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Joined: 4/20/2007
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I just messaged them the suggestion to put the DELETE FROM MY MATCHES back in there...(it's still in the directions of how the site works...oops, someone goofed, maybe???)
I've given up hope of them ever recognizing the border between the USA and CANADA
never mind the distance from Nanaimo over the *pond* via ferry, thence to borders..
we ARE two separate countries...
so I want my DELETE FROM MY MATCHES button back..
.so I can do what the computer wizard from above seems ineffective to address!!!
'k...rant over...
 Mon Cherie
Joined: 5/4/2009
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New Look for My Matches
Posted: 5/21/2010 9:59:35 PM
Here is what is on the ladies matches page:

The average person on this site has about 1000 people they could date with in a reasonable distance. To make your search easier on this page we only show you men whose income is equal to yours or higher (In only 5% of relationships is a woman's income significantly higher than a mans). We also take into account all your messaging restrictions and we filter users you would most likely break up with if you did enter into a relationship.

Now I'm curious what it says on the male matches page????? Any gents care to let us ladies know what it says? Do the men get matched with women who make "less" than them?
 Mon Cherie
Joined: 5/4/2009
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New Look for My Matches
Posted: 5/21/2010 10:18:51 PM
Thanks BE.

So then it looks like women are NOT being filtered by income for the men but men are being filtered from the women seeing them if they make less than we do. Interesting. I don't agree with this but it is interesting.

What antiquated thinking. Today, many women make equal or more than many men. Are we only supposed to date men who make more than us so their ego's do not get bruised?? I would hope most men are not that insecure?? Are they??

I would also like to be able to remove people from my matches so I can stop seeing the same people over and over after I've already chatted with them and we decided there was no mutual interest.
 Ed Bear
Joined: 5/19/2007
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New Look for My Matches
Posted: 5/27/2010 1:24:18 PM
I suspect men ARE being blocked from messaging women who make more than them, adding up Marcus' comments over recent months.
[income unspecified]
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