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the amazing salmon run!Page 1 of 1    
Since so many of us have pictures of fish on here and like fishing. And the salmon are running at amazingly high numbers this year!
I for one would like to know where are the best spots for fishing currently.
About 2 weeks ago I went up to the veddar river in chiliwack. Saw nothing. A few days later went on to barnston island in surrey. Saw quite a few but fishing from shore didn't work all that well as they were quite far out.
Last Saturday I was up 1 exit west of hope along the river there. (with about 50 people all around). Saw a few maybe 100 fish jump in total during 6 hrs. Didn't see anyone catch any though. Heard some stories of *near catches* and I caught a small trout but threw it back.
This past Sunday I was out in the river at queensborough and went out to the mouth. Holy crap! I have never in my wildest dreams seen so many salmon jumping! Such a thrill! I caught 2 that day and a friend with me caught 1 and lost one. We were only out on hour. People were pulling in fish like crazy on every boat we saw.

Just hoping that as they make their move up towards the interior we can kind of monitor them here in this thread.

Where have you been out fishing? Caught many? Seen the millions jumping? Just curious. As I plan to do tons more fishing before this is all over.

I'd love to hear your stories and where about they are as they move along.

Thanks. And best of luck fishing to everyone!
Don't miss this! It is an amazing site yo see!
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 9/13/2010 7:24:43 PM
yes its late in the game and outta the gate lol.. as not readily here anymore/.. .
but ur right OP, the salmon was just hoping and skipping outta the waters @ record numbers and it WAS PHENOMENAL!!! HOLY SMOKES!! never seen soo many..
me and the crew were heading out to Nanaimo by Ladner/ Delta/ Richmond up the Fraser River... all 1 had to do was dip their fishing nets in and they could get enuf salmon to stock their fridges for a month or more! twas unbelieveable... and I'M so not a fisherman!
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 9/14/2010 10:37:17 AM
My boss went to Seymour arms last week and stopped on some bridge near Scotch Creek (near Chase). He said it was amazing and something he will never forget.
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 9/14/2010 1:31:23 PM
A wek and a half ago, there was thousands of salmon in Babine river close to the lake, plus hundreds per day in Hyder, Alaska. Not very usefull as fishing info for you OP, but I tought I would share anyway if someone else ever read this.
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 9/14/2010 6:26:56 PM
Not trying to pee on anyone's parade, but this year's run is not normal,,,,nor will it ever be like this again! I'll bet on it, but I won't be around long enough to collect my winnings.

For the last 8 years we have have had runs so low we are talking extinction of certain runs. We get one year were the run is silly high and everyone thinks they hit paydirt. The "fishing" everyone is doing is called "flossing" or if you really wanna define it as what it really is,,,it's "snagging". Sockeye do NOT bite when in the Fraser and beyond. They are moving to get to their river for,,,,get this,,,,,SEX!!!!
But here we are, letting the maroons back in Ottawa tell us it's okay to catch as many as you can in this meat fishery this year,,,,cause,,,well,,,they GUESSED wrong again of how many were to show up. They also tell us they don't want "overcrowding" in certain rivers,,,thus the reason the sport guys can still snag until this weekend. Ever hear of the cod for the east coast. Same maroons were supposedly "managing" that fishery.
What I have seen on the Fraser the last 3 weeks made me sick to my stomach. I personally found one blue tarp,hiding on the shoreline FULL of dead socks,,,,,left to rot. Not saying who left em,,,,but it was a waste,,,and only left because there were more out there to get!!! And the so-called "sports" fishermen should also look at themselves. How full do you really need your freezer???? Unless you know what you are doing,(packaging,etc) I'm betting half of those socks are fertilizer before next spring. Next year you'll be whining cause you only get a week to snag.
And ya wonder why mother nature gives us a good kick in the rear end every once in awhile??????? Do NOT wonder any longer, after this past month. Humans deserve everything she gives us, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 9/16/2010 7:32:27 PM
Well I didnt go fishing...however my landlord is a fisherman and was blessed with a beautiful whole salmon... needless to say I"ve got lots of awesome salmon steaks now... I have to agree with Walts... this great year of rare and to few in between... my understanding is it was probably around the 1930's that the last time we saw numbers like this. My dad volunteers at the Comox Rod & Gun Club at Comox Lake, where they have a salmon hatchery. Believe me it a fine science to save the salmon that they do. They will go through the creeks in the Comox Lake area and try and rescue the salmon "fry" that would otherwise die from drying up in the creeks... They have two tanks that hold 50, 000 fry... Sure sounds like a lot...but these are just wee little guys that have a very tough journey just to survive and make it to being mature enough to being something that is worth saving for our good eats. It truly is a science measuring the oxygen levels in the tanks... the amount you feed them and so on... I can say I'm very proud of my Dad for trying to make a difference...and its something he's become very passionate about but at the end of the day... just having these hatcheries is not enough to have a repeat of this years run... Between global warming, polution and lord knows what else... We are likely never to see a salmon run like this in our life time.... For those of you that got to experience this great site.. awesome... For the fisherman though... one great year sadly does not average out the many years fisherman have had great loses be it from low numbers, high over head expenses or gov't stipulations as to where, when and how you can fish.

Happy Fishing to Everyone... Lets hope there are more people that will try to make a difference in this little world of ours... so that the fisherman can have great years beyond this one.
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 10/15/2010 10:37:37 PM
Recently I talked to my friend, and mentioned candlefish (oolichans). He said that there hasn't been any oolichan runs for a few years. Quite possibly this is due to a combination of global warming, the removal of eel grass during dredging of the Fraser River, and pollution.

So given that information, I agree certain runs of salmon stock have gone extinct.

As well, the former salmon habitat known as Lake Sumas was drained when the Vedder (Chilliwack) River outflow was diverted to Vedder Canal, and the Sumas Lake Canal was constructed after the big flood of 1946 to drain the lake and create more farmland.

This lake was prime habitat, giving salmon a chance to rest before migrating up the Vedder River and other creeks and streams such as Sumas, Stewart, Street, and Lewis Creeks as well as numerous Vedder and Sumas Mountain streams.

Ah, that's progress!
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 10/16/2010 8:33:28 AM
There is still ooli runs,,,just not as large as they once where(sound familiar????). I remember coming out here in 86 and walking along the Fraser in New West ,talking to ooli fishermen. One of the fellows just "gave" me a garbage bag full of ooli's to take back to my the friend's place I was staying at. One hell of a meal, but it wasn't shortly after when the runs started "just" disappearing.
Our resources(and mother nature) are not something we, as humans should NOT try to "manage",cause as soon as we stick our hands into it, we quickly make a mess outta of it. Just 3 years ago, the chum runs were silly high. Well, not a day ago, they just shut down any chum killing for the sport guys in the Veddar. Anyone remember the big storms and floods in the fall of 2006?????? Well, that 2 weeks back 4 years ago, has come back to haunt the salmon runs. A nice little reminder of how certain things can affect other things.They do teach this kinda stuff in high school biology, but even our federal "managers" can't seem to remember it. They only see what they wanna see and usually bend to political or $$$$$$$$ pressure. Of course sitting in Ottawa they have a real good grasp of the whole BC fisheries. Uh huh.
 Mon Cherie
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 10/16/2010 10:16:23 AM
The runs are every four years. I hear this year's run is the biggest in almost 100 years. I went to Adams River near Chase last weekend to have a look but I hear this weekend is the peak there. It is definitely amazing.

For those who wish to fish, the salmon fishing regulations are very strict so you might want to check out the regulations for your area. It is different for where you are fishing, what date you are fishing and the type of salmon you may catch. Many streams/rivers have a daily limit of zero at this time of year due to the salmon runs.

Here is an interesting little quote I just read:

"The salmon runs are a visible symbol of life, death and regeneration, plain for all to see and share... The salmon are a test of a healthy environment, a lesson in environmental needs. Their abundant presence on the spawning beds is a lesson of hope, of deep importance for the future of man. If there is ever a time when the salmon no longer return, man will know he has failed again and moved one stage nearer to his own final disappearance."
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 11/1/2010 3:54:01 PM
I was up at the Vedder every day for about 2 weeks straight. the first week was spent figuring out what i was doing, and the second week I was really having some luck. I still try to get out, but with work being as slow as it has been I can't afford to keep buying more gear!

Lots of good times though, lots of good people. Its worth it if you can get out

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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 11/8/2010 10:17:33 PM
The Adams River *return of the salmon* run is amazing...years ago I took my not yet a teenager son(he's 37 now). The officials were doing a wonderful job of inspiring awe and admiration for the miracle of endurance the salmon represent. I agree with Walts...the fish quit eating when they leave the salt water, and the physical changes and *drive for reproduction of the species* starts kicking into gear. The obstacles they endure, and 'drive through'(((including a kazillion nets and lures/gaffs and hooks and inventive fisherpersons' attempts to 'bait' the no longer hungry(for it is(...)...
This year I wandered with a high school chum near the viewing area of the Adams River(grandson got to see it this year...time does march on...and the salmon return every four years like clockwork...)...
well...we drove AWAY from the viewing platform, found an old creek bed almost high and dry, and a trestle bridge/logging road access, and explored down the scree slopes to the creek bed, and found little groups of salmon...not as big as I'd expected to see...more like 'teenagers'...BUT they had made it that far, against great odds...and circled in the deeper pools under the logs, and bashed their bellies raw trying to swim up the almost nonexistent water flow from pool to pool. Some even went back DOWN the creek they'd just come up...and then made mad dashes up the gravel beds again...with usually one or two or six other fish following their barely wet rubble trail...really stirring up the rocks, trying to blaze a trail for those who might was truly amazing. I slipped on the wet logs creekside, fell in, and walked, ever so briefly in the same creek bed they circled in...and they hardly noticed was a moment in time I recognize I invaded THEIR home, their stream...and for a moment I felt a sense of awe like no other. Here on the Island(V>I>) we have Goldstream park...which is amazing and accessible...but IF you climb the hill to the Goldstream might just see one of the biggest salmon you've ever witnessed swimming up close and personal in his own little pool...and he's made it half way up the Malahat...quite the climb in a rocky creek bed...and he's waiting for his dreams' fulfillment...a lovely lady fish for whom he can *milt* her eggs, (and then they die)...and the species can be spring's hatchlings/*fry* will head for the ocean, and four years down the road from then, they'll somehow make it back to the stream their parents died within, starting THEIR repeat the cycle. amazing.
JUST amazing!!! Myself...I enjoy salt water caught salmon...even if I have to compete with the odd whale or seal for the meal they might have otherwise enjoyed. The flesh is much firmer out here in the saltchuck!
Happy fishing y'all...and I DON"T mean for salmon!
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 11/10/2010 5:33:38 PM
^^^^^ And if people actually thought of what those Adam's fish do to get back to the Adam's River they would give these fishies a salute. Those sockeye HAVE to go thru Hell's Gate for one. It takes one hell of a jet boat to get humans thru the same chute.
Salmon, or any spawing fish will swim upstream until they cannot venture any further. That's why our "headwaters" are sooooooo important,,,not just the actual rivers. It's the creeks,smaller streams,etc that provide these creatures their "spot" for sex. Bear Creek in the middle of Surrey doesn't look like much in the middle of summer, but at this time of year some amazingly BIG fish are swimming these waters. In the MIDDLE OF SURREY.
Despite humans,our development, our destruction,,,they still swim until they can't anymore. Think about that before you toss that next pop can into a "ditch". Pretty please,,,,,with a cherry on top.
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 11/15/2010 7:47:15 PM
^^^^^^^^dear Walts...glad to see you are *still in action* on the forums posting!!!
I concur with the need to salute those fishies making their dash to the *final splash* before they die...
I also concur with your sentiments about thinking twice before you toss ANYTHING into the ditch...and further to that...
whatever are folks thinking when they pour stuff down the "storm drains" 'clean out the garage' of liquids before the can gets tossed....
wash the car on the it filters the soaps and chemicals before it goes down the storm drain and affects what the fish swim in(((and what we EAT WHEN WE EAT FISH!!!)))
um...thank-you...hope everyone has a wondrous Christmas...looks like a white one is on its way!!!
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the amazing salmon run!
Posted: 11/29/2010 5:15:36 PM
i too caught 6 sockeye's,,,,,my max for all 3 days.. in no time flat...... on the amazing run this summer..i have 2 left in my freezer n also will have one at Xmas time..

they were physically jumpin in my neighborhood... looked like waves... but it was actually fish jumpin... once in a lifetime i'll see that... was a unusual year..and one to remember...whooo hooo

i typically get fresh n a saltwater liscence..trout n salmon...but didn't get anything but crab from the ocean this year...
but as any good fisherman/woman knows's all about being out there the fish are the bonus...
Season's greetings everyone...
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