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This thread is also in the UK forums but I thought I would take it into here - unless thats not allowed.

A friend of mine was made redundant a few months ago - she is a secretary. When M&S advertised for staff for Xmas we suggested she should go along - she worked in retail before getting the secretarial job. She has a mortgage to pay and her redundancy payout won't last too long. However her response was 'Oh I would rather wait for a clerical job to come along'.

Now if that was me I would have been first in the queue at M&S - it is only over the Xmas and no one is taking on clerical staff at the moment so she hasn't a hope. Her b/f has just been made redundant and they are now struggling.

What would you do? Apply for the job or hang on?
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Would you do any job instead of the dole?
Posted: 10/25/2009 3:56:23 PM
I do an entire worldwide internet show on this topic! There are a disgustingly amazing amount of people who will NOT take a job in retail, fast food restaurant or other 'menial' job because it is not quote 'in their field'. Who is supporting them?! Here, if you get 'aid', you need to show you are looking for work and accepting ANY job. Then, many disreputable co's do not pay you after you have worked. Most will not accept these jobs. Would you be a telemarketer and get sworn at and hung up on all day long hundreds of times a day? We did! For those who so casually say " I would scrub floors if I had to' have you ever actually scrubbed floors 8-10 hrs a day, full time, all day? I not only scrubbed and cleaned the ktichen floor, I stood waiting for a bus for it, coming and going, and served 225 nursing residents, pushing 225 lb trays, doing all the food prep AND the dishes (that silverware and trays are very heavy) for 225 people. Then at night we had to take a very loud hose and water down the entire dishwashing room . For a whopping $7.00 an hour! All the little college students would not do this, nor would the whiny women and men who keep telling me " I am holding out for my job I can't find a job whine whine". Burger King is always hiring. You don't wanna work crap job for crap wages, so just admit it.
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