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For the ladies out there, what is your general consensus or experience with asian men?...My best friend is asian and I consider him a fairly good looking fella (in a hetero kinda but he seems kinda shy or apprehensive about meeting and mingling with women because he is afraid of the stereotypes that women may or may not judge asian men. I would just like to know if any ladies may care to elaborate on this "pressing " issue.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 5:48:49 AM
No one replied.
I'd like to know opinions, too.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 6:13:31 AM
cant ask a question just to ladies are discriminating against Tramps,sluts ,gays lesbians and guys as well as a host of others ...besides its against the rules.. I really dont think ladies care what nationality or race you are as long as you are not a social retard or a jerk ...his being shy just might be why he cant get a date...think

open your mouth and risk being thought of as a fool ...or keep it shut and remove all doubt
quiet /shy people are always thought the worse of
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 7:44:01 AM

he is afraid of the stereotypes that women may or may not judge asian men

Are you talking about the stereotype regarding penis size? In my experience, almost all women share this stereotypical view, to the point where they don't believe it to be a view but "general knowledge", in much the same way as African men's penises are supposedly larger than average.

Then again, I don't know the statistics on penis length versus race so they might be correct.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 8:05:44 AM
I'm a social worker, so my opinion may not really hold any weight in 'common' settings. (I don't mean any offense in saying that.)

Cultures differ, a fact we are all very aware of. If you've ever seen the movie Not Without My Daughter - a true story by the way - you know that American women have been deceived by men from other cultures. Unfortunately, your Asian friend is physically 'tagged' because he looks 'foreign'. Again, I mean on offense. It is what it is. For the most part, I don't think women wonder about 'size', and if they did, they might rather experiment than wonder.

BUT! Sometimes people experience what we refer to in my field as a 'self fulfilling prophecy' which means that because they are afraid something is going to happen, they look for it even where it doesn't exist, and eventually it really does happen to them.

Without knowing your friend's situation (is he American born? Is he a new/long immigrant?), my advice would be to join some kind of social club for the exclusive purpose of spending time having fun and gaining confidence just being himself in a social setting. With confidence, he will approach women differently, and get a better response.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 8:30:06 AM
If he doesn't mind asianphiles (people attracted to asians for the sole reason that they're asian) then anime cons are a great place for asian guys to find women. Some asians are obviously a bit insulted by that though.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 9:16:29 AM
For women in this day an age stereotyping is only used after the fact. When we dump a guy we'll use that as an excuse. As for not going out with a guy, most the time it has to do with his personality, not his race. Shyness is your friends biggest hurdle. He's going to have to gain a bit of confidence in himself, put himself out there more and most of all he has to ASK women to go out with him.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 10:22:30 AM
It is probably just a self-confidence issue however the inter-racial stereotyping IS kinda fascinating. I've asked the same sort of question in regard to my TRY THIS GSpot Technique. I wanted to know if one race in particular had a higher percentage of women who reacted to this or not. Do the same number of blacks, for instance, exhibit the same percentage of women who react positively or negatively to proper GSpot stimulation. I never got a very good response to any of my posts asking for feedback on that. Talking RACE seems like a big NO-NO these days. Every body is waaay too PC to risk being labeled a RACIST (one of the most miss and over used words in the English language today) by discussing a perfectly normal, non racially biased based curiosity.

I read a study last night that in a way fits in with this. The study suggests that if one RACE sees another race experiencing pain their BRAIN does NOT react the same way as if they saw somebody of their own race experiencing the same pain.

I wonder whether the same goes for SEX. Betcha it does. But in what way? As you can see when you read the article it is BRAIN CHEMISTRY - NOT learned response (racially motivated learned responses) and it is UNIVERSAL. Unlike most LAWS today it is not JUST white males who are legally capable of racial discrimination. This happens with ALL races apparently. If this does apply to sexual relations too, what does it take the brain to overcome that natural bias and allow two lovers of different races to fully enjoy each others pleasure .... giving and getting?

Brain's response muted when we see other races in pain

The brain is not an equal opportunities organ, it seems. An imaging study of Chinese and Caucasian people has found that their brains respond less strongly to the pain of strangers whose ethnicity is different when compared with strangers of their own race.

.... However, for Chinese volunteers the sight of another Chinese person in pain prompted more of an increase in ACC activity than the pain of a Caucasian person. Caucasian volunteers, from the US, Europe and Israel, also reacted more strongly to sight of another white person in pain.

the rest of the article
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 10:31:19 AM
My general consensus in regards to asian men? They are men lol
Am I attracted to them? Nope
I don't judge anyone...they just don't do a thing for me.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 11:22:56 AM
The experiment is B.S.

Lets put a bunch of white and Asian in American Army uniform and same number of White and Asian in Japanese (from WII) uniform and repeat the experiment. See how their brain react.

Dave, you seem to be a smart guy. How come you don't see the condition of the experiment is false.
 Wild DNA
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 11:31:44 AM
What if....we were to reverse the situation just a little? Let’s say we move that location to Asia, place an American or Canadian woman there... Bigger boned I might add. Let her run with the petit and pretty, and see how sexy she feels in her surroundings. Some women will “say’ “ sure it won’t bother me a bit” but no matter what the environmental change may be ... be it to another country or from house to an old age home there is an adjustment to be made! This is a fact.

Your friend is no different. He needs to find himself attractive no matter where he is in this world. He is a unique individual that is not like you or your friends. He also has many others issue other than his good looks to worry about. Being shy is not always a bad thing you know. lol

When the right woman comes along and lets him know just how sexy he is to her... watch how much he will change. Some men never approach a woman they always wait for her to make the first move and they carry that into the relationship as well. And some women are ok with this. Other men have no problems asking for what they want ... again depends on the man.

That’s what makes us all so remarkable and so unique and so desirable.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 11:44:42 AM
I find Asian guys extermely attractive. The dark skin, dark hair, the accent hmmmmm!

Im also very attracted to the Asian culture, particularly Hinduism, i love Asian art, food, and who cant help but dance all night to a bit of bangra.

Just look at that Narveen Andrews (syeed) one from lost, how hot is he. Before i came to live in Wales i grew up in a very multi cultural city and was fortunate to expereince a lot of the Asian cultrure. I was always invited to parties, ceramonies, weddings by my Asian friends. Even dressed up in the full sahri once for a party which was so beautiful, made me feel like a princess and everyone was so accepting of me, i also got lots of attention from the guys at the party which was nice.

Yeah, Asian guys are hot, they just pretend to be shy some of the time
Joined: 3/19/2009
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 12:44:00 PM
For me it's the whole package I look at not the race but that being said, I often see traits in Asian men that I'm not attracted to. Many times they are small; short and or thin. I'm not attracted to those features in any race. I also like a confident and outward personality and many of them are more reserved. I do think many of them are cuties though. I like the complexion and the ones that are built tend to have a thick look to their skin that I can't explain well, but I like it. My ex husband was half Japanese, but he was also 6 foot tall and wavered between 200-220 lbs.
Joined: 11/12/2008
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Asian men
Posted: 7/1/2009 1:37:52 PM
There is something about these gorgeous chiseled faces and almond shaped eyes that truly draws an eye.
I've dated a Chinese guy and a Korean man over the course of years.
Both were extremely respectful, polite, funny, sensual and sweet.

Too bad it was short lived.
Thing is, their families are very much against any long term relationship with anyone outside the race.

Then again, could have been just my luck.
 Miss K 80
Joined: 5/2/2008
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 2:51:43 PM
"I got a thing for milano biscotti italianos
and i never turn down some oreos if you got those
butter pecan puerto rican or those oatmeal raisin asians
hazelnut brazilians macadamia caucasians...
I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar..." - Gym class heros

Variety is the spice of life!!
Joined: 11/30/2008
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 3:41:57 PM
There sure are a lot of Indians and Chinese in this world so somebody is taking care of business.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 3:51:44 PM
Asian men can be know to be shy, I am a little shy but once I get to know a girl I open up really quick. I am actually pretty tall for being asian, I stand at 6 feet tall and sometime I have no idea how I got so tall. My dad is 5'6" and my mom is 5'3", so I have no clue haha. I usually prefer to date Caucasian girls and never dated an asian girl before, just not my type for some reason.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 7:08:09 PM
The Asian men I have known have excluded themselves way before others exclude them in the dating world. They seem to lack confidence - showing a great uncertainty about how to approach women - which is unattractive in any man - regardless of race - creed or colour.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 7:40:46 PM
I am not generally attracted to Asian men as a race but I find it has more to do with the "individual". I met a charming and very attractive Korean man on a plane recently and if he hadn't been married I would have been interested. The guy on Lost who played Jin was stunning.

It really depends on the person.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 7:54:07 PM
In all seriousness, dissappointing. The passion was there, but other things were not. I wish it weren't so, but reality is just that.
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/1/2009 8:18:35 PM

For the ladies out there, what is your general consensus or experience with asian men?...My best friend is asian and I consider him a fairly good looking fella (in a hetero kinda but he seems kinda shy or apprehensive about meeting and mingling with women because he is afraid of the stereotypes that women may or may not judge asian men. I would just like to know if any ladies may care to elaborate on this "pressing " issue.

Are you (or him) only interested in opinions from non-asian women ..?

IMO ~ He is only reinforcing that stereotype by allowing it to dictate his actions.
Joined: 2/7/2009
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/16/2009 1:34:34 PM
Race has very little to do with attracting women. I get at least one piece of contact info on here, and just this past weekend, I hooked up with a very attractive girl at club where the patrons were almost exclusively white, yeah a few other asians in there, but we were truly a minority in there, and I not only got her number but got a real kiss too. I proved to be the life of the party in the section I was hanging out, all the girla there wanted to be the girl I was kissing, and they were all wondering how this average asian guy picked up such a hottie. I could see it in their looks, especially the asian girls.

It's all about confidence and going out and being fun. I think my profile says I'm a fun guy, and I get women messaging me, so I must be doing something right. I go out, I make my presence known, and I talk to women, that's what strong confident men do. If you're friend is having problems meeting women, he should check himself before he blames or complains about women not accepting him because he's asian.

Race is the easy out, playing the race card is easier than self improvement, don't fall for it, it's a trap that leads to no where. Instead, tell your friend to stop rejecting himself, and let women reject him first, if he plays his cards right, he'll learn that rejection isn't as high as he thinks.

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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/23/2009 9:46:35 PM
oh wow I really like asian men and i'm white I've dated a canadian korean, and canadian chinese guy before. I also find a lot of asian guys attractive but being shy isn't attractive at all to me. I would also think shyness is a really big turn off for most women. The most attractive thing for me in a man is confidence you know a man that acts like a man. My white best friend really likes asian guys as well so I mean there shouldnt be too much of an issue, but he needs to get over the shyness! Also i've found some asian guys seem to have a harder time making the first move than other races.. grr! lol I really love it when a guy comes and talks to me and I'm sure any girl would appreciate that!
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/24/2009 5:00:59 PM
I would have to say Asian men are highly attractive to me. Tell him to come visit Further, I would not date someone just because they are Asian. I have found people in generally to have a lot of similarities; even when we think that we are so different. I went to Asia and thought I would suffer from "culture shock" However, even though my surroundings were different I adapted well and quickly. I found people are people; and just like anyplace the ones I met helped to keep me comfortable and happy. If you know what you want then you will attract this.

There is the culture difference that can make it tough or have some people chose not to date based on this fact. I have an Asian friend that said he would not date someone unless they had the same background because he does not want to have to work at all the culture differences and barriers. I think that if two people are in love, then the race, nor the cultures differences will make a difference, providing both are willing to work at it. I could never picture myself saying...."Sorry, I really like you but your not Caucasian. Plus, the fact that you are catholic so I could never date you".
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ladies and asian men???
Posted: 7/24/2009 7:01:02 PM
I thought the Asian guy in Blood Orchids was quite interesting. I have dated a few Asians , and as long as they were interesting and my height (or taller), I was happy.
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