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So.. in an effort to figure out why I get an inordinate amount of Unread/Deleted or Read/Deleted messages on here.. I decided to google my profile name. Or I should say what I had for a profile name until I googled.

To my shock and definite dismay, google turned up quite a few links to other sites that reference that profile name with posts that are definitely not mine, and I can see how they would cause a woman to not want to even think about talking to me.

So.. Just wanted to throw this tip out there, it seems a little vain, but google your profile name, see if someone somewhere is using your profile name to post about things you'd not want associated with you.

I have no direct proof that this is the cause for the messages being deleted, but I'm about 100% sure that if I was in those women's shoes and I saw that crap, I'd not want to respond just in the off chance that the two people were one.
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Google & POF
Posted: 3/1/2010 10:45:15 AM
OP, everyone complains about the inordinate amount of unread/deleted messages on PoF. My profile name is also used elsewhere, and even has a top-level domain all its own.

I don't assume that people are going to the trouble of googling your name before they unread/delete though. What would be the sense of opening up a new window and googling your profile name to investigate you, when they can't even be bothered to look at your profile? Men don't even read my profile for the most part, so they sure aren't going to start googling me and trying to check out 1,000 hits - one for each incidence of my profile name.

There's an easy solution and you can gauge how unique this makes you - change your profile name to something unique and wait for Google to re-crawl.

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