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Joined: 6/24/2009
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I can honestly say i know what your going through , my babys daddy was the same way . I was 17 when i had my son him 23 . He never grew up always using drugs and an occasonal issue . I decided when my son was 3 i had enough and got a restraing order just do it ! If he wants to see his son he will have to fight for it . Then if he wins he will see his kid , wich is better because otherwise he has not proven to you that his son even matters. I dont think its always right to keep a man from seeing his child inless its in the best intrest of the kid. get yourself some councling and keep your head up you will get through it and my props to you single young mama ! best wishes
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what should i do about my sons terrible father
Posted: 6/30/2009 1:03:11 PM
I"m not sure why you can't get full custody with no visitation/or sole custody on the grounds of drug use and abuse. I wiould think if youc an prove that you can provide for your child, and have a backup, such as your mother, I would think it could be done.
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Hang in there sweetie
Posted: 7/1/2009 8:58:18 PM
take a long break from dating, and figure out what you want in yourself, and when you found that, then find out what you want in a guy and stick to that but work a little bit around it, research on finding out the signs of a controlling, abusive person. if you cant' seek counseling through the hospital, go to church, surround yourself in a positive environment, it will help you , even if you don't believe in God, it's still a good place for them to help you in some ways. If you find yourself dating guys like these, hello, wakeup call, find yourself first. Don't settle for these type of guys, heal your self esteem, once you have the confidence of not putting up with abuse, then they will steer away from you.

as for your family, it's hard to say no, but you need to draw the line, rather than take advantage of you.
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