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So there I was, 36 debt free and single. Not a bad looking man but definately carrying my own collected baggage. I had never tried online dating before. I did have a few ladies on facebook that had contacted me because they saw my face on someone elses wall or comment and they were looking.

I was in the awkward seperated phase of my life. A few months before, my (ex)wife decided to wake me up to tell me she had made me breakfast and lunch, oh and that she was leaving me. I was impressed she made me breakfast or lunch because that wasn't normal. However the leaving thing... this was the 3rd time. All 3 times seem to come at random times and always with the same old lame azz reasons. "We were young, I didn't know what I was doing, your not the man I though you were....." mind you after 13 years together, I am glad she finally figured it out.

Now, I am not bitter. I really wish for her to have a good life and to go out and find her own happiness. I tried to give her happiness by providing a home with children, and a loving fun environment. However this is not what she needed. What she actually needed was to be independant and to fend for herself. She was an only child and felt like no one respected her. Note here for you out there. If you don't respect yourself, don't blame others.

Now I had taken a few months to catch up on life. I traveled across Canada, I took dance lessons in Vancouver and much time reflecting on my own life and attitudes.
When I started dating again. I WAS READY.

When I started with POF I met many wonderful people. Wonderful people that all had their own special brand of crazy. I had about 9 dates in 7 days. Those dates were all good. Most not second date material for me. 2 were second date material. I a second date with a wonderful lady and we watched the movie Mamma Mia. Great movie BTW.

Then I had another first date. It was 10am at Cora's Restaurant in Saint John. We had spoken on the phone and I had teased her by saying I was going to kiss her as soon as I saw her to get it out of the way. (It was too awkward so I couldn't) She was very attractive standing there waiting with her nice jeans, black coat and stylish scarf. Although I usually don't like short hair on many women (It makes them look OLD - Sorry if this bothers you! But it does, very few women can pull off short hair and look good. The ones that can look really sexy!) She looked good.

We ate breakfast and chatted and it was an instant success. We went for a walk, window shopping the mall and at one point in the "English butler" I gently turned her around and Kissed her softly. She smiled at first with her eyes and then her lips. The whole date turned out to be wonderful. We ended up on TV in an interview about Friday the 13th (the date of the date), we shared wine, food, music and fell asleep watching a music concert.

Total date. 36 HOURS.
and No Regrets. I have been with this amazing lady for just over 3 months now. We have had a few wrinkles (Normal wrinkles) to work out and are still forging forward, Happily Ever after. There are many wonderful details that I will be leaving out. However thanks to POF I have a whole new life. New love, new friends, new home and a new job.

** I have noticed a few things about POF. POF is made up of people. Many people, with many problems. If you come into POF looking for MR or MS/MRS Perfect and have your blinders on! It is your own fault for not seeing them. Remember everyone has their own brand of crazy. I respect all the wonderful ladies that I had met and enjoyed every dinner, coffee, dance and cuddle that lead me to the wonderful place I am at today.

Do not buy into the philosophy that people are power daters or just looking for one thing. Unless you go on a date with them you don't know anything. And remember not to dump your baggage on them because they remind you of some other date. Be patient. Listen and be honest.

I had some awesome dates, and I had a couple really spooky dates. They all turned out well. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you all find what I have found in my wonderful Lady. If it wasn't for POF and our persistance we never would have met.

With Love
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