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If he floats your boat, I'd say go for it.
I don't recall dating anyone taller than me but only because the opportunity hasn't presented itself. I've dated women heavier than me though, when everything else feels right. Don't sweat the small stuff (no pun intended)
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/20/2009 11:19:29 AM

That may be his issue too with why he wishes I was shorter than he was, although I don't know because I haven't asked.

Not implying that he's not a good guy but come on, his masculinity is challenged because of 1.5 inches of height (or anything else for that matter). As long as he realizes that you're attracted to him there shouldn't be a problem.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/20/2009 2:13:25 PM
I've pretty much outweighed every partner I've had. Height/weight has no bearing on if the man will be able to man-handle you. Give the guy a chance to show you what he's made of and what he can make you do... *wink*...
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/20/2009 3:39:55 PM
Tips? Tricks? For what? Reaching stuff on the top shelf? Get a ladder.

I had a brief thing going with a guy who was barely over 5 feet tall. He was ruggedly handsome, in incredibly good shape for his age (or any age), a fabulous dancer, and a good lover.

I don't see a problem and don't know what sort of "tricks" one needs to have a relationship of any kind with someone whose height is different than yours.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/20/2009 4:47:50 PM
Since you posted this and noted that there is a small level of uncomfortability, I'm going to say that unless that small comfortability diminishes real soon, it won't last very long.

I know with me being a shorter guy, when you sense that a girl is uncomfortable, the guy becomes uncomfortable when seeing it (just like anything else she may be uncomfortable with). So it's like a doubling effect. I never had an experience of a girl being stronger or really weighing more than me, as I'm not skinny and have muscles within my build... so the combo of you being taller and him weighing less than you do -- that's a bit too much for you to handle, unless you had a huge crush or he was the only possible guy to score a date with.

I think a quick fix could be to have him wear boot-like shoes -- that will raise him a little more... and at the same time, wear button-down shirts that have vertical stripes (optical illusion of seeming taller; horizontal stripes on a shirt do opposite). Those combined would make him seem just a shade shorter than you and not be a big issue. But it won't solve the just-as-skinny-as-you bit. Now, for a relationship (ie over good amount of time), he could work out and bulk up some, and in a few months weigh more in a good way.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/26/2009 11:58:20 PM
i'm 5 '10--lost a half inch along they way. i've dated men 5'6 to 6'8. most of the time, if asked, i prefer the taller, around 6'1-2. why? because of the fit when dancing. however, my shortest guy was very self confident and a helluva dancer. so, i did not feel awkward and he could lead me around very well. i noticed that many of the salsa dancers here in town are shorter than their partners and in high demand! my last serious fellow was about my height, thinner and muscular. he didn't look strong, but dam-, he was strong. he seemed okay with it all and prefers tall women. so, i think that if the stuff that really matters fits, the rest kind of attaches itself to the bigger picture.

ps as to the physical comfort? when you are lying down, you really don't notice it much. however, my ex husband was the tall guy. his feet went through the scrollwork on my lower bed board. had to take it down. before that, he looked like a pilgrim in one of those torture chambers that the pilgrims had, when they put your feet and hands through the holes to disgrace you in public!!!! now, he has a really big woman and i hope a bigger bed!
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/27/2009 4:35:47 AM
LOL..As I'm just shy of being a dwarf, I'd have to date an 8th grader in order for him to be shorter or weigh less than myself. While this has never, ever been an issue for me (dating a guy shorter or lighter than myself) I completely understand the OP's preference for being with bigger, stronger men and finding them more attractive. I feel the same exact way.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/27/2009 5:09:46 AM
There is really no significance when it comes to size - when you care for each other - you adapt without even knowing you are doing so.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/27/2009 5:18:54 AM
OP: Why should it matter? It might seem awkward at first but eventually you'll adjust. Don't be so superficial to let something like someone's height affect your feelings.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/27/2009 5:25:15 AM

I'm 5'6" and a big girl. Most men are smaller than me and seem to be just fine with that. And there shouldn't BE a traditional anything. If you like the guy, like him for what he is, not his height.

You both sound uncomfortable though so I can't see this lasting too long.

Men who are my height that have approached me are comfortable in their skin and with who they are and don't worry about "traditional" crap. If you spend all of your time worrying about what is traditional and what makes you happy, you won't be happy.

And NO, there's no gender reversal when it comes to other things--aka sex. A man who is confident in himself, regardless of his height, is just that--confident. Neither of you sound comfortable nor confident enough to be happy enough just to enjoy each other.

Which is a shame because he could be the right guy for you.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/27/2009 7:07:01 AM
I'm 6'2" so if a woman was taller than me I'd be pretty put off I think. No offense to the amazons here.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/27/2009 9:53:43 PM

at 5'10" you're in the top 1-2% for female height, probably of average by 3-4, maybe 5 std dev. If you've got a thing going with this fella, and all else is equal go for it.

On the other hand if you're height differential is going to call his manhood into question for you on a regular basis, do him a favor and turn him away. He don't need some tall assed woman looking down on him thinking less of him because of something neither of you can control.

Maybe it's just me, but I think tall(er) women are attractive. There was this one lady back in my younger wilder (OK, just younger) days who towered over me by a good half foot. For a while there my only concern was would I need a step to give her a first imprompt to good night kiss. As for body mass, while she was and is a slender woman she was very athletic and once while playing racquet ball we collided and it was I that hit the floor. Did that make me less of a man? Don't think so, she was and is all woman, and still a good friend.

I guess if you equate being "manhandled" as making you feel womanly, this may not be the guy for you.

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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/28/2009 3:12:38 PM
Petite gals are cute, however long legged women are hot as well... i prefer a gal i can stand up to and kiss without totally kinking my neck one way or the other

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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/28/2009 6:36:38 PM

You are in a unique demographic among tall women, though. I will say that I did a little analysis on match some time ago out of curiosity, given thread topics like this, and women who are tall (5'9"+) don't mind men their height, compared to girls who are average or below average height.

So it wouldn't shock me that a TALL woman wouldn't mind a guy a couple inches shorter...

But what I learned was that it's not so much the height of a guy compared to them -- it's the height of a guy compared to other guys.

But yes, there are some women (possibly yourself), who don't mind the height of a guy at all, and I would say that's in a small minority. It's crazy to think that a guy would say "you're too tall to do doggy style" (assuming that was the position)... omg -- how could you not give it your all to try?? lol
Joined: 4/19/2008
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/29/2009 4:15:13 AM

it's a lot of these things that make some women feel less feminine around shorter guys, as much or more as it is height per se

Sorry BUT...a woman should feel feminine around a man because 1) she IS already and 2) his actions, NOT his body, makes her want to be.

I used to work in a mall and would, when the store was slow, people watch. I was always surprised and gladdened to see a tall woman with a shorter man. Or an average height woman with heels on and her guy walking happily beside her, usually grinning like a fool. Surprised because some men's egos wouldn't allow that. Gladdened because the women saw PAST THE GUY'S HEIGHT and saw what a great guy he was. Every man I've dated that's my height or a few inches taller? They know upfront that I'm prone to wear heels and that if it's an issue, they need to move on. So far not a single guy has complained. And some of those heels are 4"...which would put me almost a full head taller than some men. You know what they see? Me. Not the height.

I'm not saying you're not right sweetie. But what I'm saying is, like I first said, if you're not comfortable with his height at some point it'll win out over whatever else it is you like about him. And if he can't get over your height, then it'll be the same for him too.

I sure hope that you decide to get to know this guy and ignore his height. Apparently you all see something in each other that is attractive. Don't let a few inches and how society USED to be deter you from enjoying each other's company.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 9/29/2009 7:10:24 PM
I like it best when a guy is at least a little taller than I am, but since that's pretty hard to find, I don't consider it a deal breaker. My husbands were 6' and 6'2", but my last LTR was about an inch and a half shorter - and he LOVED the high heels, plus he was the most dominant of any man I'd known to that point. Height doesn't have anything to do with dominance. I have an occasional long distance lover who is exactly my height - and I outweigh him by a good bit, although he is solid lean muscle - but he is definitely The MAN. heh heh.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 10/23/2009 5:33:31 PM
I like it when the man is taller, I'm 6'1" and have been this height since I was 13. I have been made fun of most of my life. I still cringe when kids and even adults say "you're tall!" Really? How am I suppose to reply to that statement? I have dated shorter and taller.

I love the comments in this forum from the shorter men that don't have an issue with dating taller women!
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 10/23/2009 9:49:43 PM
It takes a secure women of any height to date a man shorter or below average in height.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 10/23/2009 9:50:35 PM

What does height matter anyhow?

Up til last July, the woman who cut my hair was 6'10". Thin hips/full lips. Her legs (often wondered where she found jeans to fit) went up for friggin ever! 'Course, I was always sitting, or semi-prone during the up-front wash cycle, so some of that was an illusion, but the top button of those jeans was pretty much level with my forehead even when I stood up. Lol. I just kept thinking of that Pretty Woman scene where Julia Roberts is sitting behind Richard Gere in the tub, and telling him how long her legs are.
Yeah, I confess, I had fantasies. Lol But, she ran off to Jamaica with her boyfriend, some underwater demolition guy (civilian).
OP, the last "taller" woman I got close to was in 6th grade, my mother signed me up for a ballroom dance class, WITHOUT talking with me about it first, and Georgia, my dance partner for the course duration, was at least a foot taller than I. Sweet girl, but she was about as homely as my ears were too large for my head, and I got teased for that. At this point, I wouldn't mind looking up at a woman, and that role reversal thing has nothing to do with height.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 10/23/2009 9:58:39 PM
In heels Im over 6 ft, one of the greatest loves of my life was 5'4"...he was build like a greek god and when we were out he had this way of walking that just screamed confidence...he was by far one of the hottest men I ever dated.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 11/24/2009 5:10:49 AM
I am not sure I will ever have this problem, being 6'6" tall, I have not met any women taller than me & if they were, I hope they would date shorter men.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 11/24/2009 7:02:26 AM
I'm 6'2",and my girlfriend is 6'4". She likes being manhandled too,hair pulled,hands held over her head,etc. I'm a lot stronger than she is,so I have no problem doing so. However,at point of orgasm she loses control and has been known to nearly throw me bodily off the bed. Wish that strength could be harvested.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 11/24/2009 8:00:42 AM

and it does make us a little uncomfortable

well then get the freak out of the relationship and find yourself a big man who can really manhandle you (just keep the number of the local hospital handy)

short guys generally treat you better.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 1/13/2010 9:01:27 PM
It doesn't matter the only variable is this:

Woman size, weight, height - does not matter
Men must be at least 5'8" or taller - no exceptions and I mean no exceptions.
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Shorter man Taller woman
Posted: 1/13/2010 9:28:56 PM
Im ok with taller women. I think its kind of exotic to have a taller woman with me. Specially if she is in heels too. I dont need to be the tall one in the relationship. If need be I can just wear heels too
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