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The story had me going! Here's my Plenty of Fish Virtual Wet Bar commercial..

Are you tired of the real life bar scene like thousands of others?

Sick of the "games" and just tapping at the 'floaters' on your computer screen and "looking"?

Seeing your aquarium half-empty instead of half-full and need a refill? Well you've made the right choice!

Welcome to the "Plenty of Fish" Virtual Wet-Bar!

Here at the P.O.F Virtual Wet-bar you have the option of checking out the goods without ever having to leave the comforts of your own home, thinking about what to wear (we're all the "sexiest user" according to the staff), worrying about real life face to face rejection, paying for drinks (unless you visit our gift sending section to buy a complete strangers affections with a random, useless, virtual "gift"), waiting in line for a bathroom, getting your tush pinched by some octopus, or having to take a cab ride home at the end of the night! Hell, you don't even have to go home with or give your number to any of our patrons! Just add them to your Facebook Friends and Fans! It's all good!

At the Plenty of Fish Virtual Wet Bar we rarely check ID...and if we do..who cares! We can all be our fabulous virtual selves on here and put whatever age and relationship status we feel like! Including putting professionally shot pictures of ourselves or others from ten years ago! Who knows what endless possibilities we can dream up? You can even invite your younger friends! Everyone gets in the Plenty of Fish Virtual Wet Bar!

And if you get email harassed by some of our weird, possibly sitting at home drunk ., responders to your profile you can hit the "report user" button and have them removed from the premises by our administrative bouncer faculty staff in a flash! (***For those with young children at home we at the P.O.F Virtual Wet Bar call it “flushing the ‘fish’ down the porcelain water slide to internet heaven”)

***Disclaimer: We are not responsible for providing live music,dance floor, and V.I.P bottle/table service. That's the beauty of the Plenty of Fish Wet Bar! You provide your own bottle service and always get to escort yourself to your very own V.I.P section of your couch! And if you don't like what's playing and can't dance? No need to act cool and stand around bopping your head to the music while staring at the pictures of the person you find intriguing on your computer screen! Simply shoot them an email, then get up from your computer chair, change the station, and “Dance like no one is watching” . Why...? Because they AREN’T!

We appreciate your buisiness. Thank you. Come back soon!