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15 years of marriage and finally, it was over. The last 5 years we just turned to shit, no intimacy whatsoever. Woke up one morning, and I was so hungry, so horny, I could have humped the bushes.....should I support my son, and live the rest of my life in a miserable existance, or end it?
That was the question floating in my head as I landed in my favorite bar. I was in no mood to meet women this night, just wanted to get tanked with my friends.....then I met her. The conversation started innocently and just flowed, she wasn't even my type, I don't really have a type, but she was different. After an hour I asked "So whats up with the ring on your wedding finger?", she looks at me with a stare I will never forget and says "I hate my husband", to which I quickly proclaimed "Thats great! I hate my wife, lets go outside and talk by the firepit!"
And so it began, a chemistry I had never experienced before, magnetic, out of control. Here I am in my 50's having sex in a car, something I never did as a teenager. The police busted us three times in a row, and everytime, the look on the officer's face was priceless, a smiling smirk because of how old we were. We had a blissful relationship for about a year, then she got divorced...I couldn't pull the trigger until concerns for my son could be figured out. It was Halloween, everyone was drunk, and she just went psycho on my ass, she thought I was one of those guys who would never leave, and just get some on the side. We drifted, and it was over.
I floated the idea of getting tattoo's around the house, my wife said if I got them, she would never touch me again....I got the first one within a week, a statement of sorts. The second statement was, "Hey hun, I'm going to Vegas....with my buddies!" No longer a doormat, I was standing up and claiming my life back.
First night in Vegas, I'm passed out, 2am, and my lucky friend brings a girl back to the room and has sex with her. He's too drunk to finish her off, so she leaves.....he goes out to the balcony, arms raised like a drunken fighter and screams "King of the world!"....whatever.....
The next morning I'm pacing past the poker room....I want to play really bad, but all I see are cash games, I figure these guys will just push me around with a large stack, so I don't do it. Its worth mentioning at this point, I havn't played poker against humans for a year, I actually quit after some really bad beats over at green valley....but there was hope, a daily tournement, and the buy in was only $65! I'm in!
I carefully avoided all the players who were raising large bets, and the know-it alls, and they blew themselves up. Every hand I played won, every muck was correct, and I made it to the final table. Luck ran out and I was down to one 500 chip....chip and a chair as they say....I get a jack seven suited, throw it down on the table and wish everybody luck. My roomate walked into the room as I was walking out, and I told him I just busted out....but with five players calling, I flopped a flush and regained enough of a stack to attack with, my friend yelled "Get back over here idiot!". I doubled up a couple more times then it happened, I was dealt ace king and the chip leader made a huge raise....I went all in, four people called, the hand stood up, and I won the tournement with 80k chips, and a nice $700. I was exhausted, so I bought one of those bottled jack daniels they sell at the pool for $27, jumped into the pool with arms raised, and yelled "King of the world!"
After getting back from Vegas, I eventually got divorced, and joined a local poker league, just to see if I am a good player, or I if just got lucky (I was just lucky). We were playing one night, and there she was! Late for her dance class, the girl I had lost. My heart dropped, I knew what was going to happen, I had to have her.....I jumped on the dance floor with her and the class, the teacher got all pissed off. We talked amicably afterwards, but she said she was seeing someone. I was heartbroken, of all the women in my life, I was never more effected than this one. Afterward, I signed up with the dance class, telling the instructor "I want my girl back". I went absolutely crazy, this combined with the divorce, and I was having an emotional breakdown, crying in my car like De Niro in "Analyze This". I went to therapy, I really wish those jerkoffs would tell me something I don't already know about myself.
Eventually, she did take me back, and now, unlike the first time, we were both free to have that intense relationship that still existed, I always believed in the chemistry and I fought for it. I'm taking her to vegas in a few weeks, I might just play some poker....and yes I know Jesse, the house always wins....over time.......
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Love, Poker, and Fate...
Posted: 3/28/2010 8:36:41 PM
Bingo. Love is always the biggest gamble of all.
~Liked your story.
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Love, Poker, and Fate...
Posted: 1/19/2012 9:53:05 AM
Update......4 years, 9 breakups, and we finally blew the **** up. Turns out she must have bpd, so i got off the was the greatest, worst, most sexual and exciting relationship of my life, but it had to stop...the end was a fiery i'm back here at plenty of rejection......sometimes choices in life are hard, but must be made.......
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