultural relationship can be very difficult, in this he is correct, but there is no reason to express himself in such a derogatory way toward entire blocks of people. Be nice! Or incur the wrath of us weird people.
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Joined: 5/14/2009
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persian men
Posted: 6/25/2009 9:51:22 PM
Wow, thanks for the compliments. For the record, I'm a WASP, born in the USA, and I work overseas. I guess I took it seriously when I was taught "red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight" as a kid in Sunday school. Must have been a bunch of subversives running the church, huh? I wonder what songs they sang at Sadman's church?
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Joined: 5/14/2009
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persian men
Posted: 6/25/2009 10:20:41 PM
Mister Sad Man,

You say you are of Italian descent. Why did your family leave Italy? If you had a brain bigger than a pea, you would know that huge waves of people left Italy, Ireland, France, and many other countries, looking for escape from oppression, poverty, or a new life. The folks who showed OUR families the door in those places (mine came mostly from Ireland) thought of our families as scum.

I don't think anyone suggested that you should date a person of color. Perhaps if you drink one of those energy drinks, you could get a little more blood flowing into that pea occupying your cranium. Traditions and customs are wonderful things, but that does not justify talking about folks of Iranian descent as if they are second-class citizens. You have every right to date women of Italian descent, but in case you forgot, the OP was asking about Iranian men. If someone called Italian women the things you called Iranian men, I suspect you would not be happy about it.

I have no problem with your heat, by the way. It is the heat of a buffoon. Your hatefulness and ignorance, however, astounds me. Are you sure you are for real, and not a character out of a bad movie? I mean, dissing a Sunday school song as left-wing propaganda.... really, that is too much. Were you raised under a rock?
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Joined: 7/29/2006
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persian men
Posted: 6/26/2009 6:25:52 AM
it is not about ethnic origins, its cultural, muslim (some.... most) have very low opinions of western women, or rather women in general, i am not being judgmental just factual...they have attitudes that belong to a past century
Joined: 3/7/2005
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persian men
Posted: 6/26/2009 9:30:48 AM

Do yourself a favor. Stay with your own kind. I agree with all OP. Persians, Iranians, Pakistanians, etc... are 99% Muslum.

They have some really weird beliefs and practices. STAY AWAY. Can't you find someone closer to you in regard to culture?

Good luck.

What else could be expected from a 60 year old man?

As for the original post.................

It all depends on the person you are with and whether they like you or not. It doesn't make any sense on earth for someone to sleep with you and have sex and run away the next day.


There is some hygiene issue or anything they find offensive.
Joined: 6/20/2009
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persian men
Posted: 6/26/2009 8:16:16 PM
I lived with a guy from Iraq for 2 years. He was Muslim, and neither he nor his friends would ever actually dump women who slept with them, but they sure were shocked when one wouldn't immediately jump into bed with them. I can't say that they necessarily thought Western women were whores, but they had it in their heads we're supposed to be easy. This is just the guys I knew personally, I'm not saying all Arabic guys think that. All people are different, and even if it is common for people of a certain culture to believe a certain thing or act a certain way, that doesn't mean that every person of that culture will necessarily be that way. You'll never know about the particular guy you're interested in and what he believes until you ask him. I find, in most cases, direct communication works pretty well. Of course, he could lie and say he wouldn't dump you because you slept with him to get you into bed, and then dump you after you give it up.. but the same can be said of some American guys. LOL. My advice would be to talk with the guy and see what he says, and then take it slow.. verry slow.
Joined: 5/29/2009
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persian men
Posted: 6/26/2009 10:29:08 PM
dude...take it easy lol
dont ruin the fame for others ha
Joined: 5/29/2009
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persian men
Posted: 6/26/2009 10:30:35 PM
that is not true...
i know so many persian friends that stuck with their black/white gfs for more than a semester and sometimes for a year in college :)
i even know a couple where this persian dude married this white friend of mine and they also got 3 kids now :P
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Joined: 5/14/2009
Msg: 43
persian men
Posted: 6/26/2009 10:49:27 PM
I apologize for insulting to Sagman. As he is learning from a very interesting parade of postings here, however, it is not acceptable to bash people for their religion, or their ethnicity. It is also not appropriate to insult someone for saying something incredibly stupid. I should have vilified the comments he made instead of attacking him personally.

I grew up in the racially divided South. My grandfather called Italian-Americans "Dagos". Sagman surely knows that his ethnicity has a number of stereotypes, too, and some of them are quite negative. And yet, he insists on imitating small-minded characters from a Spike Lee movie. I grew up thinking the Appalachian theme song was "I'm my own grandpa"-talk about prejudices!

Deep down, I harbor a lot of doubts about people from certain races and religions. But I try to give the benefit of the doubt as often as I can. The movie "X" was very helpful in developing greater empathy for muslims, I recommend it to anyone who feels that all muslims are dirt.
Joined: 9/10/2006
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persian men
Posted: 6/27/2009 8:32:59 AM
Goody - one of my favorite topics!!!! I just answered something similar a couple of weeks ago.

Alicia - you sound like a logical woman - and have handled some of the dimwits here very well

I am in Los Angeles, a place that has an ABUNDANCE of Persian and Armenian men. I swoon whenever I see these guys - super attractive to me.

I have dated middle eastern men for years, and there is no hard and fast answer on this, I will say that if they were born in their respective countries, you may not have as much of a chance with a "relationship" versus having been born here. LOTS of family dynamics, mom and dad want them to marry the nice little persian girl or armenian girl. Now have I done the deed with middle eastern men and they disappeared? SURE! Have I done the deed with "white guys" and they disappeared? Of course!!!

Like I said, you seem like a sensible woman, "players" come from every corner of the earth, if you are sensing any red flags with this guy, then you will need to make the decision if you want to sweat up the sheets with him or not.

Good luck!
Joined: 4/23/2007
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persian men
Posted: 1/7/2012 8:27:53 PM
I think if we can find a way to to stop the breeding of narrow minded people then the world would be a much better place in the future.

I think all Rednecks should simply be wipped off the Earth as they're wasting important oxygen.

Oh and apapoolplayer69 your contact age limits indicate that 21 is your lower limit. Looking for playmate for your oldest child?
Joined: 8/23/2008
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persian men
Posted: 12/29/2012 4:02:50 AM
I am a "Persian Man". Unfortunately there are lots of misleading information about Persians and Iran in the posts. Lots of stereo types that you see in the news about Iran and Iranians in not correct. Most Iranians are NOT religious, this garbage about having second wives etc., are all due to imposed Islam (by an un-ellected dictatorship) and is not part of the Iranian culture. Iran/Persia has had its own culture for thousands of years, regardless of the barbaric Islam. Persian culture is about tolerance, happiness, love, poetry, wine, respect for women and their equality, music and having fun. If there are women (like the poster who started the thread) who have met some jerks who happen to be Persian, please don't blame it on the culture. There are jerks everywhere and in every culture and race. By the the way there many races in Iran (due to invasions, being a vast country and being in contact with many other countries over a long history). There are Asian-looking, Blond, black, Jewish , Christian,.. Iranians. Try to know the person.
Stay away from anyone who is a Islamist (the kind that wants to impose his views or religion on you) from any country (most Persians in West are not)
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