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If your board feel free to read this theard otherwise it will probably just be a waste of your time. I am doing this as a way of creating accountability for my self :D

I did some reading about body type weight lose and since I am 70ish% ectomorph (very skinny hard to gain muscle) I thought I would share what I learned. I thought this artical was quite interesting. dot htm

Most people wanting to lose weight probably are not ectomorph.

What I learned is that if I cut calories I will only end up losing muscle and that in order to lose weight I need to do cardio. This actually fits perfectly in with my life experiances. I have noticed that with an hour to an hour and a half of cardio a day I can eat up to 3000-4000 calories a day if it is a higher carb lower fat diet and still lose weight. I am also guessing that carbs increase my metabilisom to the point where an extra 100g of carbs burns its self off plus extra fat.

Lately I stopped cardio under the presumption that it is all about calories in vs calories out and only weight trianed. Eating roughtly 40g carbs 170g protien and 60g fat a day, my lifts started peaking out and my weight lose seemed to be going slower then it should be. In the past 2 days I have increased my diet to 200g carbs 170g protien and 40g fat average, I have felt stronger lifting, I am hungrier after eating more carbs, I am more alert and awake and even though my diet has increased by 600 calories I feel like I am losing weight faster then before.

For the next week I am dropping weight training entirely and devoting 45 minutes to swimming a day, I will eat 2000 cals with a 40-40-20 distrabution 200 carb, 200 protein, 44 fat. The calculators say I should lose 2600-2000=600 cal a day or 4200 cals (.9 lbs) a week. I hypothsize from past experiance that I will lose 3 lbs :D I will update everyone at the end of the week I am currently 181 as of this morning.
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ectomorph weight lose
Posted: 1/25/2010 7:06:37 AM
Well good new bad news lol

I failed on the diet. My goal was 200g carbs 200g protien 44g fat. I tracked everythign I ate and the week averaged out to 234g carbs 192g protien 57g fat. This is a total of 2200ish cals a day. Assuming 6 foot 180 lbs with 20 percent body fat 5 workouts a week the online calcualtor put me at 2600 cal for maintiance. That means I should have lost 400*7=2800 cals. Since there are 3500 cals in a lb of fat I should have lost .8 lbs

I failed at working out as well. My goal was to swim every day for 45 minutes. I ended up only swimming 35 minutes days 1, and 2, day 3 off, day 4 elepictal, swam 35 minutes day 5 and 6 and went for a 3 mile hike day 7.

Now for the good news. Weighing in at 181 last monday, I weighed in 176.5 this morning :D (Both measurments were first thing in the morning after taking a #1 and #2, hydration levels felt about similar) If this is correct that would be 15,750 cals or 2,250 cals a day. Adding additional carbs to my diet made me extreamly hungry, and I personally believe significantly increased my metabolisim (remember I still ate a rather modist diet, I am sure 400g of carbs a day would make me gain weight). In addition to that I feel that the cardio was required to to lose weight as explained in my previous post about ectomorphic weight lose. Finally I did do a shoulder workout this morning. Last week I was just barely able to do a military press with 95 lbs 10x3. This week I failed on the very last rep, so There is a good chance that some of the weight loss was muscle :( That being said I think most of it was fat and my abs are starting to poke through every day more and more.
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ectomorph weight lose
Posted: 1/25/2010 7:20:56 AM
g's / Cals / lbs / ect... although can be measured to some degree, there is no way to be 100% exact.

Measuring calories is tricky unless you are doing the measurement yourself*, as they are based on averages as all natural foods (fruits, veg, meats) will vary based on season, shelf time and variety.

That said kudos on tracking everything that you are doing, but I think you are missing one thing.

It seem to me that you are not accurately tracking calories burned.

Time and activity are one way to look at how many calories you are burning but the one factor that you are not considering is intensity, the closest you will get to tracking this would be an HR monitor.

I would say do not use one day as a measuring tool for weight, take an average over the week to truly get an accurate number. Do what you are doing as far as weighing yourself at the same time, but average that number weekend and not daily.

*you have your own lab set up with a calorimeter.
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ectomorph weight lose
Posted: 1/25/2010 9:09:45 AM
From what I have read virigirous swimming expends 850 calories an hour at 190 lbs. Virigirous is generally defined as >90% which for my age is 175 b/m. Unforuntily when I am swimming (HILT) I am unable to top 140 b/m which is only 75%. That being said I am probably only burning 300-350 calories via swimming.

If I go to and enter
180, 6 ft, exercise 5 times a week, avanced options and 20% body fat = 2500 cals
180, 6 ft, exercise 5 times a week, avanced options and 10% body fat = 2726 cals

I would guess I am at 17ish based off input from other posters. I am also unsure if I need to add the calories burned during the workout or are these added in to the "exercise 5 times a week" part of the calculation. Either way that still doesnt add up to 2250 cals lost a day.
However in high school I was very active and combined with a ectomorphic body type I required 4000-5000 cals a day to not be hungry which happened to add a lb of muscle every 4 weeks. If the cardio plus carbs made my metabolism kick up to 4500 cals and I only ate 2200 then My weight loss makes perfect sense by the numbers I have ran.

I am a little confused as to what you mean by the following but I think I anwsered your question.

<div class="quote">I would say do not use one day as a measuring tool for weight, take an average over the week to truly get an accurate number. Do what you are doing as far as weighing yourself at the same time, but average that number weekend and not daily.

My morning weight is generally rock solid and from memory
Saturday before starting 183
Monday 181 (slightly dehydrated)
Tuesday 179
Wednesday 179
Thrusday didnt weight
Friday 178.5
Saturday didnt weight
Sunday 176 (still dehydrated from dinking friday night)
Monday 176.5 (slightly dehydrated)

I do agree that this experment would be a tad more scientific if I extended it for a month and see if it continues but staying that strict and counting everything is a challange and very time consumming. Also it is just one person so I have no sampleing nor do I have an independence of variables (diet vs cardio). I just found it interesting that 3 weeks lifing and eating low carb high protien and high fat I maintained my weight where as 1 week doing cardio and no lifting I managed to drop 4.5 lbs

I full heartedly believe that without cardio AND carbs my body will addapt its calorie efficiency so that I only require 2000 cals to maintain my fat and/or increase my fat. This is suported by the impression I got before that when I ate 2000-2500 cals and lifted weights I would slowly gain weight (but still at a faster rate then I have been told it is possiable to gain muscle at)
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