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Australia Frequently Asked Site Questions and Event RulesPage 1 of 1    

(The following rules apply everywhere, where they may be applicable)


  2. Freedom Of Speech on Plentyoffish

  3. In order to proceed through the POF registration process you were asked to agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE by checking a box indicating you read them and were in agreement with them. If at any point you now disagree with any of the terms, you are welcome to delete your account, if not, then this will be taken as a continued agreement with the terms.


  4. You must be 18 or older to use this site.

  5. One account per person.

  6. No pornographic or obscene images posted to this site.

  7. No profanity in any user created material to this site (profiles, alias, postings, pictures).

  8. For your safety - Absolutely do not post any personal contact information that will directly lead someone to make off site contact with you.

  9. Follow the same image rules as for the dating site. Either a clear visible picture of you or no picture - nothing else.

  10. No impersonating, libeling or bashing other users or any site staff.

  11. Do not harass, stalk, spoof anyone or your account will be deleted and legal action taken if the harassment falls under your local criminal laws. The site will provide all information to the local authorities if asked - fair warning.

  12. No solicitation /advertising of, or for services in any way.



  14. No Insults or baiting others into an exchange of insults. Condescension, derision, rudeness will not be tolerated and neither will personal libelous/defamatory characterizations - period. This forum was designed as a place to exchange and promote intelligent conversation, not as your personal medium to entice people into a meaningless exchange of hatred against one another. If this is your intent, then you will lose your privileges to participate.

    Important One discusses the subject matter, not the poster's character.

  15. No Trolling - posting controversial comments/replies that will knowingly cause a forum disruption or an exchange of insults.

  16. No gender, race, creed, sexual orientation bashing of any sorts, nor any threads that generalize inane gender observations that will cause a forum disruption.

  17. No Libel Name and Shame Threads - Automatic Forum Ban

  18. Do not post user names or profile ID's in any posting other than to address a poster in replies to postings or to report a user in the Forums Violation thread.

  19. No forum protests or rants of any sort - If your thread is closed or deleted, do not start another one as the answer will be final or obvious if the thread is deleted. If you have a gripe about how the site is run, see below for the only avenue to convey your issues or concerns, i.e. eMail CSR here.


  21. No posting of any illegal activities or how to procure any services or goods through illegal means.

  22. No solicitation of any sort, for services rendered, or services asked for, nor goods for sale or wanted. This includes attention seeking threads (e.g. "I'm looking for ..." where the main thrust of the thread is to have people look at you and contact you - Your dating site profile and email are for that purpose)

  23. No copyright material unless you give credit to the author and its source - if you cannot cite source of author, do not post it.


  25. Full Posting Clarifications - please read them.


  27. How To Report A User


  29. Full POF Hosting Rules and Tips - please read them.

Any violations of the above can/may/will be met with a suspension of your forum privileges and or your account deleted.

Moderators and Admin also reserve the right to remove and/or action anything they deem necessary at their own discretion for the continuity of civility, the elimination of spam and the avoidance of legal action.

Also note that Volunteer Moderators do not have access to profiles nor emails, have no advanced knowldge of site functionality or the ability to effect any type of change other than to forum posting privileges.

Last but not least, Enjoy The Forums

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Australia Frequently Asked Site Questions and Event Rules
Posted: 11/30/2008 10:44:45 AM
See also: FAQ - Planning on Hosting a Event? Things you need to Know

Who can be a host?
Anyone, there are no designated hosts or "teams" or committees for the Australia, or any of its regions/cities/communities.

Is hosting hardwork?
It should not be unless you choose to make it hard work

Should I ask if anyone is interested in a meet on the Australia Forums?
You can , but only <5% of users use the forums, so do not worry if there is lack of response it is not indicative of interest.

Do I have to use labels at a meet?
No, but it may help in identification of Fish Members & their guests. Guests can print out their own here, you do not need to supply them
(drag to folder/desktop - print)

Does the meet venue have to be exclusive?
No, and it is good advertising for the site for it to be mixing with members of the public as it encourages new members to join

What is the minimum number of people that must attend a POF Meet?
Just 1, although 2 would be better so you have someone to talk to Events that have minimums are in fact - against the party rules

If I own/work at or have connections to a venue can I host a POF Meet there?
No, you cannot and No, you cannot get a friend to host it either

Can a venue charge for a POF Meet?
Only if they usually charge the general public as a rule

The mass mail how many do I get of these?
One! No Exceptions, and do not forget to make sure the longtitude/latitude is set (does not say zero) before you send it. Enter the venue postcode in the box at the bottom of the event post (Marked zipcode) with no spaces and press the update party date and zipcode button. Please note the original poster of the Event Thread must perform this action, co-hosts do not have this ability

I can only use the mass mail as a reminder to those signed up?
You can use the mass mail when you like, but Bigfish will send a reminder mail to the people that are signed up to the meet automatically

Who should take photos?
Anyone with a camera at the meet

What happens if I find I cannot host after all?
Either cancel the meet or get your co-host (that is what they are there for) to take over

Should the Host be on the door to greet everyone or sign them in?
No, they are just a guest at the event like everyone else, there to socialise and meet people, there is no need to sign people in.

Do I need to find a team of hosts?
No this is totally uneccessary, all attendees should be friendly and greet each other ideally. You and one co-host in case of emergency and you not being able to attend is all that is needed. If you have people helping oyu on the night because you choose to hand out labels or greet etc, that is fine but they are not a co-host. The co-host is for one reason only to take over in case you cannot attend and they are then responsible for the event.

Should I choose a Pub or Nightclub venue?
If you want to host in a pub or nightclub yes, but you can host almost anywhere doing almost anything.

What should I expect to pay out to Host a meet?
Nothing, Zero, Zilch, Zip!

Event Thread FAQ

Can I use HTML coding on my meet thread?
Yes, but stick to:
HTML font tags for
- size
- colour
- scrolling
- center

HTML hot-link tags for maps, transportation links, practical links for the event.

HTML Image tags for host pics can be linked to their POF profile pics, direct links to pics on private webspace* (do not link to your webpages, only to the image file directly and ONLY if relevant to the Event)

No outside linked emoticons, gifs, etc.

This keeps the playing field level, keeps the spam down, and the event pages from taking to long to load - the idea is to allow some tags to dress up an event post, NOT to go overboard with spam gifs, or animations that hijack the site coding, or fonts that make the post impossible to read.

Simplicity and fast page loading is one of the things that made POF popular, eye noise on a web page doesn't facilitate marketing, ie: trying to promote a POF event.

Use common sense, keep it attractive, eye-catching, but simple.

- Limiting the allowed tags keeps the learning curve at a shallow slope
- Another person may have to take over the event thread
- Not all mods are UBB/HTML experts
- Continuity and consistency

See here for a basic tutorial Event Thread HTML Codes

Why are posts being deleted from my thread?
Sometimes the posts are off-topic chat, but more likely due to excessive emoticons:
-To avoid this, paste this into your OP -

Note - When Posting on ANY thread
Forum Rules - Specific
F) No irritating posting Styles, including use of all Caps and excessive
Punctuation/Blank Lines/Smilies.

This isn't a "new" rule it's a site wide posting rule, it has always been in place. = site wide.

What do I do after the meet?
Create a Comments & Pictures thread, there is a link on your event thread, click the coloured words "Upload Images" to create it. It is a good idea to post the thread URL onto the event thread and ask people to make comments there rather than the meet thread after the event has happened.

How do the green links work?
Once your meet is scheduled and approved it will appear in the green links in date order, if two meets are on the same date then the first one posted takes precedence.

What pictures can I upload?
Pictures of the event itself, and do not upload pictures of members that you know are forum barred. If you do upload unwittingly you will be advised by a moderator and the images will be removed. Do not upload lewd or racy images either.

Attendee FAQ

Can I come alone?
Yes you can

How many guests can I bring?
As many as you like

Do I have to wear a label?
Only if you want to wear one and you can print your own here (see above)

Can a venue charge for a POF Meet?
Only if they usually charge the general public as a rule

Can a host stop me attending a meet?
No, but the venue can stop you entering their premises if you are barred from it

If I don’t want my picture up or I want one of me removed can I have this done?
Yes, and if the host will not comply report them by contacting the Forum Moderator or moderators

I had a forum ban and none of my pictures are up on the image thread, why?
Because pictures of forum barred members are not allowed to be shown, nor a forum barred members allowed to be discussed on the meet or comments thread

What if I attended a meet where it broke the rules?
Report this to the Forum Moderator

If I don’t sign up by a certain time does it mean I cannot attend?
No you can attend any POF meet advertised, the obvious exemption to this is where you have to pay the venue in advance for an all ticketed event.

What can I expect at a POF Meet?
You get out what you put in, if you attend mingle & chat then people will mingle and chat back, the same as any other party just slightly more friendly

Should the host tell me about hotels/taxis/transport etc?
They have no obligation to do this, Google is your friend (if the information is not in the thread OP)
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