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So I've read a number of threads on POF not working, sending a message to a user and not getting a reply, etc, etc.

I felt obligated to share my experience thus far.

POF says approx 1 of every 3 messages that you send gets replied to, I believe for the most part thats true.

When I write a message to a woman, I tend to write something a little different then "Hey", "Hi", "Sup". Think about it, how many people are going to use that, a lot! Make your initial impression at least jump out. I tend to use "Aloha" just to be unique.

When I write a message I generally include introducing myself by name, always a good start, plus you're sharing a bit of personal info right off the bat. I also include a compliment of perhaps an accomplishment they've listed, if they have a nice smile in their picture, a common interest. Theres lots of things that can be complimented, but make sure its genuine! Be real!

When concluding my message I generally say something along the lines of "Whether I hear back from you or not, no worries, enjoy your day and I wish you success." Think about what you say from the other persons standpoint. Not that you write just what they want to hear, but treat them the way you would want to be treated. And at least for me, thats a no pressure approach.

In the 4-5 months I've been using POF, I've met a lot of nice people, I'm going to say I've met at least 20 or so in person. I can honestly say I've never had a "bad date". Just go in looking to enjoy yourself and think of it as making a new friend, if something more happens great! Don't go looking for sex, or expecting it! Make it a pleasant experience for everyone and plan something where a woman would feel comfortable and unthreatened. Once I know a lady is at ease I'll joke about it, like "If you think I'm creepy I understand, I'll take you home immediately" lol :)

Anyways, just a bit of my success I thought I'd share with some of you genuine people out there that haven't had the best success here yet.

Hope I helpec someone! Be safe!
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Sharing a few ideas on my POF Experience
Posted: 1/3/2012 11:58:50 PM
Thank-you Andrew for sharing that positive feedback. I am sure you will have continued success on this site.
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Sharing a few ideas on my POF Experience
Posted: 1/13/2012 5:04:27 PM
I take offence to your line "ladies I have met who brought up a family and when the fledglings finally leave the nest they no longer 'need' to live with a man. They cash in the family silver, get a tiny house which does not need looking after , a small car and then concentrate on girly nights out and family and friends." I am single because the man I was with bought himself a motor bike and thought he looked hot on it and decided he needed a slim pretty woman on the back to boost his manhood or whatever. I am a kind, easygoing, outgoing devoted person.I am not on here for a free meal, or a free drink, and if you want to pay your way to the town I am in I will gladly treat you to a meal and a drink if it will make you feel better. You must be attracted to the same kind of woman if you keep going out with women you feel are using you. Yes I agree there are some "ladies" on here that are looking for a free ride and making their profile look like they are a winner, but everyone on here has at one time or another been hurt. I read the mens profiles and over half of them are so full of themselves, and think they are gods gift, and if they were gods gift, why did their woman throw them back in the ocean,,,,just wanted to say, some of the people here are actually looking for a real relationship, friendship or life. Free meal or no free meal, I will not judge a person by what they give me, i will judge them by what i see in their eyes and hear in their voice. I will remember this when i meet someone, I will demand to pay for my own in case I get judged on it after we leave.
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Sharing a few ideas on my POF Experience
Posted: 1/18/2012 6:13:07 AM
It's just sad that it took only five replies for this positive and uplifting OP to be dragged into the gutter of negativity and derogatory comments about the opposite sex again.

The most important message is not in the OPs technique, it's in his attitude.
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Sharing a few ideas on my POF Experience
Posted: 2/22/2012 8:49:11 AM
I totally agree with you. My experience on here has been frustrating to say the least. To be on here for a free meal is the funniest thing I have ever heard of My kids take me out for a free meal and their company has been so far, more enjoyable. Been on quite a few dates. I am looking for a serious, loving, caring, loyal relationship and i am 52 Most women wait until their kids are grown to subject them to such crazy idiots like this one. So many of the same on here but I will keep hoping that he will find me. There are still some good guys left I am sure but until then, when I want a free meal, I will go with my kids To all the GOOD MEN and WOMEN on here, don't let the bs take over your heart and what you truly search for and deserve
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Sharing a few ideas on my POF Experience
Posted: 2/24/2012 6:11:02 PM
Lol...he has a theory that is just based on obviously his experiences alone with older, stronger women. To say that a woman that has raised her children.... most by themselves no longer wants loving, caring, loyal relationship and just a free meal is crazy. A woman that has done this should be looked at as someone that is a loving, dedicated, strong woman that you souls want as a friend or otherwise. I have a very hard time believing women just want free meals I'm sorry.. but this is just a very funny statement. Sounds like it may be the other way around and this guy plays women to get free meals,,,, omg More to a meeting and life than just free meals,,,, P
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Sharing a few ideas on my POF Experience
Posted: 3/6/2012 4:34:23 PM
I know where the free meal statement came from lol. Just curious though, if you are with the love of your life, why still on a dating site? If and when the love of my life comes my way, you will never see me on another site again unless it didn't work out
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