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Joined: 2/23/2009
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Your H1N1 experience?Page 1 of 1    
Well here we are close to mid February and If you'd be so kind as to
tell me if your experience with the "Great Swine Flu Pandemic"
was either justified or overblown? Also, have we learned anything
from this "Pandemic" to adjust future policy?
Joined: 6/5/2008
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Your H1N1 experience?
Posted: 2/12/2010 11:25:20 PM
It was extremely overblown. My brother ended up catching it awhile back and i got it from him. It sucked, but really, i've felt worse.
Joined: 9/29/2008
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Your H1N1 experience?
Posted: 2/13/2010 7:30:10 AM
The whole "swine flue pandemic" was way overblown. Everyone in government was so scared of being accused of not doing anything or not doing enough that they went overboard. I did not get the H1N1 vaccine nor did I ever contract the H1N1 virus.
Joined: 3/26/2009
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Your H1N1 experience?
Posted: 2/13/2010 7:25:41 PM
During the h1n1 scare you wouldn't believe the number of days off we had due to professors calling in sick. Hey people with doctorate degrees, try washing your hands before licking your fingers. They probably caught it because their immune system isn't as robust as us college kidz'
Joined: 3/13/2008
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Your H1N1 experience?
Posted: 2/14/2010 3:13:25 PM
Your own personal experience is not a reliable indicator for greater trends.

I've had a few adult friends who got the flu. Some were mild, some were pretty sick. I've had several friends who had child relatives who ended up in the hospital because they got very seriously ill.

Notice the graph of the number of deaths reported, which is over twice the number of deaths from flu in preceding years.

There is a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" problem with dealing with such situations. First of all, you can't completely predict what's going to happen, just use what information you have to do the best you can. Secondly, if you *do* effectively reduce the severity of the outbreak through such measures as education and vaccination, people then think there was no reason to be concerned in the first place. If you do nothing and there's a serious outbreak, then you are condemned for doing nothing. Either way, you are criticized by people who don't really understand the problem.

H1N1 was not a seasonal flu and is related to other flu viruses that have been very serious, including the outbreak of 1918 that killed so many young men. I think taking it seriously was a wise thing to do.
Joined: 4/6/2008
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Your H1N1 experience?
Posted: 2/20/2010 7:08:04 PM
Another thing People are missing the point on regarding morbidity, is these deaths are occurring in a number of otherwise healthy individuals. Not just the very young, old\infirm, or weakened immune system types.
Joined: 4/18/2009
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Your H1N1 experience?
Posted: 10/2/2010 2:04:51 PM
I thank Brontide for bringing this to light. No matter how ugly and evil the truth can be, some of choose to seek it instead of just being compliant.

And Mike Adams just wrote an interesting article about vaccinations and population control:

If you truly want to avoid ALL flu strains you should be studying nutrition, like vitamin D:
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