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I am a size 16 so you can classify me as BBW or whatever that is not the point. I also have a professional degree and am very competent in everything except in finding a good man . No i am not snooty or stuck up
The only line i will draw is that the man I go out with has to be successful and have a stable career. Yes I have tried dating men who are truck drivers, waiters etc and frankly it has not worked out after 10 minutes into the conversation
So my question is if men are fussy in finding someone who is size 6 then women who are successful are also fussy in finding someone who is as successful as them
At the end of the day both of us go home alone , being married to our jobs "
Yes i am ready to hear all type of negativity directed at me
Women and jobs
Posted: 8/9/2009 3:44:07 PM
there's no question here. just complaining. 'i hurt because of my perception that i am being rejected for my size, therefore i will reject some of you because of your jobs. then i can feel like i have some degree of control and feel better about myself.'
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Women and jobs
Posted: 8/9/2009 6:02:25 PM
I wouldn't say men are "fussy" about women who are a size 6...would you say men who are willing to date larger women are "fussy about dating BBWs?"

The world is always going to be matter who you are, there's always going to be someone out there who is perceived as being a little better (whether it's true or not) for someone like you who could possibly be an attractive BBW who is intelligent and college degreed...there's a woman who is more attractive than you, more in shape, and just as educated if not more than you...and so on and so on!

I think instead of worrying about the men who don't want you...if they're not attracted to BBWs, it wouldn't matter if you had a GED or a PhD...if you're not their type then you're just that...not their type...

Why not focus on men who do find you who are into BBWs...he's not going to be making love to your college diploma or job title, is he!?!

And...this BBW topic is sooooo beaten into the ground! It's NEVER going to change...yes many guys are into dating larger women, but many do not prefer to date overweight women because they do not find it healthy and/or sexually're never going to change their minds...unless THEY want to change it.

Imagine saying you don't like the taste of Chinese food...yet everytime you say you're hungry, someone is putting a plate of Egg Foo Young in your face...and asking "why won't you try it!?!" ANSWER: You won't...nor are you obligated to try it!
 Double Cabin
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Women and jobs
Posted: 8/9/2009 7:45:26 PM
Big girls don't cry. Big girls don't resign themselves to stereotypes. Big girls don't develope ludicrous expectations. Big girls attract big boys by being open to the idea that magic can come from any walk of life.

How you measure a man is up to you. How we ultimately measure you is ultimnately up to you too. "Just say no to negativity."

Good luck to you OP.
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