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My experience is if you actually pick a state from the list, you will not get any hits outside of the state selected. In my case, if I do a 200 mile search from Delaware 19801, I will only get hits from Delaware even though that should include many states. If I only use zip code in basic search, that works as expected. Since there is no place for zip in advanced search, you can only search one state that way (or all states).

Some other anomilies I've noticed:

Setting the same criteria in advanced search and basic search give different results. Some profiles show up in basic but not advanced, and others show up in advanced but not in basic. Most recently I found a case where every hit in advanced was not in basic and vice versa!

Considering mail settings, I see the same effect. I've found profiles where nothing visible to me should rule me out, I can see them in advanced search and I can send them an email, but she they don't show up in basic search.

I've also found cases where I find a profile with a highlighted interest from a given state, but searching on that interest for that state gives no hits.

Of course, if you don't like the way searching works here, ask for your money back!

What I now do is search without logging in. If I see someone whose mail settings shouldn't exclude me, I save the page to my browser. Then I log into PoF, and select that page from the brower and go from there. Besides, so many people get upset if you favorite them without contacting them, so I generally only favorite friends, and save interesting profiles to my browser and they don't have to know. Then, when I'm ready, I can contact them.

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