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im going to paris and london with my 12 yr old son in july and wondering if anyone can recommend things to do. I think i have london sewn up but looking for ideas for paris. any ideas??
We are obviously going to do the eiffel tower, notre dame, etc and possibly a day in euro disney.
Also whats the best way to get from paris to london, the eurostar seems expensive
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things to do in paris
Posted: 3/27/2010 9:08:50 AM
Places to Visit:
Les Invalides, with the tomb of Napoleon (while n marvelling at the marble they bestowed upon him, think that this man killed the French Republic, re-instated Slavery in Haiti and send his brother there to quell the resulting rebellion resulting on the loss of ~200000 Haitian lives, marched an army of half a million forced European draftees to their freezing death in the Russian Winter and did an awful lot of other nasty stuff the French forgot to mention while retelling his life's successes along the walls).

Avenue des Champs-Élysées - OK, I give the French this one point. It *is* the most beautiful City street in the World.

The Louvre Museum - It would take weeks to visit & view it all. So just stick to the main hallways or you'll never get out again :-)

Visit the suburb of La Défense - You want to see good Architecture outside of Chicago? Then La Défense is the place to go.

And then of course the non plus ulta - The Eifel Tower.
Originally the Parisians hated it so much they wanted to tear it down just a few years after it had been build ;-)
Take your time to enjoy the view, plan at east half a day for that one alone.

Maybe I can remember more later on ...

PS: Do yourself a big favour and learn some French before you go to Paris ...
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things to do in paris
Posted: 3/28/2010 2:11:50 PM
If you have time, the Catacombs might pique his interest. Not too creepy and plenty interesting!
The climb up to the top of Notre Dame is great. The view is fantastic and what kids doen't like gargoyles?
Have fun!
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things to do in paris
Posted: 4/16/2010 4:38:36 AM
My granddaughter and I were in Paris last June. It's a wonderful time of the year to go. Great weather.........The "City of Lights" offers a great transit system. Buy a "pass" to tour the city. You can buy 1 , 2, 3, and 4 day passes. Their land transportation is called the Hop On-Hop-Off bus. And, it's everything it's name implies. They're double decker buses and you can sit up top for great views. Included in the pass price is the Bato-Bus......which is the transportation system for the river Siene. You can board and disembark anywhere, anytime for one price all day. Both of these transportation options are included in the price of the pass and stop at major points of interest. It's a flexible way to get around the city and cheaper than taxis.

One day we went to a local open air market, bought fresh fruit, baguettes, cheese and wine and had a "picnic on the banks of the river Seine". It's a must-do in Paris at a low-cost. A great grassy knoll is just east of Notre Dame on the left bank. Note that wine is cheaper to drink in Paris than water or coffee. Don't forget to pack a corkscrew!

At night stand on any bridge and watch each bridge turn on their lights in sequence with the final lights being turned on at the Eiffel. A free light show! On the Notre Dame bridge their are local mimes and minstrels who perform at dusk for the cost of passing a hat.

Go to Ille St. Louis. It's an island in the middle of the city. It's a quaint (walking) village near Notre Dame, with cobblestone streets. Don't miss having an ice cream at Berthillion.....their ice cream is world famous.

We also enjoyed Luxembourg Gardens. You can rent tiny sailboats propelled with sticks and sail them on the pond. Or, just sit and watch others do it. It was like going back in time in a bustling city. And, a change of pace from museums and churches.

There are a few practical matters that tour guides don't tell you about. If you need to use a restroom......public ones are scarce. Restaurants and cafes will let you use their facilities if you are a patron. An expresso was 7 euros!!!!....... to use the bathroom.!!!! Oh! and bring toilet paper in your purse. Paris has a shortage!

Secondly, wear good walking shoes. You're going to need them! Paris is a walking city. One of the best ways to discover any area of Paris is to set out walking and let the city reveal itself to you.

Sorry I can't help you with ideas for low-cost ground transportation from England to Paris. We flew into Paris from Barcelona Spain. Air fare on a domestic airline was cheaper than the train. And we were there in just over an hour. You might consider this alternative.

I loved Paris!~!!!
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things to do in paris
Posted: 5/6/2010 8:54:14 AM
Once you hit the highlights, walk along side streets and check out little shops. I found a store selling way cool tshirts. I think my son was about 15 at the time. They were all in french, I had the shop owner translate them for me. My son likes off the wall unusual stuff. One was orange with the black hazardous waste symbol on it, another looked like it had blood spatter on it and in french said "I am not a serial killer", another had a uzi on it and said something about gun laws. Perhaps not your cup of tea but they were very unusual tshirts and my son loved them.
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things to do in paris
Posted: 7/13/2011 6:21:50 PM
Disneyland in paris is superb but long queues, stayed at lovely hotel called New Orient Hotel which made effel tower easy to reach, they have boat trips with tours down river ,didnt really do much shopping though,as could not see many fab shops, but the hotel should have lots of leaflets, I used eurostar which was very quick to and from london and I think cheap.
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