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Joined: 12/26/2009
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what is intelligence to you?Page 1 of 2    (1, 2)
I really see intelligence as a factor that seems to be thrown around quite a bit. Many times it is a deal breaker if someone types like a ten year old. Other times, a person may have a profile that is just shallow and uninteresting. Sometimes all the person does is complain and sound negative. Are they lacking in smarts, or just immature? I've met people in my life who were "brilliant"; always had great grades in high school and college. Yet at the same time, you try and sit down and have a conversation with them and often times they are very dull and lacking insight, and have no depth or personality whatsoever. Get them in a debate and they sound ludicrous.

At the same time I have met people who are pretty average or even struggled throughout their life, yet at the same time appear to be really deep, and really seem to have quite a bit going on upstairs. It just seems like there are so many forms of intelligence, and then when you bring a person's maturity level into account, it gets even more complicated. Who is more intelligent, the nuclear engineer with extensive knowledge of math and science, or the artist that struggled with academics, yet has the talent to make brilliant work, and also has that almost other worldly ability to tune in on thoughts and feelings?

Then there is the maturity level. When we say we are looking for someone who is intelligent, how do we know differentiate that from maturity? There are people out there, yet again, who aren't necessarily smart, yet have the drive, the work ethic and the maturity to be successful. I know people who struggled to get their high school diplomas that have their own businesses now. I guess my question is, what do you look for when meeting someone? Do you look for someone dependable and mature? Someone that is a think tank that can converse about multiple subjects? Or that deep, abstract thinker, and creative mind that is in tune with everyone around them emotionally? Maybe you are looking for a bit of all three. What is your definition of "intelligence"?
Joined: 6/29/2009
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 5/1/2010 3:48:12 PM
There's a few different aspects to "intelligence" being listed on people's profiles.
Some guys I've known have put it in, because they think that women who are sensitive about being thought of as sex objects alone, will more likely accept advances from a guy who CLAIMS to be after an intelligent woman.
I've known males and females who have put that in because they THINK they've identified Intelligence as one of the crucial items missing from their failed relationships. Usually, what these folks really mean, is they want someone who is interested in things they are interested in, and/or have something other than TV and sex in mind as a lifestyle.
The things you put forward in your OP might apply occasionally as well, though I rarely find that such deep thought goes into the relatively standard, boiler-plate stuff that most of us stick into our profiles. You are absolutely right about how many kinds of intelligence there can be said to be, as well as how much or little meaning there really is the demand for it has, and especially in how Intelligence (among other things) is commonly confused with maturity, or functionality, or even financial responsibility.
 U make it entertaining
Joined: 7/17/2009
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 5/1/2010 4:28:47 PM
Definition: Intelligence

There are probably as many definitions of intelligence as there are experts who study it. Simply put, however, intelligence is the ability to learn about, learn from, understand, and interact with one’s environment. This general ability consists of a number of specific abilities, which include these specific abilities:

* Adaptability to a new environment or to changes in the current environment
* Capacity for knowledge and the ability to acquire it
* Capacity for reason and abstract thought
* Ability to comprehend relationships
* Ability to evaluate and judge
* Capacity for original and productive thought

I like the definition I found above, and I would like the gentleman to have all of them.
Joined: 9/26/2008
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 5/2/2010 7:19:51 AM
To me intelligence doesn't have to be a doctorate,but just an awareness of the world around us and knowing what's happening,not forming a wrong opinion of things,and just plain knowing what's going on. Some of the dumbest people I know are university educated but figure they know everything else. I had a girlfriend who was a nurse,and she could be pretty dumb sometimes. For instance she was absolutely certain the actress Christina Applegate was a stupid person. The reason? Well,she played one on television,so she must really be stupid. The woman wouldn't be convinced otherwise.
Joined: 2/11/2008
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 5/2/2010 11:12:44 AM
Intelligence to me is the ability to learn, to grow, to keep moving forward and not think they know everything or can't handle diversity.
Joined: 10/25/2006
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 5/2/2010 3:52:51 PM
You know I always thought intelligence was a "tricky" thing. There are so many types of intelligence like religions. Like you i know people got all kinds of A's in Academics but like common knowledge. On the flip-side I knew a few people who barely got out of high school
and can solve problems, there was this one Dude who I worked for and he dropped out of high school and went to prison but he was as smart as a whip and deep, crazy stuff.

When meeting someone i don't really take into account of what intelligence they have "documented", normally you meet them and you either like them or you don't. I like some people who lack some common sense and i like some people who could be rocket scientist.

I honestly can't really "define" intelligence because it's a mixture of things, book smarts, common sense, charisma. etc
Joined: 11/18/2008
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 5/2/2010 7:58:11 PM
I am really undecided on this.
I know people who are succesful in there employment, in thier relationship and social networks, will never need to worry about money, very active and contribute immensly to sporting and community groups, considerable peer group influence.
I also know people who have none of that, go from drama to drama, struggle to struggle but offer a quite thoughtful, astute,encompassing and rounded view of the world, of its workings and of its people , yet the succesful person mentioned above is stuck in a bubble, believes fox news, enthralled by the Tiger woods sex scandal and everything his goverment says or priest is true...
Maybe thats why they are succesful they've concentrated on one thing that they can control instead of thinking,studying,worrying and analyising over things they can't control!!
Maybe that really is intelligence is being able to be blind when it matters!
Joined: 5/16/2011
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 8/14/2011 5:26:02 PM
I must admit,I agree with both Rusty and Anne,There's people who I like to call "Booksmart".....they're well-read,they have knowledge on TONS of topics,and,you bring up nearly ANY topic with get HOURS of detailed inside information. Those are the people I go to, to know the "HOW" and the "WHY" of something. I have a few friends who are like this......need ANYTHING??...................THEY will hook ya right up. It's nice to have 1 or 2 lovable Mr or Ms. Knowitall's on your side. Then,there's those lovable friends I call "Common Sence Sisters",who may not have had 2+ years of schoolin' at Yale or Dartmouth,but baby.....they KNOW their stuff! I have a couple of friends who are like this. My friend Cecile (I lovingly call her "'Cile....we've been really good friends for 27+ years) is my "Go-To Girl" sister for advice from anything from a quandry I find myself in,to "I need a good laugh" to " I just need to cry" (after my wonderful Mom died she held me together,made me laugh,and made me see my strengths....that I could and WOULD make it through.) Then,there's my best friend (we,too,have know eachother for a lo-ongng time...28+ years...WOW!!) Paula,who I call my "Party-Girl "sister,and my "Helping Girl".Kendra.........they and I lke to go shopping,out to dinner,and 'girls-night out' things together. We get silly togther,and just laugh until our sides hurt. My "Common Sence Sisters" are the most fun to be around........we give eachother sound advice, (okay, we don't always TAKE it!!Banana,anybody??) and we know we have eachother's best interests at heart.There's a reason why my "Common Sence Sisters" are my 4-ever sisters. We're wild,we're crazy,we have oodles of comon sence, and the glue that holds us together in each other's hearts? LOTS of laughs and a WHOLE lotta love
Joined: 3/1/2006
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 8/14/2011 6:29:46 PM
i took the test and qualified for mensa membership.

does that make me brilliant? well, i never seem to know where my glasses are. and i just got my second traffic ticket in as many years.

so, you tell me. on paper, i have an unusually high i.q. but, i do boneheaded things just like everyone else. sometimes i outdo myself in that department.

now, when i decide to pursue a friendship or relationship with someone, they must have the ability to speak/write in complete sentences. they must demonstrate that they can discuss something besides tv. they must show an interest in concepts and ideas as opposed to idle gossip. i don't care what books someone has read unless we happen to stumble upon the topic of literature.

i guess i care about originality, creativity and the person's critical thinking ability.
Joined: 6/28/2011
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 8/16/2011 1:42:39 PM
Intelligent people are Dallas Cowboys fans... ;)
Joined: 6/28/2011
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 8/16/2011 1:58:40 PM
I agree with Juniper. Same scenario with me but many would say I don't live up to my potential. They would say that because rather than spend my life crunching numbers or something for a corporation, I chose blue collar work. I dreamed of being a movie director, chef, etc just about anything that was creative. I admit I even considered being a clown. The thought of spending my days behind a desk bores me to tears.
I say, how you choose to use that "potential" is up to every individual. If you want to make big bucks in a corporation or an executive I wish you well. For me, No IQ test could compete with a local dj eating some of my gumbo and jambalaya at a party and announcing on air I was the best chef in Dallas.
A blue collar guy that is passionate about what he does is far sexier than a harvard educated executive that hates his job and threatens to jump off bridges when the markets crash.
Joined: 3/5/2011
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 8/17/2011 2:34:57 PM
Um...speaking of fluff.....unblock me you mr evil loo shun

I am intellegent...sorta..c,mon..anyway..back to the thread about intellegence
Joined: 3/1/2006
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 8/17/2011 5:48:18 PM

The thought of spending my days behind a desk bores me to tears.

you said it! the best work involves some sort of physicality. you have to keep moving!

I admit I even considered being a clown.

i have friends who went to clown school. it's actually really hard work, and obviously quite physical. you have to have a sense of timing. and no classroom can teach you that. either you have it or you don't.

For me, No IQ test could compete with a local dj eating some of my gumbo and jambalaya at a party and announcing on air I was the best chef in Dallas.

let's hope your dreams come true!

A blue collar guy that is passionate about what he does is far sexier than a harvard educated executive that hates his job and threatens to jump off bridges when the markets crash.

bingo. gotta have the passion. someone who can find inspiration and fulfillment in physical work has much more spirit than your average desk jockey.

now, a writer or a poet i could handle. but he'd have to also study ballet, or hike regularly or ride a horse. anything to get him off his butt and moving. i think that cognitive skills, creativity and physicality have a definite symbiosis!
Joined: 1/6/2008
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 1/23/2012 7:17:39 PM
Intelligence is loneliness. A life lived observing the drivers of behavior; drivers that most are blind to. It’s staying up late into the evening experimenting, reading, researching, creating, etc only to wake up as an outsider in an artificial world. A life engaged in superficial conversation and in activities that have already unfolded in our minds. But what the hell do I know; I was 1502 in a class of 1503.
Joined: 10/16/2011
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what is intelligence to you?
Posted: 1/23/2012 7:21:34 PM
All I know is I'm dumb as a rock.
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