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Joined: 10/19/2008
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I just wanted to discuss my beliefs about these new scanners. I am refering to the ones that let the security officers see though your cloths therefore seeing you naked. If it was going to keep me safe well then so be it but how is it going to protect us. Think about who this is targeting. Talliban and other rebelious groups who will sacrifice themselves to kill others. This measure will be easy for these individuals to get around. These people are already sacrificing thier lives I am sure they wont object placing a device in there rectum or even sergically implanted. Therefore undetectible. I am also quite sure they could make an explosive device strong enouph to do some serious damage that would fit in that area. So who are they protecting. Then who is going to be authorized to watch these scanners. I am sure there are perverts out there with no record and I am sure there are possibly perverts working as sercurity officials in airports. I honestly think these devices will satisfy these perverts more than maintain our safety. So what can be done well I don't know maybe x ray equitment that basically shows your skeletin rather than seeing through your cloths then it doesnt matter where these devices are they will see them and that would be alot less offensive to some travelors. Maybey that is more radiation but I would bet the scanners that see through your cloths give of radiation but then I don't know Personnaly these scanned don't bother me but I am sure they bothers others. I just really don't believe they will help. Just curious on how many others agree with me and how many dissagree. I am also not attempting to spread fear as really we don't need to be scared there is a better chance in being killed in a car accident or many other things than in a terorist attack. Everyone that lives must know there are dangers all around us continuously. I am just baffled that these high qoverment officials can't see that this won't help. They are just coming up with b.s. ideas to give people the false feeling of security. Make them feel safe when really all these measures arent making them any safer. Who's with/not with me and why
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/7/2010 12:20:42 PM

Planes still are the safest form of transit so accidents are rarer then car accidents...........I believe in predestiny somewhat and there's risk in everything. Some stuff is riskier. Risk is impossible to eliminate[/quote.

I agree which I included in my post as I am not trying to spread fear. I don't agree with the pre destiny bit as I feel we are all responsible for our futures.

Luckily people got the situation under control too in the plane. More air marshals could ease the good samaritans risking their lives in the situation.

I don't think the people did anything really. They aprehended this individual sure but that was already after the fact. The truth is if this individuals bomb would have worked there is a good chance everyone abourd wouldn't have been able to tell their story. The mans bomb didn't work that is why they even had the chance to apprehend this man.

They may stop or discourage 99% of incidents. That one percent or less will probably squeak through however.

I dissagree.99% never maybe 10 but I bet it isn't even that high. Like I said look at the individuals who are the threat. Suicide bombers why would they care. They might be more woried if authorities tortured their prissoners but that is dissapearing. I doubt these guys are to worried about spending their lives in a cell. They might be discouraging the ones that wouldn't do this in the first place which is probably nearing the 99% but even without the security these individuals wouldn't go for it anyways. Last but not least I don't think thes measures have helped yet. Security has been much tighter since the sept 11 incident, I have yet to read on the internet or watch on tv someone trying to smuggle a bomb on a plane and getting caught by security. Trust me if this happened it would be all over the news praising the work of security. But like I said i haven't seen anything yet.
Joined: 7/28/2009
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/8/2010 1:43:12 PM
It's just another way to give the government more control by charging the taxpayer.
It gives many people a sense of added security even though it's b.s.
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/9/2010 4:56:33 PM
Was it all a bunch of coincidences , that ended up with an idiot on a plane with a bomb under his butt, or was security full of holes such as insiders who are religious radicals as well. If security is peopled by unchecked personnel then the fact that this man got thru was because it was an inside job. If 911 can be questioned as to what was the real cause of the towers falling apart then this bomb threat is proof that there will be more killing by the religious fanatics since those people in prime positions are not working for america but working against america. We just can't say who the suspects are but it's funny how a lot of the are named Mohammed in one way or another and not Smith or Jones or McDonnell
Joined: 10/19/2008
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/10/2010 11:43:11 AM
I thought it was confirmed that they were going through with them when I started the thread. I do however believe the government knows their not adding any security. No one can be that naive. I do believe these are just an alternative to being frisked. At least that was the plan when they first announced they were considering it. I believe these are optional scans. Take the scan or a frisk your choice. I am sure many woman would prefer the scan especially if their wearing a skirt or a dress. I just wish they would come up with security that would actually make people safer I am sure there is something that could be done to prevent these freaks from bording a plane.
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/13/2010 10:36:29 PM
All I know is 8 years after 9/11 we had a major hub shut down for hours because someone walked through an exit while the guard was off goofing around. With security like THAT, will these scanners really make much of a difference?
Joined: 1/28/2007
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/24/2010 1:00:56 PM
personally i think women will be targeted for the new scanners as there are a lot of perverts who work in security. its an invasion of my person and, another tax grab for the government.

also, i believe some terrorists are funded by some pretty rich people who will buy off airport security and pass them through and onto a plane rending the new security scanners useless *except for the common people*.

anyway that was my government conspiracy soap box.
Joined: 10/14/2009
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/26/2010 8:52:26 AM
The costs of maintaining the scanners alone should make people leery of allowing the government to purchase and utilize them.
I have worked on machinery vision systems that use the same principles and I can tell you from experience that most of these scanners will down more than they will up and working,

TSA security is an expensive, and largely useless, joke.
The sad part's not a FUNNY one/
Joined: 10/14/2009
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/26/2010 11:36:59 AM
Not sure of you were supporting my statements or debating them.

There were 6 major airline incidents between 1985-1990 including the Lockerbie bombing.
They didn't have body scanners then...and almost all flights got where they were going w/o problems.
A sthey do now...

Why,exactly, would body scanners effective NOW?
Joined: 1/28/2007
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/26/2010 4:23:35 PM
i also find dan solo's comments confusing.

r u for or against scanners??? make up ur mind, then make appropriate and educated comments.
Joined: 1/28/2007
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/27/2010 6:17:34 PM
but how do body scanners help? if security arent doing their jobs. for example the terrorist over christmas got on the plane WITHOUT A PASSPORT. could u also do the same? doubt it.

also, he didnt have any bags. strange? i think so.

compounded with the fact that his father called the airport to warn them of his son's ties to terrorist regimes!!!!

will body scanners help? NO.
Joined: 1/28/2007
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New security scanners.
Posted: 1/28/2010 1:02:16 PM
people get paid off all the time -- that's how terrorists will continue to get on planes.
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