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Dead people don't make changes. Being alive gives you a far better chance of getting change made.
When persecuted by the gov't it is very difficult to get your message out to the world. (I know from experience.) You message MUST be heard somewhere where it would make a difference. Complaining to the same gov't over and over does nothing...but pressure form other gov'ts can work wonders!
So, sometimes going elsewhere is the order to get the message out. Sometimes a gov't will incarcerate or kill a person just so their message cannot get out. Or forbid them from leaving, removing their visa and passport suspending the various licenses needed to pilot a craft of any sort, etc, etc. This kind of persecution is prevelent within our society right now. (I know...under it myself.)
So....yes...running CAN make change happen. Beats dying or being left forgotten o the street to fend for yourself while an uncaring gov't chuckles to itself saying "Another one ignored and shut-up!"
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Refugees/asylem seekers Should they stay and fight?
Posted: 7/12/2009 4:20:24 PM
Ideally, they should stay and fight. But Martin Luther King and Emily Pankhurst were both living in extremely tolerant countries, at least relative to most regimes in the world. If Martin Luther King had proposed his ideas in South Africa under apartheid, then he'd have probably been shot. Or at best, he'd have ended up in prison for decades like Nelson Mandela. Sometimes, activists are better off going to foreign countries, and gaining support there, because in our global economy, international pressure can really put a huge pressure on countries to reform, just so that other countries are keen to keep trading with them.

If they do stay, then they need support to fight their battles, and that often leads into violence and widescale death.
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