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Joined: 11/25/2006
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?Page 1 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
I'm proud to say I've been an Environmentalist since I was about 16. (Yes that's a while now) I wrote articles for a magazine concerned with such things as the Tasmanian Wilderness and my first 'action' was heading to Strahan in southern Tassie to protest at the dam they wanted to build there. My major concerns are the mass cutting down of trees worldwide, the lungs of the earth, the pollution of our oceans and the tonnes of emissions we pump into the air.
I mean if the prospect of a warming globe or a rising sea don't get your attention then look at the air pollution in places like China and keep in mind we are part of the same earth. Acid rain in Europe doesn't just fall in the places that created the problem. The pollution in every ocean from is staggering and has had little press as it doesn't grab the headlines. Tonnes of plastic floating around estimated at 46,000 pieces per square kilometre!! An island of plastic waste off southern USA said to be twice the size of Texas and 10 metres deep.
I work for a company that encourages all employees to be green and think green. Recently paying them the difference to use green power even in their homes. We have banned plastic bottles and lots of packaging and import only green products from companies that have similar ideals. (We supply them to 420 retailers around Oz) We are only 12 people but we will live by example and encourage others to do the same. What will you do for your bit?
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 5:47:59 AM
Well , after much confusion , I decided that the yello top bin was where you put paper . And I went on hanging my plastic bag rfrom the supermarket up and put everything else into it . My daughter did the roll eye smiley at me and told me diffrent . She spoke movingly about people eho had to sort thru MY sort of rubbish bag and what they endured . I became guilt ridden and tried to decide if the item inmy hand shoulg go into the yellow bin or not . Someone else stepped in and told me , in no uncertain terms [this person is always certain of things] that . sigh , surely I got the point !!!. But by this stage my brain had frozen into a guilt ridden , phobic mess , evenmore than before and is almost incapable of making the decision ...yellow bin , ordinary bin . And now Ireligiously check the little calendar that tells you when or not to put out the yellow bin and I am so relieved before I go to work that I don't have to worry about the yellow bin today . My daughter says she could never live with me . Right you are . But I try and I try andI .........
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 6:21:06 AM
^^^ Yes, we know... you are very trying.

I don't know that any of the little things I 'do' for the environment make an impact on the major global environmental issues, nor does worrying about it seem to help much. I have an attitude of what will be, will be in terms of the fate of the planet, while I continue to do my small, and seemingly ineffectual, 'bit'. Doom, gloom and powerlessness... it's all fun and games until someone loses a planet. Still, gotta laugh hey!
Joined: 7/24/2008
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 7:22:59 AM
hmm well i do use the recycling bin properly...all my lights are the energy efficient ones...i switch off anything that doesnt need to be turned on, and all the basic stuff like that........miss hilly....not sure about using premium ulp to reduce the vehicle MIGHT help your fuel economy a bit....but probably not enough to justify the extra expense of buying it. someone might be able to clarify this???
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 8:55:20 AM
Recycling is good. I have started to take more care when I purchase goods to and make a choice for the one with less packaging. If I buy less then I discard less. I think we have been conned to some extent about switching lightglobes. I remember the ads saying yes they are more expensive but they will last 15 times longer. Well friends of mine who did the right thing and switched have replaced nearly all of their 'long life' globes in far less time the the ordinary cheapies would have lasted.
I think turning off lights you don't need on is far more efficient.
For LuvUlong time every little bit helps. When one person believes they can't make a difference then that's where it all begins to break down. Each ONE person recycling, each ONE person turning off a light or not using plastic adds up to 1000's of ONE persons all over the globe. If you want to feel better about it then convince one MORE person who doesn't know and then you can be twice as effective. Introduce a recycle bin at work and if the council won't clear it from your workplace then bag it and take it home to your bin like we do.
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 10:01:15 AM
^^^ I do try, I really do. And I so admire your positive and passionate approach to life. Don't listen to me. I'm a born worrier and pessimist and so the problem seems rather a lot bigger than I can handle.

We're all gonna die.

But still, mustn't grumble hey?
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 2:44:09 PM
So I won't go to hell in a plastic bag then .... because I always use few lights , never leave one on and I AM trying to get it right with the Yellow bin . I think the problem started for me with the original instructions which [ and like Hilly , I'm a bit obssessive and anal , and also worry about things ] were to me too detailed and not set out in a BIG letters way , with pictures [cartoons ] showing an environmently friendly lady holding in her left hand the things to put in the yellow bin and in her right hand the things to put in the other bin . I must be making a small difference already as I'm so much more thoughtful about the whole question . I have personally long almost despaired about peoples' attitude to chucking ice cream wrappers on the ground etc. I don't think the campaign took into account the potential for confusion in peoples' minds . It's not in the human nature to go OK , well then... and just change overnight . and I won't start going about the future of our planet ... that's a matter of changing millenia of lack of concern for others and I am pessimistic about the future of our planet . GREED does rule I believe .
Joined: 4/23/2009
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 4:10:02 PM
For recycle bins the general rule should be that as long as the item isntfood or too soiled then put it in, your bin gets tipped in with everyone elses and its sorted for recycle later.

Even if these get landfilled, they can be dug up later and processed, for other waste this can be a good source of methane and many old landfills are used for this, with small gas collection facilities. Most plastics can be pelletised and as a last resort used in power generation as long as furnace temps run up at 1300 degrees or so to burn off the gaseous nasties , this is in my mind better than some landfilling but it would be expensive in transport. Plastics however generally run at 5 times the calorific value of coal. Given that office waste is one of the major contributers to the waste stream it will go a long way if people just stopped printing things out, paperless is better.

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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 4:46:15 PM
We are the biggest polluters in the world one of if not the richest countries. The size of oz and its position hides the pollution .The environmental thing is there to make us feel good bit like pof dose for our relationships. Being killed in a BMW or a 12Y you just look good before impact. When you catch a taxi in China its hydrogen they have the biggest wind farms in the world they do this not to feel good but they know where it’s all going and they cant stop it and nether can we theirs just too many babies. The best thing is to have babies I loved it figure out how to stop that and you will save the planet.

Go forth and multiply
Gee do you think we should say that
Don’t worry they will know when to stop
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 8:34:47 PM
The first thing I did was sign up for Green Power with Country Energy - if everyone did this they wouldn't have enough green power to g0 around. That's good - demand would outstrip supply, the buy price would go up, more companies would build compliant green power plants. It would also be a clear signal to governments that the community wants clean energy so they would put less of our tax money into subsidising coal and more into solar/wind/hydro etc.

I swapped all the energy wasting downlights with energy efficient versions, and generally changed my attitude to electricity use - my electricity bill has stayed about the same, the green electricity is more expensive but the savings I am making in energy consumption balance it out.

Sealing around doors and windows has cut my gas bill noticeably.

Spent a couple of hours in my roof space putting the insulation back after the air conditioning installers just left it lying around (that was installed years ago, wonder how many other houses have compromised insulation like mine had?).

Next on the list is solar hot water....

I want a hydrogen fuel cell car.... bit out of my price rage for now though, and refueling would be problematic (impossible in Mildura, actually).
Joined: 11/25/2006
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 9:06:58 PM
I applaud everything you're doing journey2407 but can I point out a misconception that we discussed at work this week when the bosses offered all employees compensation for buying Green Power. Just because you sign up for Green Power doesn't mean that the power company went out and laid new lines just to your house so that you are running on wind or solar power while all of your neighbours are on coal fired power. In fact you're on the same coal fired power that they are all on. What it does mean is the extra money you are paying for your power is being paid into a fund to research and build more Green Power into the future. Just like our water bills are now doubling because they want the extra funding to build new pipes and storm water return systems. So can someone tell me then why I pay rates for my council to run water and sewerage, why I pay 33% of my income in tax for the government to build the nations infrastruture? Maybe if they stopped wasting my money paying for Ex-Prime Ministers, golden airline tickets for retired Ministers, overseas trips and a thousand other useless causes they could spend it where I would like it spent.

Remember that Governments didn't do anything 'green' or even talk about green until we had people like Sen Bob Brown and the like. It's taken more than 30 years of hard work and sweat to get the subject into mainstream speak. Maybe if we pressured our pollies instead we would get faster results. Redirect some of this misspent money to finding answers NOW. I mean you (collectively) are trusting a government who 'promises' to use the extra money you are paying to build green power. Now we all know about government promises don't we! We have to make sure they keep this one.

Now on top of coal fire power stations pumping carbon into the air we were told this week that the cooling towers use 67 BILLION litres of drinking water to cool them down. The government produced dollar figures saying that was less expensive than building pipes to send recycled water to do the job. So where can they buy another 67 billion litres of water when we don't have any and when the dams are empty? The figures I read compared a one off cost with the cost of redirecting the same amount of drinking water into the Yarra. It failed to show that firstly we had to have the water 'to spare' and that once the pipeline is in place it will continue to supply that recycled water year after year. If the government do one thing well it's manipulate figures.
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 10:34:07 PM
Good point photoman, and well worth highlighting. I do realise the power I am getting is probably coming from some dirty coal plant in the LaTrobe Valley, but my philosophy is that I am paying for the clean power, so the net effect on CO2 generation is the same even though someone nearer a wind farm is probably actually using the electricity I pay for.

For those other forum readers that are interested in this:

The effect I want to see is more people buying green power forcing the construction of more green power generators - wind, solar whatever. Demand outstripping supply, followed by the pressure on governments as you stated above.

We are supposedly getting a larger solar plant somewhere near Mildura, private construction but Government backed:
So we are moving forwards, but ever so slowly....

Subsidising your employees to use green power is a great idea! I manage a not-for-profit with just a handful of staff, but it's something I might bring up with my board.
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/4/2009 10:57:48 PM
I live in an area, where alot of people have no 240volt power ..or no power at all..
There is a small community using solar/hydro..(the guy who made the hydro system put it there for free to test run it)... but very limited capacity...
Most people I know who started out with solar over a decade ago... had the usual problem of batteries..(Then that impact of the batteries.. once no longer holding power).. And old solar technology... most had to rely on a backup generator... or now have no power whatsoever... due to being unable to afford

Recently a friend, installed solar, hoping to feed back into the grid.. but at $25,000
has had no luck, re saving 240 grid useage.... I sent her this article I was reading today... This guy seems to have a few good ideas..(and can see hers is the standard sold, but too small..) Brooks
July 5, 2009
AS ENERGY bills rise by 20 per cent, meet the man who pays nothing for electricity to power his four-bedroom house.

Warren Yates even managed to score a $10 credit from EnergyAustralia for selling electricity back to the grid - he is believed to be the only person in NSW to have done so - after covering his roof with a three-kilowatt solar power system.

While average households will spend an extra $182 a year on electricity bills after last Wednesday's price rise, the Yates family home in Mosman creates more energy than it consumes.

When domestic solar feed-in tariff rates rise from 27 cents for every kilowatt hour not used, to a predicted 60 cents next January, Mr Yates estimates he will earn more money from electricity providers.

"I have become an energy geek," the 65-year-old engineering academic said. "I bought an appliance that measures how much electricity each appliance consumes so we can work out the most effective things to do for the least cost. It's become a game to minimise energy use without sacrificing comfort."

Mr Yates spent $30,000 installing the 18 solar panels, but he managed to claim $8000 back through the Howard government's solar power rebate scheme.

"At first, we weren't self-sufficient; it took us a while to get our energy consumption down," he said.

Turning off the family computers overnight, running the dishwasher every couple of days and refusing to turn on the heating "unless we have visitors" were some of the tactics the family used to reduce consumption.

Most domestic solar electricity systems are only one or 1.5 kilowatts, which Mr Yates believes is too small to generate enough power to sell back to the grid.

He installed a larger - and more expensive - system to power the household and faced the roof panels west to capture the afternoon sun.

Most households with solar power face the panels north to catch the sun all day, but Mr Yates said west-facing panels caught more intense afternoon sunlight, helping to power peak energy consumption in the evening.

Renewable energy firm Green Project said that as government policies covering grid feed-in tariffs and solar incentives improved, there would be more "net winners". Solar electricity "can put you ahead of the game to make sure you don't have to pay high energy bills", said the firm's head of operations, Esther Bailey.

EnergyAustralia's energy efficiency expert, Paul Myors, said most households with solar panels would need to significantly reduce energy consumption before earning money back.

"If you only have a one-kilowatt system, you will probably only generate around 20 to 30 per cent of the electricity an average household would use," he said.

Energy consultant Bruce Taper, who created BASIX, the Building Sustainability Index, agreed households wanting to sell energy back to power companies needed to become frugal with their electricity consumption.

Im curious and interested if anyone has kept up with the titanium technology used in some solar panels...I remember seeing it many, many years proto type/testing... and titanium, was able to conduct/store.. better.. re running 240volt appliances.. like being able to run a fridge etc with solar..

Im also interested if anyone has heard more about the motor? generator? that was invented using magnets?... Did it get funded/off the ground?.. love to know..
aussie invention.
Joined: 4/23/2009
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/5/2009 1:50:38 AM
It is interesting that in NZ BP replaced all of its forecourt covers with solar panels, there isnt one that doesnt feed back to the national grid, and this is in the "land of the long white cloud", Aussie has such a vast amount of unpopulated land that has an incredible amount of sunshine hours......I wonder now if BP have made the commitment here?

Truely solar is the answer, shame the cost is so high, or is it really?
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/5/2009 2:57:04 AM
Soulmate, your comment on the issues surrounding storage (batteries) in solar systems is, as far as I can see, the biggest issue facing solar into the future. It's fine for us all to have solar systems on our roofs feeding back into the grid (I would love to have a grid tied system - after the SHW maybe), but where does the power come from at night when we need it the most? Even if we can get solar panels that are more efficient, we still need to store the power somehow. On site storage in batteries seems clumsy, expensive and a somewhat backwards step environmentally. Maybe a centralised storage facility, superheating water to run a steam turbine generator at night? Hydrogen fuel cells are an elegant solution, but way too expensive at present - maybe one day we'll all have a hydrogen generator in our sheds, creating hydrogen from water and solar electricity during the day, converting it back to electricity and water at night, even providing fuel for our hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.... hmmmmm......

The point the author made in your article above about being as efficient as possible should be the first step in any conservation attempt - the best way to reduce emissions from power generation is not to need the power in the first place! I imagine your off-grid friends would understand that better than anyone...

Sorry, can't help with the motor/generator, I've been devouring as much information as I can on this sort of thing over the past 18 months, but I haven't heard of anything along those lines. Any more details?
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/5/2009 3:33:13 AM
Yes, The titanium solar panels..(about 7-8years ago... so memory... re exact bit hazy..)
But I do remember what really impressed me was, the fact it could run a whole house on 240volts.. not 12 volts..(had 240 capacity)...
Also What I liked was the fact... I think, that you would build actual walls/roof from it.. which saved building needs/costs and no dumping of the product...

Yes I got re curious re magnetic motor/generator... (I could'nt remember the inventers name... )
I eventually re found it.... It is very impressive to me, if it pans out... It will last approx 1200 -1300 years..(no typo) and can run a whole house and feed back into the grid.. no batteries etc needed.. (and it can move house with you)
potentially sells at $4,000 -$5,000.... (if its feasable, it would be my choice.. I'm very excited about it.. I would buy 1 tommorrow and 1 for my son.. IF in fact it lives up to the data/potential..) and was on the market...
It has been patented in several countries.... They would like to keep the technology in australia.. as in manufacture/create jobs...(cairns)
I'm not sure if they have funding etc to go ahead.... or how far ahead it has verification etc..
They seem committed to making a difference to the earth/future..
The technology could also runs cars... this technology has no also no bills for power/energy ever need for water... once it's runs nonstop..(perputual motion)

I think you will find it exciting and interesting...I know I do.. (note the dates on website/articles... ).. Ive just not seen anything know what stage its at..
this is footage..

background to research..

edit.. re my mates off the grid... yes.. we all learn to be more efficent with energy..
most have no computers etc.. or their computers get used elsewhere...
I know my mate hooked into the hydro grid runs a pc..(occassionally). but haven't caught up with him re how effective it is.. he has no fridge.. etc either..
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/5/2009 8:18:45 AM
There is always someone trying to make money out of anything and some solar companies in Victoria have been advertising the point of "sell your excess energy back to the grid". Except that Victoria does not have a policy of buying back power from individuals! The best you can expect to do is run yout meter backwards. So you use power off mains in the evening and then if you generate excess during the day when your demand is down and the sun is up than it will run backwards to 'refund' the power you used the previous night.
I remember seeing a guy in Hawthorn (Melbourne) had solar on the roof and a series of small wind turbines attached to his house and was one of the first to be totally self sufficient. He runs open house on weekends to show others how it can be done. I don't know how much power loss there is over distance but surely the 'battery' storage would be a responcibility of the power comapany if we all hooked up. We feed power in during the day and they store it to return it in the evenings when we need it? I mean do they want us to do everything for them? Just like the banks where I make the transactions online and they send me a bill for it. I'm surprised they don't bill me for having to make the bill.
Joined: 7/12/2008
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/5/2009 3:18:35 PM
soulmate, the generator looks very suss to me I'm sorry to say - I've sent you an email with a lot more detail, but it seems to be claiming to be a perpetual motion machine, which is basically in contradiction to the laws of physics as we know them.

The one thing that will solve a lot of our problems though is more people like you and me and others on this thread with the curiosity and desire to find new ways to solve the problems.... so keep up the research and have faith that we can make a difference one way or another.

I subscribe to home power magazine in the US - lots of information on solar, wind, hydro, as well as solar hot water, energy efficiency, insulation, building design etc. Check out their website at - they have some free stuff for download but the subscription cost is well worth it...

Photoman, do you know of anything we can do to encourage the govt to enforce a feed in tariff system to encourage more grid tied solar? Is there a petition or something somewhere? Surely feed in tariffs are the way to encourage uptake of residential solar?

I guess there are inherent inefficiencies in transporting power any distance - it needs to be converted to high voltage in the transformer to go into the grid, so this would lose some power, as well as transmission losses in the wires. But if I could produce power during the day (along with my neighbors) and the factory down the road uses it while I am at work, it only seems fair that I would get paid for that power (less an infrastructure charge for the distribution system).
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/6/2009 1:05:15 AM
sorry I Don't often... go into the dating section/email .. But I will check out your email.. re the forum...soon..Thank you for looking into it..
I only saw it briefly ages ago..(note dates).. I did'nt understand it... and was waiting for any updated data on it..

A few things, sorta piqued my interest..(although not understanding the mechanics )

1..was A Means of Controlling A Rotary Device” (the patented invention technology)
excerpt only from lea site


In order to gain an understanding of the operation of a LEA (Lutec Electricity Amplifier) it must be understood that there are actually three separate and completely individual events occurring in the one machine. Each of the three is equally important because without one of them operating in a completely synchronistical manner with the others, the end result would not achieve the efficiency levels required.

Each of the three events should first be viewed in isolation and then when they are drawn together as they are in the LEA, an understanding of the operating principles will become clear.

The First Event is a Pulsed DC Motor.

The Second Event is an AC generator.

The Third Event is the result of the impact of the Second on the First.


excerpt only

Here is the opening paragraph statement on the Lutec update page that captured my interest and illumined a light bulb in my mind:

"...The controlled periodic interruption of a rotating permanent magnetic field, by the temporary and precise introduction of another magnetic field, causes the secondary effect of the naturally occurring polarity flip of the permanent magnet influence, to be accessed, harnessed, and applied to assist in the rotors on-going revolution direction. ...This flip effect is influenced by voltage rather than current, and also allows the flip back to the original polarity to naturally occur at no cost of current, so the rotor is driven onwards at a very small cost of electricity."

What they appear to be saying is that their systematic pumping of the coil – in juxtaposition to the permanent magnet as they pass one another – causes the magnet intermittently to reverse polarity, and then flip back to its normal polarity.

Ironically, my flip-flop in my stance toward Lutec was spurred by reading about the magnet flip-flop.

The Crux

What occurs to me as a probable mode of action, is that this flip-flop of the permanent magnet's polarity is where the "magic" is found. That is where the "free energy" is harnessed -- in the opening and closing of that gate to the universe, so to speak. Whether the energy is inherent in the magnet, like a near infinite battery, or whether this flip-flop action pulls in some kind of universal, inexhaustible magnetic-field energy property from outside of the magnets, is a matter to be answered by qualified theorists.

Which by the way I don't understand..

ohh well.. I guess when we hear about..'Thestatika' things like ... it gives 1 hope , that, anything is possible at some level..

According to the rumor, about 30 years ago a German engineer named Paul Baumann built an electrostatic generator that supposedly produces more energy than it consumes. Many people refer to generators like these as “free energy machines,” but most scientists and engineers would quickly point out that in nature, energy is never free. In fact, the first law of thermodynamics forbids it and plainly states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. The second law goes a step further and states that in all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state. In summary, we don’t just create energy out of nothing, but we can harness it, and convert it into other forms.

Baumann’s machine, called the Thestatika, apparently functions by generating electrostatic energy, but also by harnessing outlying energy from the aether, a concept that isn’t new to physics. To understand the aether, imagine a large swimming pool filled with all sorts of floating stuff; this is the universe. The floating stuff, beach balls, rafts, half sunken beer cans, would represent the atoms that bump into each other to form molecules and physical matter. The water would represent the aether, or the medium, in which those atoms and molecules are suspended.

Nicola Tesla patented a radiant energy machine almost 100 years ago in attempt to tap into this aether. Though not exactly extracting energy from the aether, Tesla postulated that the radiant energy machine grabbed charged energy particles streaming into our atmosphere from the sun, much like a solar panel does today. The difference between a solar panel and Tesla’s radiant energy machine is that Tesla’s machine also works in the dark. It even gathers electrical charges from lightning storms miles away. Could it be that Baumann’s Thestatika actually utilizes concepts from Tesla’s radiant energy collector?

A more likely interpretation is that the Thestatika is actually a Wimshurst electrostatic generator, a device that produces relatively low levels of high voltage electricity through electrostatic induction. Paul Baumann supposedly discovered a way to amplify the generated electricity to powerful and useful levels. To operate the Thestatika, a person rotates a pair of disks to get the machine moving, but once it’s in motion, it provides enough electricity to power itself and provide indefinite electricity to whatever is hooked up to it. It doesn’t break any laws of thermodynamics, because it simply grabs energy from a source that we can’t see and are just beginning to understand. Imagine a machine that requires no coal burning, no water flow, and no nuclear collisions, just a small rev to get it humming.

If this thing really does exist, then it fascinates me that a device like the Thestatika might rest just 30 minutes outside of the very city where Albert Einstein developed his theories of relativity. Is there something in the water of the Canton Bern that inspires contemplation of the great mysteries of the universe?
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/6/2009 4:11:32 AM
well coming from an ex hyrdo woker and whos father and grandfather were all dam builders and all i can say is dude 85 % of your facts are wrong anyway thats beside the point its good that you care about this world and i do to i use to work for forest tas tree falling and all ican say they think hyrdo workers tree fallers etc dont care one bit well thats so wrong i can tell you that we were sick and tired of doing tree falling around the major power lines in tas and all we found was house hold junk cars etc and yes we picked it all up so before you guys and girls abuse a tree faller etc think we do care thats how we make our money but we do need to control it all
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/6/2009 4:15:25 AM
The main problem with a knowledge of physics... is a knowledge of physics.

I admit to being bound by my understanding of the physical world - no doubt this restricts me from opening my mind to concepts outside my experience.

The theory of energy existing in forms we don't understand is totally valid - look into any theories on anti-matter - so I can accept that there may be something out there that really changes my views on the world. But until I can see some real technology that I can hold and manipulate in my hands, I'll stick with what I understand - for now that is solar/wind/hydro, but who knows what it will be in 5 or 10 years time.

I love this subject, it is one of the most exciting technological developments happening in or time.... Too bad we had too get to the brink before we realised there was a problem...
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/6/2009 4:31:55 AM
hey there tassiegreatplace,

Not sure where your comments came from? Just because we care about the environment doesn't mean we have anything against "tree fellers" (well, speaking for myself anyway). You guys do a great job, hydro dams are a necessary part of life - sure we would all rather have the un-spoilt wilderness, but then we want to run our tvs and microwaves too. And I would rather see a hydro dam built that provides perfectly clean electricity for decades to come, than a new coal fired plant that pumps CO2 out for decades to come. But it is all about balance... we need wilderness, and we need electricity. Ideally we could have both, and for now sticking solar panels up over the desert near Mildura is a pretty fair solution.

By the way, it is, in part, your father and grandfather who made this country the great place it is, through their hard work - I've posted on that in another thread on these forums. You should be proud to have made us who we are today. I understand there are people who criticise the actions of your profession, but in reality the choices that were made were the best choices at the time given the information they had....
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/6/2009 5:18:45 AM
How about Nuclear fusion, its a very clean energy if there is enough research put into it there would be no need for any other form. The potential energy in these plasma reactors is amazing.
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/6/2009 5:50:33 AM
soulmate, playing with magnets is fun, BUT, u cant get something for nothing, in physics or the mechanical world,,,,, and a patent means nothing, lots of things that dont work are patented.
batteries are not perfect, and dont last forever, depends on the depth of discharge......
hydrogen cars are a crock of sh.t.....very expensive tanks, and poor conversion efficiency in production and use in infernal combustion or fuel cell...batteries are better as long as they are recycled when they are dead....
the best/cost efficient day/nite storage for grid electricity is water pumped uphill/downhill thru turbines...they do this at wivenhoe dam.
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The Environment - Are you concerned about it? What are you doing to help?
Posted: 7/6/2009 5:57:30 AM
I have been doing stage lighting for REGEN ( for many years. I have also done events with Solarsonics, a Newcastle collective who use a self-built solar generator to power their events.
I am a blood donor bringing the environmental fight to a whole new level.
I have also been involved with Sydney Earthdance for many years, and now Byron Bay Earthdance.
I have spent a significant amount of money invested in new L.E.D. technology.
All these events are done on a volunteer or sponsorship basis.
Most of these events are held outdoors, and I am part of a social core, teaching kids how to respect the Australian bush!
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