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 less evolved
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Survival of the Fittest :))Page 1 of 2    (1, 2)
I'm not exactly sure of the wording, maybe somebody can assist.

Old age treachery, and cunning, will trump youth goodwill, and... every time.

Another one, many of the fellows in jail do not see sex with another man as a gay experience. This can be rationalized a number of ways.
I was the one doing the fvking.
The other guy says, he was raped.
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/11/2010 10:13:49 AM
What traits do we need? Pffft, hardly any. We could lay on the couch eatting cheezies and watching tv constantly and still probably find some desperate loser with no principles to procreate with.

What traits to we want to see in our offspring? Good question. My lil girl already has every positive trait I could ever hope for. She's smart, beautiful, caring, respectful, considerate, has a fantastic sense of humor, independent, appreciative, loving...I could go on all day.
I don't know where she got all those traits but I sure love them.
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/11/2010 10:35:25 AM
^^^^ The two previous posters have touched on something. We seem to keep lowering the bar for those that can't reach or fulfill certain expectations in a society,,,,because we feel the need to "help" those that require it. I don't know who decides who needs the "help" and who doesn't,,,but I don't always believe that "lowering" anything is all that good for others just so that they can "reach".

You know what they say,,,,it's not the goal that is the prize,,,it's the journey and the battle to get it that is. If there is no battle,,,the worth diminishes.
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/11/2010 1:20:40 PM

Live in a trailer on welfare. Drink lots of alcohol and have lots of unprotected sex. Have all of your children taken away by social services to be raised by suckers / tax payers. Have more children

key music for Dueling Banjos......

yes...and exactly what type of s0ciety I don't want to be part of ....imbred propagators!

we can all make an effort to higher the bar.... teach our children, our families, our peers to be better people, people with a social conscience, fiscally responsible people with good values and morals.
I don't think that is that difficult a task...that is if we really want to be a race of 'Good Beings'....not sure if that would translate to being 'the Fittest'....but I will be happy with 'Good' for starters.
Joined: 5/7/2005
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/12/2010 5:02:49 PM

people will not survive without compassion for one another. Altrusism is the only answer on this planet

Compassion for others is nice,,,,as is acting for the good of others is also nice. Basic generic statements that don't mean squat if you don't know what you are doing with your "compassion" or if your acts of goodness fall upon people that expect this type of thing,,,,everyday.

I honestly believe that some of our problems in today's societies,,,is that we act on our compassion and feelings alone,,,without the forthought of what our little "acts" are actually doing for the person/people that we are supposedly "helping". Ya know,,,,give a man a fish,,,feed him for a day,,,,teach a man to fish,,,,and feed him,,,forever???? Simplistic yes,,,,but, maybe, we should get back to that. Ahhhh,,,,they were the days were they not?????
Joined: 5/7/2005
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/15/2010 6:01:17 AM

However, the reason we are becoming dumber is that our hearts are becoming smaller.

Not true at all. What is the problem is that there are people out there that believe they can solve the world's problems because they "care". Yet,,,,in some cases,,,,their "caring" results in enabling the same people we are trying to "help" because we have big hearts and don't want to witness suffering. Thus,,,,we (with the big hearts) don't let people go thru the suffering (and other things) that is required sometimes to reach the "other side".

We,,,as a society,,,are trying to make things "easier" for people. Take our house mortagages for example. The banks and goverments decided to make it "easier" for some to own homes (who told people they DESERVE to own a home???????) lowering restrictions so that MORE people can buy their own homes and enter the market.Doesn't matter they if there is a little bump in the road the people entering this market wouldn't last a month or two after hitting that bump. Now,,,,when the shiat hits the fan,,,we start to understand that we can give mortgages out like they are candy,,,,but more and more of them are being returned in the form of a wrapper. Sooooooooo now,,,,,,we,,,,,as taxpapers inherit a deficit because some in our society want things we have no right asking for(and getting).

The other thing that is really started to peeve me off (okay,,,,not really just starting,,,,I've been disgusted with it most of my life) is how I am bombed with media driven drivel trying to make me feel like crap because I had a couple of good parents who raised me as they did, and I came to the understand real quick like that the man in the mirror is RESPONSIBLE for the man in the mirror. I'm also tired of hearing about how it takes a village to raise,,,,well,,,whatever. I can't "help" some of the people out there without taking some of their "rights" away,,,,but we can't do that anymore.

So please don't ask for my "help" unless you want it. And if you want it,,,be prepared,,,because my "help" will not be easy,,fun,,,,simple,,,,enjoyable,etc. It will require work, personal RESPONSIBILITY,,,no handouts,etc. Of course in the end you probably will come to the understanding that throwing your hand out everytime there is a bump in the road is not really required and you will survive.I've had this school of thought all of my life,,,and it has yet failed me yet when others ask me for a little direction and "help". They don't enjoy it all the time,,,and some even tell me to phuck off. They also have a tendency to come back and thank me after a period of time when they "get it".
 Ed Bear
Joined: 5/19/2007
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/16/2010 4:36:10 AM
Gourmand. you have mis-stated the concept of "Social Darwinism" and nobody else seems to have mentioned it.

Genetics and reproductive success are concepts key to Darwinism and Natural Selection. Social Darwinism, on the other hand, is a right-wing theory stating that people who are successful in society (almost always ranked by possessions and power...mostly possessions) are in that position because they are in some way "superior" persons.

Naturally, this is pseudoscience, and has not been considered seriously for over half a century. Wikipedia lists it as a pejorative term.

We know that success can come from luck, inheritance, ruthlessness, crime, swindling, sexual manipulation, political machination or influence, prevailing racism, war, disease and countless other factors.

Even if "superior" qualities did in fact cause certain people to "rise" socially, the question of whether "inferior" people deserve to not have even a half-decent life is hardly resolved.

All the hatred of people who may need "help"- or even a fair chance - runs afoul of the fact that poor, minority, handicapped, poorly-located people, or those with disastrous parents or schools, tend to do astonishingly well when they are removed from their situations and given a chance - most dramatically when education and nutrition are improved.

Even so, poorer-than-average people tend to rise in status and success, and richer-than-average people tend to drop. Psychologists call it "regression to the mean," and it's well studied and documented.

A wonderful example is the consistent lower social status of blacks compared to white and hispanic Americans... but when you look at the numbers in more detail, northern blacks outscore southern whites on most social measures, and urban blacks outscore rural whites. Any opinions on why gay males (I don't have info on the female side) and motorcyclists beat the averages?

Yes, A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste. Depriving disadvantaged people of the basic tools to improve themselves produces lots of stupid losers who gamble, drink, drivelike nuts, don't protect and maintain their possessions and property, and generally damage the society and people around them. The US tradition of local funding of schools helps keep kids in poor neighbourhoods that way.

Access to birth control and abortion, similarly, are strongly correlated with improvement of social measures of success. Availability of child-care, too.

People who win lotteries usually end up in worse debt than they were in before. Poor kids who inherit money, are passed to wealthier relatives, are adopted by high-social-status families, have access to life-improving health care for congenital or childhood-inflicted problems and those who get into better schools usually do much better than anyone could have believed.

Canadians don't lose their homes and savings because of medical bills, for the most part, though there is always debate over coverage of expensive conditions and diseases.

Providing support to children of less-together people - precisely the people who have the most children in the absence of reproductive education - gives these people the chance they need. Instead, they get country and hip-hop, reality TV and Ultimate Fighting, rich, violent athletes and criminals as role models of success. Cable TV has removed the democratizing effect of universal access to information.

But those who have it all need to justify it, and keeping others poor and stupid makes that easier - providing a pool of idiots suitable for low-wage work, high regressive taxes and foolish spending and credit habits.

THIS IS THE TIME to get out there and scream at our BC government for massive school cuts to pay for existing, and already-announced future, income tax cuts. Our surplus budgets were turned to deficits by income tax cuts, not by spending cuts, increasing resource revenues, rising lottery take, soaring property values, exporting of jobs those poor were eager and willing to take (hospital and school support services, primarily, which also help people to be productive - nobody in Alberta will work picking fruit either), reduction in minimum wage, reduction of incomes of the bulk of BC residents despite a rise in average incomes, deregulation of businesses and sacking of public-sector employees.

It's good old blame-the-victim again. And if you have been tricked into blaming the people who have less than you for "robbing" you while you and they are robbed blind by the corporate and wealthy class who blame you.

Social Darwinism teaches, in the end, that people are in bad shape because they are "inferior." And that they need to support those who cow the nation with ears of "THEM" in our own midst and outside our borders. They mean YOU, all the ones gullible enough to be goaded to anger at those whose fates they will descend to.

 Ed Bear
Joined: 5/19/2007
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/16/2010 4:49:36 AM
Oh, and The Housing Bubble: ("AMERICAN CASINO" by Leslie****urn is a good place to start,but there's lots more.)

With the collapse of the money-for-nothing snow-job of the dot-com collapse, investors and savers alike ran to real estate for protection from failing business, creating their own bubble and fortune without creating anything of material value. Financial services exploded in profitability, but the steam began to run out of the market because there were n no more suckers to buy those over-valued homes.

The working poor - the most hard-working people in America - were targeted by the mortgage industry. Why do you think those mortgages were "sub-prime?" Researchers have shown that most of those people targeted in poor neighbourhoods COULD have qualified for prime mortgages with much better terms - terms they could afford!

Of course, not having education or experience in the complex deals they were pushed into, they bought into raw deals. When they were barely able to pay as their payments balooned and their property values inevitably sank, their debt was downrated - though they had missed no payments - and their payments raise again and again. Still, most of them kept paying more and working extra jobs -****urn documents that about 90% of foreclosures came not from job losses but from - drum roll - MEDICAL CATASTROPHE!

What's the proof that the financial industry knew this? They sold Credit Default Swaps, which are bets that people would go bankrupt and default. See THE BIG SHORT by Michael Lewis, in which (as in AMERICAN CASINO) people who placed those bets expressed amazement that the law even allowed them to to it.

Don't be the sucker who blames the victim while being raped by the criminal.
ED "smokin' mad" BEAR
 Ed Bear
Joined: 5/19/2007
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/17/2010 6:07:21 AM
No, Jeffrey, I don't believe in a "nanny state" - but I don't believe in fools whose lives are being ruined by those richer than they dumping their anger on others.

And the topic of this thread, "Survival of the fittest," as expressed in "Social Darwinism," specifically speaks to the idea that people DESERVE the fate they have, and that people who can't climb over other people are "inferior."

Have none of you ever stopped to think that the ability to take money from other people, or to amass money by any means at all, is the only human value or ability worth rewarding?

Guess what - today's news features US DoJ efforts to prosecute large financial institutions for selling mortgages and derivatives they knew would fail?

Hey, for almost a year, I, too, was saying, "let these greedy idiots go broke." Then the investigative reports began to appear, and the "what the hell happened" books.

These people were TARGETED. Mortgage brokers and homebuilders with inventory on hand literally went door-to-door, telling them they couldn't afford NOT to buy into a bubble. These people had no way to understand what they were being told - not being financial wizzes - but their TV sets were telling them this was their chance for a great future.

If those home values had kept going up - and it is completely impossible for them to have kept going up forever, let alone in an obvious boom caused by flight from productive equity - the sub-prime mortgages they did not have to buy (most could qualify for normal mortgages) they would still have found their payments swelling as the discounted first year or two at artificially low rates was replaced by the real costs, and as interest rates rose from depressed levels. The instruments they were sold were deliberately designed to take their money and their houses.

If Reagan and the first Bush hadn't gutted the anti-trust laws and eliminated the fairness doctrine in media, this could not have happened. If deregulation of derivatives and allowing investment banks to ignore deposit rules had not been permitted, no banks would have been "too big to fail," and those fools would have paid the price of their greed rather than their victims - the US taxpayers. From the thirties to the nineties, mismanaged banks failed and they were sold to other banks. They got what they deserved. And the Financial Services industry did not devour so much of US output that few enterprises could survive their greed.

I was glumly not surprised to see a series of interviews with "Tea Party" demonstrators this week, in which they defended the social services and entitlements THEY received as the government making them save their own money because they wouldn't do it themselves. Somehow, they didn't see this as "nanny state" intervention.

STOP BLAMING THE POOR, and look who's got their vacuum in your bag. Could YOU "bootstrap" yourself if you couldn't read? If a robber's bullet damaged your brain, and he had no assets to sue for? If you had just been thrown out of a polygamous commune so that the richer men could monopolize all the women and their welfare payments? If your father gave you HIV while he raped you? If you had three kids (hardly an excessive number) and a nice house and your husband was killed by a hurricane? If you went broke from frivolous prosecutions? If your business failed because your grandparents' homeland was at war with your country and nobody would do business with you?

People get crappy parents. Most parents are crappy. Most of them had kids because they were too stupid not to.

BY THE WAY: That filmmaker's name is C0C|ED BEAR
 Ed Bear
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Survival of the Fittest :))
Posted: 4/18/2010 5:12:03 AM
No contest, Snotsure... that was hyperbole and I should not have expected everyone to treat it as such. Some of you may be drinking coffee.

The point was, and is, that kids don't come with an instruction manual; over half of children are, by whatever measures we have, "unplanned," and neither nature nor nurture control our lives any more than the stars do.

There's a reason we have compulsory universal education: people who can't look after themselves are a drag on society. It's an investment in our human capital. It's shortsighted and selfish to try to keep people down to be able to take advantage of them.

Not only don't we know everything it takes to make a "good" human, we can't even agree on what such a person should be like. But we do know that the number of people who refuse to benefit from opportunity is small, particularly among the young, and the full-time leeches of our society take so little compared to its leading successes - some of whom are luck, some hard-working and more than a few crooked.

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