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Nah... judging someone because they like a certain genre of music is totally not shallow. It's perfectly fine. My deal breaker happens to be about music as well! I don't like people that listen to Mozart or Beethoven or any classically arranged music because there's no words in them! Ha! People that listen to these guys are so lazy they would rather listen to instruments than listen to spoken lyrics and trying to figure out the hidden meaning behind the songs. If I listen to rap, the message is clear: rob people and have sex with black girls. If I listen to Mozart, the piano is not conveying any meaningful language vital in communication terms. If you're mad at someone are you going to tell them you're mad or are you going to play a piano at them? This is what I think about you without using words: F-sharp, E7 sus 4, D seventh, F-sharp diminished fifth, and to top it off G-minor sixth baby!
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Deal Breakers
Posted: 10/18/2009 2:02:01 PM
Ridiculous standards?

Whats ridiculous? I dont see any major judgments being passed? Are you referring to a paticular post or just having a rant and tarring all women with the sad and lonely brush?
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Deal Breakers
Posted: 10/19/2009 3:49:59 PM
ok for me theres a couple of things....
these short emails...oh i love your profile...i really wanna get ot know you..heres my number blah blah blah
this kinda stuff is a bit tooooooo much so i wont reply cos to me they are prob just after a know what. and thats NOT going to happen

then you get the really really long emails...where you nearly know what he had fro breakfast lunch dinner and tea that day plus all about his family etc eetc etc heres my msn no sounds like a scam

then i have emails....oh i totally would....i made the mistake of replying to this once...wasnt caught like that again

the ones i like are

hi how you, i looked at your profile, why dont you check mine, i think we might get along, hope to hear from you
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Deal Breakers
Posted: 10/25/2009 4:48:28 PM
Wow! It isn't always about words.. as a musician myself, it is so easy to write words, that's the easy way out .. now, composing a symphony? Hmm.. not so easy, is it? Try it sometime and see. Instrumental music creates pictures and images in the mind that lyrics do not. Not that I am into classical, it is rather boring to me but you have to admit has some crashingly good drama in the crescendos .. la la la!!!!!!!
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