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The new jerseys were revealed yesterday and despite all the reasons given in the media, I seem to think that the old jersey sales were declining, as many people I know wore the old Team Canada jersey during world championships. I'm thinking this is more of a money grab, but it could also be inspired by the lack of representation of women in the sport. The new look is retro and is comprised of one large maple leaf with the word Canada under it. The jerseys have two bands around the bottom and on the sleeves, and come in red with white detailing and white with red detailing.

What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are; that the new look is retro, like that was going to be a big surprise, and once again the powers that be, are fooling around with hocky tradition. I have always liked the maple leaf on Canadian athletes., but I can understand the problems arising with the need for representation of women in international hockey.

For me, changing the old images of two men players on the old jerseys, to now show one man and one woman players would have also been appropriate. I have always liked the fresh look of the jerseys, that were introduced the same time as Gretsky signed on as the coach of the mens international team. I think this was significant, as we began rebuilding our teams to take their place as dominators of international world hockey. This continued and with the introduction of women into international hockey, our womens team has proven to be just as dominant.

I'm still unhappy and not over the decisioin by the powers that be who changed the original Hockey Night In Canada Theme, for TV broadcasts, and I'm certainly not alone. So, if our international teams are once again sporting maple leafs on their jerseys, I guess its ok. I do know, that I will not be purchasing a new jersey sporting the new/retro logo as I think its just a money grab by the organization. I would prefer they come up with some other quality merchandise made in Canada to support our industry and atheletes. As in my mind, if they are buying the merchandise out of Canada, they don't give a rats a$$ about Canadians - only their profits, and to me that is not what the image of our international sports should be.
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New Olympic Hockey Jerseys 2010
Posted: 8/18/2009 6:18:21 PM
Silent Guardian - I didnt say that Hockey Canada was sexist - I said that they may have wanted to change the logo, due to the presence of women in the international and Olympic competitions.

You are right that the original jersey in question is of a player and a shadow, however it is a male skater and a shadow. This does not represent the presence of women and I suggested that it could have been the reason for a re-design.

I also like the new design with a detail inset on the maple leaf. I dont believe we needed a new logo, it was not to knock the new design. I'm curious to see how many people who like this design, actually go out and purchase a jersey. I bet you will see more old jerseys in the stands than the new ones, at upcoming events.
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New Olympic Hockey Jerseys 2010
Posted: 8/18/2009 7:28:10 PM
(It's safe on here now 'cause edjoe is stalking on facebook...)

I like the Jerseys. Seen better, but I have seen worse too.

Looks a bit plain - but I think the maple leaf is a novel idea.
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New Olympic Hockey Jerseys 2010
Posted: 8/19/2009 9:03:18 AM
Santek thanks for the info. I agree with you about not understanding why the IOC deemed the old jerseys as "Professional". I don't know if any professional hockey players ever wore that jersey, but I could be wrong. I still think its a money grab during the recession as you mentioned this rule has been in the books for decades, but now for some strange reason its being enforced.

Silent Guardian, I still see the old logo as being male, regardless of the size of Haley W. When Santek providing the info about the rules, my speculation about gender representation is not an issue.
Joined: 9/27/2006
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New Olympic Hockey Jerseys 2010
Posted: 9/1/2009 6:04:44 PM
I saw these jerseys advertised in a flyer being sold at $139.00 each. It will be interesting to see just how popular they are, but the number of people wearing them during the games for support. I'm thinking you will be seeing a lot of the older style jerseys being worn. I don't seem to think that large families (3 or 4 kids) to be running out to purchase these new designed jerseys.
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