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 You go first
Joined: 5/1/2008
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You got married when you were 16, are recently widowed, and you're already here ? Oh hon, that's a recipe for disaster. I waited 2 years after a 26 year marriage (also widowed) and I'm glad I did.

... and this is the Profile Review forum, so unless you're willing to accept critique on your profile, you may want to ask The Mods to delete it.

My pet peeve is guys that post photos of themselves in their gallery from years ago when they looked their best. Unless you're planning on showing up for your first meeting in a silk shirt and spandex pants, let's find something more current.

You've missed the Interests field. This is the area where you fill in Music, Guitar, Singing, Garage Sales, whatever. This acts like an appetizer for your profile entree and women can use those words to search you.

So what if some woman has a picture of her cat or dog. Guys have pictures of their boats, cars and dead fish all the time. It's something that's important to them. You yourself said in your own profile differences can be very productive if you're not stuck in your own way. Lighten up. Myself, I cringe when I see profiles that have pictures of children. Sure, it's ok to be a proud parent, but this feels like chick-bait when you dangle a cute little smurfy kid. No thanks, I already have one. So - we agree on this point.

Otherwise - fix your profile and worry about who you are writing to. By all means, pass by someone who has a cat picture if it offends you that much.
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