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((See Taboo for the 1st chapter))

She awoke and found herself bound at the hands and feet to a table that hadn't been in the room the night before. Her arms were bound by rope and stretched out to her sides, and her legs were bent at the knee and held open as wide as they could go by rope. She felt a cool breeze and turned her head. There he stood, in the doorway, his erection large and throbbing. He never says a word, just takes control. She knows better than to speak, she doesn't want to speak, she just wants him to explore her and show her new sensations new ways to bring her to climax.

He held a small paddle in his left hand, and lubrication in the other. Coming closer to her, he could see her body shiver with anticipation. He stood a few inches in front of her, then raised his hand that held the paddle and brought it down on one @ss cheek. She moaned, then looked at him again. He repeated, but bringing it down on to the other cheek. She moaned again, hunger in her eyes. He paddled her again and again, slightly harder than the last swing. When he was done both cheeks were red and stinging.

She could see the tiniest amount of glistening liquid seep out of his shaft and she knew that he was holding back, that he wanted to plunge deep inside her, and she wanted it. She craved it. She looked up at his face and saw the hunger in his eyes. Then she watched as he tossed the paddle away and brought the lubrication up. It was cold on her bare stinging @ss, and it caused her heart to skip a beat, know knowing what he was going to do next.

He moved closer to her, rubbing his shaft as his hand rubbed the lubrication over her @ss, pushing his thumb into her @ss hole. She moaned and tilted her head back. He knew that was what she wanted and he was going to give it to her. Holding his thick, throbbing c0ck, he slowly pushed the head into her @ss. She moaned deeper, her arms and legs pulling at the ropes. He slowly began a steady rhythm then moved faster. She squirmed with pleasure, moaning and arching her constricted body. He grabbed her breasts, twisting the small buds between his thumb and index fingers. She moaned and breathed hard. He could hear her whimper, telling him to do it harder. He was more than happy to oblige. He pound his c0ck into her @ss, then quickly pulled it out and plunged it into her hot, wet pu$$y. She squealed with surprise and pleasure.

He pounded into her, his shaft glistening with her silky juices. He didn't make a sound, and kept his eyes on her. He thrusted into her over and over, to the point where she couldn't stop shaking from the many orgasms that he caused her. Panting heavily, he loosened the ropes that bound her and helped her to the floor. Rubbing her arms and legs, he gently rolled her onto her side as he inserted a plug into her @ss and thrusted his thick shaft into her hotness. She moaned out, urging him on. He held his hand over the plug as he quickened his thrusts.

She couldn't help but moan out, her body was all tingly from the first several orgasms and now she couldn't stop the convulsions that were caused by the enormous pleasure she was given. ((more to come))
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