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Cold Almonds

Raw Almonds

Get a bowl big enough to hold the amount of almonds you will be using in about three days. Put in raw, unsalted almonds. Fill bowl with water to cover the almonds plus a little extra. Soak overnight. Drain water. Snack!

Keep stored in the refrigerator.

Soaking almonds changes their taste and texture. They are easier to chew and have more flavor.

I use organic almonds for this recipe.

Almonds are a healthy snack which are high in calcium and vitamin E. Some naturopathic medical advisors say that three almonds a day will help to prevent cancer because of their nutrient profile.

20-25 almonds (approximately one ounce) contain as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk, and also contain magnesuim and phosphorus.

Almonds are the best whole food source of vitamin E, in the form of alpha-tocopherol, which may help prevent cancer.

One ounce of almonds contains 12 percent of your daily allowance of protein,
are cholesterol free,
are monounsaturated -- contain unsaturated fats.

A Loma Linda School of Public Health study showed those who consumed nuts five times a week had a 50% reduction in risk of heart attack.

In a clinical study, Dr. Gene Spiller, Director of the Health Research and Studies Center, Inc., showed that almonds added to the diet had a favorable effect on blood cholesterol levels and that none of the study groups experienced weight gain in the study.
Show ALL Forums  > Recipes and Cooking  > Cold Almonds Snack -- very easy recipe