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GI Joe. I agree. I have seen UFO. I have seen IFO. I have NOT seen FOO FIGHTER. I have seen a possible E.T. or some unknown DEMONIC PARA NORMAL ENTITY. It was witnessed by two (2) others. It was apparently out of it's TEMPORAL TIME STREAM as it was in appearance a KNOWN DOCUMENTED by CONUS government Paladin Law Man. This entity was not the human CONUS paladin Policeman formerly employed by ONTARIO P.D. California.
What did we see GI Joe ? Theories ?
 Lady Marie
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Posted: 1/7/2005 7:43:20 PM
" I have seen UFO. I have seen IFO. "


We don't have them here in the Philippines, do we?
 Lady Marie
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Posted: 1/7/2005 8:56:14 PM
Oh boy, so these stuffs are really true??? tsk,tsk, tsk,
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Posted: 1/11/2005 2:59:27 PM
Crop circles is a tough one to swallow. I'm not saying they're not really made by aliens. But there's supposedly been tons of evidence of UFO's over the years and the government keeps hiding it. Then suddently all the crop circles bluntly appear and we are supposed to really accept that aliens exist.
 Fid Copya
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Posted: 3/2/2005 2:31:15 AM
None who would post here because when the real 'Meninblack' are involved, it goes something like this:
- Person reports ufo sighting.
- Person gets paid a visit by the Meninblack.
- Person is never heard from again.

Recommended listening:
The Gospel According to the Meninblack
by The Stranglers
 Fid Copya
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Posted: 3/2/2005 5:11:36 AM
a) Google?
b) You will never find pictures of the real Meninblack. If you had any, you would end up 'disappeared' like the others.
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Posted: 3/2/2005 11:19:05 PM
I read the bibble a few times I'm almost done my 6th trip through it, I learn more stuff each time it's got me convinced haha. For example king david wrote most of the psalms and king david lived about a 1000 years before jesus and jesus actually is one of king david's decendants in psalm 22 king david wrote how jesus would be crucified and that his clothes would be divided amongst the soldies etc. check it out 22:16 and 22:18
Oh yea, the devil hand sign is not a youth thing padewan! It has been around a very long time in fact if you watch the news alot watch Prince Charles when they are on the balcony of buckingham palace doing whatever. If you watch closely you'll see him do it very sneakly at times. Oh yea most male royalty have been freemasons since the mid 1600's and the devil sign is used by them.
I got interested in research on that group because I thought about joining. Anyways, the freemasons back in the day were templars, based mostly in france but the king of france attacked them and stole there money and killed most of them. Survivors fled to scotland and helped the scottish fight the english at the battle of bannochburn the templars made up 30% of the scotish army. after they won the battle the scottish king allowed them to stay but they morphed into the freemasons. Origionly the king of france attacked them claiming they were devil worshippers, and he crucified their leader upside down. some claim it was his dead body blood stains that caused/made the shroud of turin. Anyway my familly came from scotland and they are all masons and my grand father and uncles became 33rd degree scottish rights freemasons. supposedly that is as high as you can go (but it isn't). They built a church in scotland in the 1200's that is very odd and unusual. The church was built by the leader of the freemasons after they fled to scotland who was also the head of the Sinclair clan. They supported the royal house side in the fight agains Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell won so he destroyed the Sinclair castles and houses but he didnt destroy the church! in the church it has two columns one column has carvings for the 7 deadly sins and the other the 7 pure virtues however 2 of them are switched. those are greed and charity. anyway the roots of freemasonry some say go back to ancient egypt and was carried out of egypt by some of the jews that came out with moses. In fact both Al Gore and George bush are masons, they both went to Yale, Yale was built by a pirate who used his money to bribe that states govenor to let him escape the law and live there, and as you know the pirate flag is the skull and cross bones
Well he also built a very strange building there, and a special exclusive group can only be members there and the group is called the skull and bones! (pirate flag) Well remember the templars in France, when the king was attacking them the templars at that time actually had the largest naval fleet at that time in Europe. They escaped the French ports and that is what brought the remnants to scotland. Afterwards this navy became split up and that navy used the skull and crossbones as their flag! they became the pirates. The plot thickens! Also Gore and Bush are both cousins of Prince charles. bush is like a 13th cousin and gore is a little bit more removed. amazing stuff. Almost every president was a freemason. George washington was, as were most of the founding fathers they devised the political system and how their group could keep the power of the presidency, which was through ensuring both candidates are freemason lol. I'll stop here about the masons but there is much more. Some say the Masons are controlled by the Illuminati. Oh yea George bushs grandfather was a very powerfull banker back in the 1930's and he gave large amounts of money to adolf hitler for his attempts to take power of the german government.
I read nostradamus too and i pretty much figured it out and what he said was going to happen, he bases alot of his end world stuff on what the bible said. but he claims his 3 antichrist's are not the anti christ of the bible, in fact they are of the bible's 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. The bible's first horseman the white one is nostradamus's napalau or Napoleon and he's famous for riding a white horse and there is a famous painting of him doing just that. The bible's second horse man is the Red horse, which nostradamus puts as his 3rd antichrist (more about that later) the bibles 3rd horseman is the black horse. which is nostra's second anti christ and that is hister or hitler. Hitler rode a black horse to power which was the SA "brownshirst" which was transformed into the SS "black shirts" or black horse whom was hitler's power base or "horse" ride to power. the 4th horseman in the bible is a bit fuzzy but is called the pale or grey horse many take that to mean death or pestilence.
which could be a huge disease wipeout and also satan has death as a name, among others, communism happened inbetween napoleon and hitler but the last commies are the chinese and China is known as the land of the red dragon, which is were nostradamus's 3rd anti christ comes from. They or he unleases world war 3 and the army in the book of revelations calls it the locust army. see Rev. 9:16 which gives the size of the army as "two hundred thousand thousand" which equals 200,000,000.
At the hight of German power in world war 2 they had 19,000,000 men in uniform!. I did a paper on the chinese military in university and currently they have 4 million regular army and a army militia of 10 million and 10 million more that have little traing but have guns and uniforms anyways it would be very easy for china to make the bible's locust army of 200 million only one other country can do that And India is'nt communist lol (Red) or have a dragon as its cultural symbol. To summarize, china starts the war goes all the way to spain in europe but get driven back the war kills about a 3rd of the world population and launches alot of disease that kill about just as many. after the war a one world government is made by the Mason controled USA, look on an american dollar bill see the latin words E Pluribum Unum. It means out of many one. this refers to out of many peoples/governments One. Ie their goal is and has always been to make a one world government.
When it is formed thats when satan (The BIG ANTI CHRIST)returns to control the world with that government he does it for about 3.5 years, but some say that that is shortened to 5 months. That is the future and it will all be completed in the next 50 years or so. Some say that the book of psalms may be a countdown from the year 1900 until the end. Evidence for this is in psalm 44 which would mean 1944. That is the year the nazi's were at the height of their jew killing efforts as you know the germans branded the jews on the arm with a number and after gasing them they were burnt in ovens. now read psalm 44 especially 44:22
Furthermore, Satan is not born in the flesh but when he arrives he is pretending to be Jesus returning to rule the world. In gensis you can read were 7000 of satan's angels left heaven (in their UFO's) how else could you leave heaven lol? They left because they refused to be born in the flesh, when they came to the earth they mated with women and that caused the giant hybrids such as Goliath who fought king david! And they are the UFO's that we see flying around, God even uses a UFO to transport his throne and the ark of the covenant this is written in the book of Ezekial and is refered to as ezekials wheel. Basicallly the masons are a front organization used by satan while he is chained in heaven, to organize the world into one governing body that he will assume governance of. Because his time is short when he gets here he needs things to be organized as possible for when he gets here.
there is much much more to tell but thats a summary.
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Posted: 4/5/2008 8:46:13 AM
"Mysterious lights" in the sky have been reported since mankind began gazing towards the stars. When we obtained flight ourselves, many saw aircraft of some kind already there that were far more advanced than what we had flying.
Yes, a certain amount of UFO sightings are our own aircraft, and natural phenomenon...but certainly not all. The USAF have experimental craft that are about 12 years ahead of anything out there now. thnk about it...12 years ago, what was your home computer like? What is the difference between that and what you have today? Now...put that kind of expansion into can see what I mean then. Pilotless craft can accelerate and turn far quicker than manned ones. So, many things seen now may well be those type of arcraft.

The reports of "giant triangular ships" that overshadows whole towns as they pass at low altitude may well be something we are not ready to face...or someones idea of a joke....ala Star Wars.

I've seen some things up there that I cannot explain. Neither can anyone else.
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