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Not sure if I can. It makes more sense for me to sell my place and move into his. His home is bigger, and on more property. But I raised my kids here, and this is the place that feels like home. These transitions were definately easier years ago when the roots of my life werent soooo deep into the ground. Maybe this means that I am not ready. Maybe it means that there is just no easy way to do this. Its not just about belongings or addresses, it's about all the feelings that are attatched to these things through all the years. I imagine that there will have to be a whole lot of understanding on both sides and completely open communication. I am just speaking from my own perspective as someone who may be facing this same scenario in the near future. A tiny insight as to my individual thought process. But everyone is different. Some people may be able to deal with all this easier than others. And your situation is unique to the both of you as well. I wish you all the best in finding your way through it. <3 <3
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the logistics of relationships
Posted: 9/14/2009 3:55:28 PM
Personally, I would suggest that you pick one house and move into it. The other one can be kept as a rental property.

As you mentioned, what happens if you split up? Well if you both keep your properties then you never have to worry about where to go if things go bad.
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