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Joined: 12/22/2009
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It was a few years ago. After paying the criminals who run the pay dating sites for a while (quite a while actually) , I started to see patterns that suggested to me that it was a fixed game. I'm talking about the dating service that is the big boy on the block. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I decided to do a search,.....and typed in only these two words, ..."Hatch Fraud". ( I've changed the first letter there, on the dating site name, but you all know who I mean). The hits were a real eye opener. Dozens of Class Action Law suits filed against them for fraud, which were still in process at the time. Nice, eh? But the catch of the day,....forgive the terrible pun, was Plenty of Fish. There were tons of outraged people adding to the discussion in the POF Forums here,......I clicked on one of the entries shown in the search and it took me to this site. I had never heard of it before. There must have been over 200 posts there and I stayed up for hours just reading them.

I was relieved to see that I was right about that site, of course....but was blown away by the horrid things that had been done to people by them. We're talking about millions of dollars here folks,....not to mention the emotional damage done by the profile trickery,...... and unauthorized re-charging of people's credit cards.

Anyway,.....I'm making this too long. That's how I got here. Now, no site is perfect,...and we sometimes get mad at this one,.....but it's priceless in it's own way, it's free, and does work for some folks. I like it.

How did everybody else find the site?

That's my story.
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How I originally found POF. You will all love this.
Posted: 2/3/2010 1:18:51 AM
I've been on this site for a couple of years, I deleted my account last year after meeting a really nice guy.. no it didn't work out however, here I am again....
My experience is that you have to kiss a lot of frogs... (girl frogs and boy frogs) depending on who's reading this :-)
Attitudes run on every dating site.. everyone has their own expectations and needs or wants...
The less we judge the more we run the risk of finding that wonderful person we're looking for (wonderful being in the eye of the beholder).
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