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I find myself listening to radio 4 comedy. Radio 2 Podcasts. Watching Newsnight and Question Time. Stopping for a Coffee and reading the Times (Not On Sunday yet)... I think about dieting, now and then. I like to read with the TV off.
Has anyone else ever had a more bland revelation than this?... Hitting 30 is depressing me.

If you think 30's depressing, wait 'til you get to 40, and 50!

i think you're right though, as you get older, stuff you thought was cool and interesting changes. I used to read a lot of science fiction when I was younger, (I still like it) but I also read stuff about the para-normal and supernatural , believing myself to be open minded etc. I now dismiss a lot of this stuff, based on experience, and information, and now prefer to look for the more difficult to understand scientific explanations for things.

Sadly not all of your tastes will change,
eg. I saw a lady who'd been a girlfriend in my 20's when she was gorgeous, and had lovely big eyes..... and that.
We chatted outside Boots, she said "I knew I should have married you!" (No, I hadn't asked!) but now she had 'evolved' into someone who looked like a very fat, Marty Feldman, with the hair and everything! So in that sense, my tastes haven't 'evolved' as much as she had...
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Growing Old - Evolution OF Taste
Posted: 11/24/2009 10:47:31 AM
I want to get another Harley Davidson?
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