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Joined: 2/21/2005
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Sounds like you have a good imagination and a bright mind. Look for a man who has similar qualities. You will always be an interesting companion on long car rides, that's for sure!
Joined: 1/4/2009
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Playing games
Posted: 8/14/2009 11:03:40 PM
Someone who states they're not interested in a person who, "plays games," is not referring to you. Surely you know that they're talking about emotional, manipulative and relationship games, they do not mean innocent riddles, word games, etc. You shouldn't hesitate to approach or answer anyone with this stipulation in their profile.

As someone earlier said, explain yourself by using the 2nd paragraph of your posting.

However, I hope your games don't mean that your potential BF must solve the puzzles in order to get closer to you. You don't mean that each step in the relationship requires him to worry over a code or riddle, do you? If so, you're playing exactly the kind of, "games," that people want to avoid.
Joined: 3/30/2009
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Playing games
Posted: 8/14/2009 11:04:30 PM
Maybe you could post something like this on your profile.
I'm sur you could come up with something more original to say than that though.
Joined: 12/8/2008
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Playing games
Posted: 8/14/2009 11:56:48 PM
Glad to see a like minded individual in the same state, it's refreshing to know other people are vexed with similar problems as I.....I wish you luck but if he can't pick up on you being playful and witty then he truly isn't on your level and he just did you a huge favor in that regard so send him some flowers, just hope he understand the gesture
Joined: 5/2/2009
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Playing games
Posted: 8/15/2009 8:45:17 AM
"Any suggestions? "

I like crossword puzzles.... just sayin
Joined: 4/6/2009
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Playing games
Posted: 8/15/2009 8:56:04 AM
OP, out of curiosity and would like to know is: why playing such games with your partner?

To fulfil an intellectual need of yours only? or to find a way to be more interactive with your partner?

Just a thought.

edit: oups! I've read other it has been asked already.
Joined: 1/1/2009
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Playing games
Posted: 8/15/2009 9:02:54 AM
As others have written, those games aren't referred to when people talk about 'game playing' in dating.

I totally understand what you say. I also love to be playful - like surprising with a scavenger hunt through the house to find something particular etc.

It's fun if it's easily solved and not a headache for the other person. If it's difficult to solve the clues and always a challenge, then it could turn frustrating.
Joined: 12/22/2008
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Playing games
Posted: 8/15/2009 12:13:21 PM
I see the a/c guy already said the same thing...oops
Joined: 3/26/2009
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Playing games
Posted: 8/15/2009 12:13:21 PM
You can start with: Looking for guys that like to homemade riddles and puzzles every so often. And then you'd have to deal with why you're looking for someone like that, someone willing to play, and you can say stuff like oh just because I want that. And what's great is if you get a mentally incompetent person you can totally adjust the skill level of your game like think of a number between 1 and 2 instead of the square root of 9. Take the simple life
Joined: 12/29/2007
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Playing games
Posted: 8/15/2009 12:58:01 PM
OP look at it this way and thats fine and good when your in the relationship but if your trying to into one you may not want to do that. And reason being is alot of people don't like games when they are being serious about getting involved with someone and if someone was playing games with you I don't think you would like that which is why it's always said Don't Do Nothing To Nobody You Would Not Want Them To Do To You
Joined: 12/29/2008
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Playing games
Posted: 8/15/2009 2:40:06 PM
Puzzles are different kind of games. What alot of people mean are people playing games with our minds.

We get that "oh I'm so into you" from people who don't want to make time for us. They just call whenever they feel like it.

We talk, they don't respond except when they feel like it. Might as well be talking to the wall.

Oh-oh there's no smoke without a fire;
there's no heat without a flame;
oh-oh there's no love without desire;
play your games! Forgot the artist

I play my part and you play your game
You give love a BAD name--Bon Jovi

Refers to alot of men I meet here! Sucks when they play games
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