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OP Oh the stories I could tell about this exact situation. I had fell pretty hard for someone in the past (Pre-POF)LOL. She had displayed different forms of interest. She used to call me all the time, would visit at her house all the time. She would always use the terms "We" or Us" about doing differnet things together (Not sexual). Even other people had the impression (from her) that we were an item. When I would inform otherwise, they would tell me Oh no, she is definitely into you, but fact of the matter was she had "Frieend Zoned" me early on, I was just to blind to see that, at one point she even told me I wasn't considered attractive. WTF, she tried to wrap it with something nice, but I still got the jist.

Well Finally, one day, enough was enough. It was time to cut my loses. and just moved on. Yes, I was a little miffed, but once the "Rose Colored Glasses" came of, I realized I was better off.

In retrospect I would say she was using me as filler when the guys she was probably banging didn't want to spend time with her, (outside of the sack that is). She used to call frequently, but I decided if I was going to maintain a clean break, and my sanity, it was better to just not answer. I still get a call or email once in a while, but I just disreguard. And the funny part is, to this day, she cannot grasp why I am not around her.

OP I truly believe that you have a lot of heart ache ahead if you cannot truly be friends with her and cannot keep her in check with the flirty behavior. You will always be in a state of confussion believing you are on the cusp of a true relationship with her, when in fact it will never be a possibility with her.

Your best bet is to move on and don't look back and let the guy drilling her have to be her friend as well as gettting the goodies..

The reason I stated "Pre-POF" above is because I was clueless to a lot of things before I dug into the forums here. I wish I would have had this valuable tool when was younger. OP dive into these forums and be a sponge for knowledge. You will definiitely be able to cope with women a lot better and understand their actions (well somewhat) LOL.
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is she interested?
Posted: 9/5/2010 8:56:47 AM
You've been given enough information from her that it's not going to happen. The longer you hang on the harder you will be hit in the end.
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is she interested?
Posted: 9/5/2010 8:50:51 PM
She sounds like a flake. It doesn't sound like she is interested in you, she's just amusing herself. Tell her thanks but no thanks, you are looking for a relationship, not friendship, and wish her good luck. Then say goodbye.
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