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Hmmm...I vote yes. For the very same reason I chime in yes on the "are there soulmates" threads. I think I've just linked the two in my own mind, a personal epiphany. From my experiences - those few people who I believe were soulmates, at various points in my life, hit that level because the understanding, trust, and security with them was such that I could, and did, show them ME, my true self, my thoughts and my history, warts and all - and knew that I could expect nothing but understanding and support, and love from them. And they were in the same place - has to be reciprocal I think - where they were able to tell me things that would, I think, have made some turn from them in disgust. I can count on one hand the people I believe I have in my life really, truly known - and that have known me. We do lock things away inside of us, things that we find revolting or just too damn sad to want to think about, once we've dealt with them; but the measure of a real, deep, extraordinary connection is pulling those things out into the light of day, letting another examine them - and finding acceptance of who we are. Not something to be done often, or lightly...but truly a rare and wonderful relationship when it happens.
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Can you really know another?
Posted: 7/16/2009 6:57:15 AM
Yes, if they WANT you to. If they let you in.
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Can you really know another?
Posted: 7/17/2009 4:37:14 AM
Yes, you can. Not 100%. But nothing ever is.

But we can know a lot of people pretty well, as well as we can know anything. But let's face it: we don't want to.

I'm reminded of when a friend of mine and my sister, had offered to help us move. During the same visit, he had said numerous times that he was supposed to meet someone else, but kept putting it off to leave and go see them, because he was enjoying his time with us so much. It occurred to me that if he could blow that other person off, he could blow us off. So I made alternative arrangements. My sister didn't. She wanted us to wait for him to come, and I had to wait until noon, before we executed Plan B. I've have rather not, because it cost me a fair bit of money.

That's the problem: people often TELL us what they will do. But it's often not all that pleasant for us to accept. A lot of the time, we'd rather live in denial.
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