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Then might I suggest you look further than the headlines?

A scientific paper published this week by the European Organization for Nuclear Research describes how high-energy proton collisions produced unusual readings that could replicate the “hot dense matter” that would have existed microseconds after the Big Bang
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LHC Question
Posted: 9/22/2010 2:31:50 PM

I still dont understand why this is making headlines.. what's the debate?

There's no "controversy" or "debate" beyond the scientific interest of the results being produced by the LHC.

Why it's making the news is simply a) that the LHC is starting to produce scientific papers. It's roughly the equivalent of "first light" images coming from a newly commissioned telescope and, b) the results give a glimpse at conditions shortly after the big bang. The strength of scientific theories depend on observations. These results help to improve present big bang models.

As for "hot matter"...well, the sun is "hot matter." It's plasma.
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