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I do not think this is a good idea at all. The child might find out about the letter and get worried or start getting a complex about their weight. The parents would feel upset and under pressure to do something about their child's weight. The child would then be put under pressure by the parents. I think people have to tread very carefully with anything that might affect a child's self image. If there is a serious weight problem this is the sort of message that is better coming from a doctor. If it comes from the school, then the child might (mistakenly perhaps) assume everyone at school knows about it. It just feels wrong to me, weighing children and judging them.
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From one extreme to another
Posted: 2/15/2010 1:21:20 AM
I actually blame the whole healthy eating at schools thing...

It was coming into force during my final years at high school, for me it lead to simply not eating anything all day until I got home to a cooked dinner (mum didn't work). Which is probably why i've always had relatively small frame.
For others it lead to the same except with both parents working and no cooked dinner on the table when they got home, they turned instead to stuffing their faces with rubbish for a few hours until the dinner was finally ready!!

There was nothing wrong with serving up a plate of oven chips to kids that run all the energy off playing football or running about the school field!!
It happens all across the country, kids get home from school and stuff their faces on crap until they can't eat their dinners.
Loving your kids does not mean you have to let them eat rubbish.

I won't date women younger than me, mainly because I like my food and I like variety of food. Giving kids such a limited diet literally ruins their adult social lives (or at least the going out for meals part).
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From one extreme to another
Posted: 2/15/2010 3:26:13 AM
I dislike this 'big brother' stance being taken by the education authorities in regards to our children's physical appearance...

I believe that it would be far better for children to receive regular check ups at their GP and for their individual needs to be met rather than this blanket banning of all foodstuffs that are deemed even slightly unhealthy and this prison system of checking lunch box contents and subsequent confiscation of 'inappropriate' foods...

My daughter is extremely slender.. She had a number of health problems as a tiny baby and is now food phobic and fearful of feeling 'full'... All this emphasis on diet and healthy eating is extremely detrimental in her case... She already had great difficulty in enjoying the act of eating, having strict rules on what and how she would eat.. She now eats even less food than she ever did, has a fear of becoming fat and has actually vomited during two PSHE lessons... She is 8!! She is 4 feet 7 inches tall and just hits the 4 stone mark in weight..

As a toddler my daughter was prescribed cream, cheese and butter, in fact most naturally occurring (ie unprocessed) fattier foodstuffs to help with bulking her out, as she never came close to eating the quantity of foods to sustain a healthy weight.. We were told that she was a high risk for developing an eating disorder later in life and to never make mealtimes or food choices an issue with her... This from a professional, a paediatric dietitian.. Not some teacher who's spent two days of their 'In Service/ Teacher Training' learning about government targets for tackling obesity in childhood...

Obesity is a problem in children but so are the eating disorders at the other end of the scale and they can be far more difficult to treat and are in general a more insidious and sly threat.. Most parents of teen-aged girls will know the pressures they face in regards to achieving the impossible beauty of the airbrushed perfections that appear in every glossy.. We regularly read about 'celebrities' suffering from Bulimia and Anorexia.. I believe that if we are not careful about balancing out teaching sensible eating and just plain and simple enjoyment of all food, we will see a dramatic rise in eating disorders as these children reach their teenage years...
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From one extreme to another
Posted: 2/15/2010 3:54:24 AM
Young chap I worked with many years ago, he was thin as a rake at 19yr of age, he ate nothing but chips because he claimed all other food made him ill when he was a toddler.
He used to cycle to work each day, but then he got a car.
He's now massively obese.....

We can't apply generalisations to all cases, but we sure as hell have a responsibility to raise a generation that understands and appreciates a well balanced diet. Pandering to their every whim food wise, means we get to a point where the difference between genuinely having a problem with food and purely taking the piss because chocolate tastes nicer, becomes impossible to differentiate. Kids by their very nature will go as far as their adult influence allows them.
Kids in the 1950's didn't have all the rubbish we have now, yet they didn't go hungry and still ate a meal even though it probably did consist of offle in those post war days.

To suggest that kids now have to eat rubbish or they'll starve is pure lunacy.
 Forrest Grump
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From one extreme to another
Posted: 2/15/2010 3:24:39 PM

Who carried out the medical examination?

Did all the children get letters?

You mentioned the letter ‘created alarm’. What caused the alarm?
(Was it the wording of the letter?)

Have you ever written for the Daily Mail?
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