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Joined: 9/24/2008
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Single Dad Raising an 11 Year Boy AlonePage 1 of 1    
I say you're lucky it's not a little girl, then you'd really be in for a wild ride!

I don't know. I myself am raising two sons alone. Their father has no part of their world. I'd rather have boys over girls in this day and age. Being you're the man in his world, it shouldn't be so awkward for you to sit him down and be able to talk sex with him. I think you have that advantage over me as the father.
Joined: 12/23/2008
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Single Dad Raising an 11 Year Boy Alone
Posted: 7/2/2009 4:16:18 PM
My advice is start your talks early and have them often. My boys were about that age when they had the "Human Growth and Development" class in fifth grade. Boy, the questions ... I was thinking, "I have an OB GYN on my hands here." We had some really serious talks about how important it was to have really strong feelings for a girl... Never have sex with a woman you wouldn't want to marry. And absolutely ALWAYS use a condom. No excuses, no exceptions. Unfortunately, the sex is going to happen and you're really not going to be able to stop it. If your feelings are too strong about not doing it at all, he'll do it and hide it from you. When he's this young, he understands more about waiting until marriage and not having sex unless it's with his wife. It won't be until high school (14-16) when all his friends start to become active that the pressure will start and he'll have a better understanding of girls and their willing participation. That's when the condom talks will flash back into his mind. I still find condoms in my son's car and while it freaks me out on the inside, I'm proud of him for using protection. Two of his friends had a baby together last year and while they claim that was planned, I think he realizes it's not someplace that he wants to go so young in his life. The other side is the girls. They like being attractive to the boys and are naively clueless as to the effect they really have on boys. So also stress to your son that even though the girls act like it's okay with them, it's really not okay and to leave the girls alone. Good luck to you.
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Single Dad Raising an 11 Year Boy Alone
Posted: 7/3/2009 3:52:18 PM
I don't see how raising a son is easier than raising a teenage daughter. Both will be curious about sex. The boy will lure the girl to have sex, but isn't it parent's responsiblity to make sure they respect girls to not seduce the girl and then call her a name because she has sex? Isn't it usually the guy who pursues sex? Either way we have to raise them with teaching them about values and educating them on the sex and consequences as well as the emotions that come along with it.

i hope you at least got an unlimited plan for the phone for your son. that way the text charge/phone won't be skyhigh on your phone bill.

you should talk to him about sex, and dont' feel embarrased so he can go to you and talk to you. nowadays, i guess in the news, there is more increase of sextext where late teens send pics of their nude body to others. *note to myself, don't get a camera option for when my daughter is a teenager lol* you need to let him know that's inappropriate and it may get sent elsewhere and he can get into trouble if he goes that route. make sure you tell him to use condoms as protection always but let him know they aren't 100% safe. so he should wait awhile otherwise he may have more responsibilities then he's ready for.

you can't control him on when he does sex but youc an at least educate him about consequences and risks.
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