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I have been in POF for a few years now and I have met 3 individuals, 1 time each and for a short time.
I have chat with a few and I am glad I never actually met them.

I noticed that some of us seem to be going around and around with the POF motion with nothing significant happening in our lives. I was younger when I joined and now in my late 40's soon to be fifty. I totally lost hope in finding someone that I can be compatible with. Most of the offers I gotten on line has been sick. Anyone out there that can say don't give up, this is worthdy?
Before you answer me please be careful, I do know ladies who has the relationships from POF but boy! I see not love, significance and long term in them...again going through the motion.
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 8/31/2010 11:41:09 PM
I think you shouldn't give up on PoF. I mean whats the point? You'll close your account and just re-open it in another 3 months anyway.
No one is saying that you have to meet anyone, and if you've only met 3 people from here then the wrong people are messaging you. That's that.
Don't rely solely on PoF to find a relationship. Get out there and make yourself busy!
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/1/2010 10:12:28 AM
I wouold have to agree in part with the above. Your joined information on the post indicates June of this year so we must assume you have had a previous account.

How many of the events have you gone out to? The coffee meet and greets, breakfasts, dances, socials. There are anywhere from 10 to 400 people that attend these events, some on a regular basis.

I have made a lot of friends at these events, gone out with them for smaller social outings. As we grow older, our want list and desire list tend to become very stringent, we have to be a bit flexible, like when we were younger, we now know that we have emotions and habits that are not visible and may affect our choices.

The key is to get out there, have fun while you can, without the intent of finding "that special" person on the first date.

I also notice there is no photo on your profile, it makes a big difference if there is one, or at least indicate you can send one. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but initial attraction is sometimes what the eye sees, not the mind.

There are other dating sites on the internet, and sites that have local functions, but they all charge a fee for the priviledge of meeting someone, PoF is free, and therefore there are all kinds of people that use it for contacts.

There will never be a site that can cull out all of the bad ones, and this is where our own set of rules and gut feelings are supposed to help us.

Good luck on your search. If you want to read about the success of this site in Alberta, check out this link: <a href=""></a>
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/1/2010 5:26:02 PM
I call POF "Plenty of Friends". I'm not here to meet anyone, the ones that have messaged me here, usually I don't reply because if they read my profile, they'd know I'd not be interested in them anyways, they just message without reading profiles in hopes they get a bite. Maybe that sounds like I'm being a b!tch, but whatever, have met too many creeps on this site, I'm allowed to be particular.

Besides, what's wrong with being single? Why does one have to be in a relationship to feel like they're complete? Being single rocks, I love it, and I don't see it changing for me anytime soon, I like my independence, I like being able to do what I want without answering to anyone, and I like having my own space. I think if one is desperate to be in a relationship, it shows.
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/4/2010 9:36:58 PM
I was an active member for two years or so, and a marginal member now for two more. In those two active years, I met three women who were not "a match" but who each immediately became close personal friends. One of those was a "match" from her side, but not from mine. I met two more who I thought were a match, but it was not reciprocated. A number of other contacts, dates, dances at get-togethers etc never jelled into either friendship nor crushes or more.

In the end, I got back together with an old girlfriend from the early nineties and took myself out of the eligible pool. I still hang out for get-togethers with those acquaintances in non-romantic contexts.

So, my vote: Male, unsuccessful. Met three wonderful friends, and a number of great acquaintances.

Among my circle of friends, one guy has turned from a romantic in 2007 into an exploitative player plus cash whirlpool in 2009 and on. (Ain't alcohol and drugs fun?) My female PoF friends have had various levels of success. One has just entered into her third relationship, presumably from here. The previous two lasted a year each. Another eventually escaped from a two-year disaster from here, and spent several months earlier this year mooning over a long distance relationship with a guy from either London, Kuwait or Nigeria. It fell apart more with amusement ranter than heartbreak, much to my surprise.
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/5/2010 8:19:20 AM
I have had a profile on here for quite some time now, and have personally met three women from the site. One was very pretty, and knew it, spending the entire evening scoping the room for, presumably, someone more worthy of her time. The second showed up an hour late, proceded to drink enough booze to impress the bartenders during fleet week, and then launched into a lengthy diatribe on just how worthless the male of the species really is. The third had our china pattern picked out, the church booked, and which preschool our children should attend settled, within the first hour. This of course after an in depth assessment of my financial status. I leave my "anti profile" up now more for entertainment value than in any real hope of landing a trophy fish.
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/6/2010 9:08:21 AM
I've had minor success, but nothing long term. I know a former friend and my mom's friend had luck finding their guys here.

The key is to get out there, have fun while you can, without the intent of finding "that special" person on the first date
Nice advise. I should stick to that :P lol. I think its when you're not thinking about having a special SO that's when it happens.
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/7/2010 1:59:49 AM
I think people forget that chemistry is the all important thing....Sorry but looks are important and they are what will make the first impression....I must be by far the best looking on this site, that's why i'm still hanging loose and waiting for a stunner to message me...
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/13/2010 9:03:17 AM
POF is a wonderful place to meet people, and it has to be viewed as that - meeting people not spouses, significant others, etc. Being a single parent this was another great way to meet and filter through the men.

I do think all people on here are choosy, some are just ruder than others. However its the next step - to think past the profile. I am shocked to hear how some women are asking men for money on the 'meet', and just as let down to hear some men are just using this place to facilitate their physical needs.

Ya take the good with the bad, just like life. Give it a chance.
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/15/2010 7:46:55 AM
Well its not so bad here, was here 6 years ago and met a wonderful womanand we traveled etc. then she got a call from her ex and father to her 2 kids and poof went running back to him after 2 years with me..... came on here again and found a great woman but after 3 years I was hit by a drunk driver in a head on collision and was laid up for a few months when she choose to tell me she needs to be active. LOL no the sex was great lol one thing that is bad here on POF is the ammount of ppl and fakes one has to go through before they do find somebody.
anyways dont dwell on past failures and instead dream of dreams comming true. Seems most just want to know what you drive, how much money you have, and want material things. Instead of looking for true love they are looking for men that can show them a good time .....trips and cash is on their aggenda. Oh well 3rd time is a charm lol should mean i find a woman forever now lol
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Success rate in POF men vs women
Posted: 9/22/2010 9:33:33 PM
I have been on and off pof since the beginning of the site - under different names though and in between relationships. I met one fellow off here, and we dated for nearly a year - until he got upset over some of my forum responses (go figure). I'm back on after being gone for about half a year... have met some new friends. But I find most people on here aren't serious about meeting or they are looking for a quick lay. As stated, I have met some awesome friends I wouldn't trade for the world. I think a lot of it is timing and being in the right place at the right time.
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