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I was thinking about the hilarious comment made by Rep. Hank Johnson not too long ago about the possibility of Guam capsizing if it was overpopulated by an influx of troops. I was thinking, wouldn't it be quite interesting if islands really were just free-floating land-masses that could be overturned? And, even more interesting, what if all the continents were the same? What if we were all sailors on giant earth boats?

I think World War II might have gone very differently. The advent of the submarine would have enabled both Allies and the Axis Powers to go under various countries, rather than around. We might not have won if German U-boats decided to pop up in, say, Lake Eerie (Why not? Of course, then that brings in a whole new problem with the difference between saltwater and fresh water. Sorry, catfish. Sorry, dolphins.)

Either way, I think it would be a ripping good idea if we set about reuniting Pangaea directly by building enormous outboard motors on every continent. Many of us will have to get used to the climate change, sure (sorry penguins, polar bears, arctic foxes, et cetera), but what a wonderful thing it would be to know that one could take a car ride to Taiwan from Acapulco. And consider how much easier international diplomacy might become if we all occupy the same land space (and what a nightmare immigration would be).

Having one's own private island would become the rage with the very rich, especially since one could simply hack off a piece of Pangaea. Coastal property, which unfortunately would become rarer and more expensive, could be broken off and sailed around what would suddenly seem like an overabundance of ocean. Of course, then people would start living all over the world again on these little islands in a truly isolationist setting, since boats would become relatively obsolete. Good luck getting rescued if your island starts to sink, Trump.
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