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Joined: 11/6/2008
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Any Oasis fans here, Im still in disbelief about their split even though its months ago now.. On POF i see many threads about big acts such as U2 Greenday and so on!!! what are your favourite Oasis songs, and who was more talented of the 2 brothers?? where they better in their earlier days or towards the end of their reign as Britains biggest bad of the time!?
Joined: 10/18/2009
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Posted: 1/18/2010 2:15:59 PM
I liked Oasis in the early days and saw them play Knebworth. Liam became a bit of a joke and became a bit of a joke in my opinion.

Slide away is probably one of my favourites.
Joined: 11/6/2008
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Posted: 1/18/2010 2:22:00 PM
yeah oasis wouldnt have been oasis without liam, he has great vocals but he is indeed an arrogant irrotating chimp!!! i found noel to be my favourite of the 2, still has the arrogance but he wasnt as obnoxious and was a better song writer!!! i dont think i could pick a particular song as my fav.. maybe live forever or champagne supenover- so again the earlier stuff they produced was my favoured!!!
Joined: 3/11/2006
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Posted: 1/19/2010 7:49:41 PM
I love gas panic, loud and in your face. The importance of being idle is great to, love how the guitar solo mimics the circus organ in the background.
Joined: 1/9/2010
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Posted: 1/19/2010 11:46:05 PM
I never understood the connection between Oasis and The Beatles. If you ask me, their music sounds NOTHING alike. I mean, I know that Noel and Liam love The Beatles and have often made references to them in their songs. But as for Oasis' actual music.. sounds nothing like The Beatles to me.
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Posted: 1/20/2010 12:20:05 AM
The Gallagher brothers will get back together someday. Their sibling rivalry reminds me of the Davies brothers (Ray & Dave of the Kinks).

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Posted: 1/20/2010 8:25:16 AM
on some of their songs like for ex "let there be love" it sound so much like john lennon... its mainly their none released songs that sound like the beatles
Joined: 3/21/2006
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Posted: 1/20/2010 5:17:25 PM
Columbia... what an intro... and all the Def Maybe cd.....

supersonic .slide away, shakermaker ,live forever,...

classic british rock... play it LOUD!!....

brothers will be brothers... they've always hated eachother , haven't they?... so what...

the music speaks for itself...
Joined: 6/27/2010
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Posted: 10/17/2010 6:04:30 AM
There’s definitely a Lennon influence on Liam’s singing, but some of their stuff reminds me of Slade. Having said that Slade were certainly influenced by The Beatles, so the reference points are the same really.

Personally, I preferred the Lennon/Lydon hybrid style that Liam used to great effect on the first album. He never sounded better.

With regards Oasis reforming, I suppose it’s always a possibility given that we don’t know how Liam’s new band is going to be received yet, and promoters are always going to offer large amounts of money.

I think Noel’s solo work will fare better than Liam’s new band, Beady Eye, but whatever happens I hope they don’t reform. They had a good run and they have left a great legacy, and these things tend to get tarnished a little when a band gets back to together.

I can’t think of any band that has reformed and managed to recapture the old magic.
Joined: 12/15/2009
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Posted: 10/24/2010 8:34:05 PM
in the meantime there's bands like Radiohead and Coldplay taking over again. However Oasis will remain classic, as always.
Joined: 10/7/2010
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Posted: 10/25/2010 5:38:53 PM
A highly over rated band that can stay away. This is a band that cares so little about their fans they dont even pretend to be interested when onstage
Joined: 4/14/2005
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Posted: 10/28/2010 9:23:14 PM
Can't say I'm a big Oasis fan, but I DO love the music of Iasos!!!
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