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Can you see the Future?Page 1 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
The future will be the future and we as individuals have little to no control over it since, the ONLY control we do have is... on our own lives in the hear and now.

So this raises the question, what reality do you want to create for yourself?
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/11/2010 10:54:31 PM

Riots in the streets of Europe have been rampant over the course of the last year or so. There has been a constant and consistent rising tension among people in the world today.
There is sadly no sign that tensions will cool as the wrong choices are being made at every turn, but as Europe treads ever closer to the brink of chaos... are they alone?

The sky is always falling. This quote could have been pulled from any newspaper post 1929 Europe. It gave rise to Hitler, Fascist Spain, Communist Russia. Half way around the world the Japanese were invading Manchuria. In Canada the people dumped the Liberals in the hope Bennett would turn the depression around. Then re-elected King in the reverse hope the Liberals would turn the economy around.

Fascists paraded in London, and New York City.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/12/2010 1:21:57 AM
In my opinion the financial crisis is a white elephant. It IS true that we owe more money than there is out there. That has always been the case in the cheque-payment system of the economies that use it. "Expansion of money supply" it's called.

But the financial crisis is there, looming, and I say it's nothing more than mass hysteria, based on some fear that's attached to an incomprehensible system, which is the economics of the nation.

We live well; the OP stated even our poor live well. I am poor, very poor, in terms of income and assets, yet I have never been better off in my life.

Most people suffer in North America, financially, because they are extending themselves, not because they are forced to or need to.

My point is this: If this situation gets worse, very much worse, which is imminent at this point, it is not due to natural economic, social, or predictable sources other than to human psychology. We will panic, we will behave irrationally, and it will push society into chaos, since its atoms (people) will lose their rational functioning, which functioning is needed for society to keep operating according to specs.

Why do I say this? Because in my opinion there is nothing wrong with the economy. We have plenty of goods, nobody suffers for want. Why should that change? Because of the debt? There is no logical connection. We already have the debt; and we live well. Therefore the change that some think is unavoidable due to the debt is not at all something that must necessarily come. Our status is X; we already have the components to support X, such as debt and good life; if X becomes Y, a different state of existence for society, then the things that caused X to become Y do NOT include debt.

If our societies change, it will due to the climate change, which we blame ourselves for; it will be due to mass histeria over energy costs; it will be due to mass histeria over the cost of medical care.

Please note that histeria of the masses is a social phenomenon in which people behave in a panic mode. They don't think reasonably, furthermore, reason is not something that influences people from the outside when people are in this panic mode. It IS truly chaos. You can't rule chaos, axiomatically.

So there. Man has a rational fear only when his livelihood is threatened seriously; either to need to sink in his level of well-being, or to need to die for some others to survive. That is NOT the case anywhere in the world today. Europeans fight for not being able to retire at 58 or 60 or 62, because the lawmakers want to make them work longer. It is this "two years" that Europeans pour to the streets for. Two years of exta work.

In Europe, having a job, working, is not so much part of the national spirit as in America. In Europe, the culture can and does accept people who don't work -- because they have too much money or they don't have enough. In North America, especially in the USA, people work because it is a disgrace not to work. The rich work. True, they don't work in abbattoires, and they don't clean toilets, but they still work. I have seen them at work. I used to have a job in the sacrosanct department of a huge bank, in the audit department, and even the secretaries there were multiple millionnaires. They took more pride in their work than me, who was trying to eke out a living there. They were rich, they worked, and that was the natural order of things for them, for they were all North Americans.

In Europe, work is, historically speaking, a dirty, lowly thing. Prior to a hundred years ago, or max two hundred years ago, the work was done only by peasants, and from three hundred years ago to the present it was also done by another section of the great unwashed, by the proletariat. Work was a dirty deed, to be done by dirty, undesirable people.

The feudal system has been abolished in most countries in Europe, together with titles and entitlement of the nobility, and with a birthright-system. But the spirit lives on. Across the pond, in North America, work is a noble thing, we here truly think it frees the spirit. It's in our blood, it's in our culture. We find working as much a need for defining ourselves as individuals and as part of society as we find the colour of our hair or the colour of our moods.

This is why the riots in Europe. The rich there don't work, and there is no shame associated with it. Work is a burden. Europeans have used the expression "Arbeit macht frei" in extreme sarcasm. They hate working, much like North Americans or any human, but Europeans, much UNlike North Americans, admit to it, freely. Arbeit macht dich uberhaupt nicht frei.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/12/2010 4:36:13 AM
Yes, I can. In your specific future, you are going to be called by a panther...

Can't've been much fun to come of age post-9/11. I sympathize.
But every generation had at least one boogeyman.

My whole life, I saw the future as you describe, but the joke was on me; hopefully it will be on you too.

Alarming headlines increase revenue. Fear stirs voters out of complacency.
 motown cowgirl
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/12/2010 5:37:10 AM
but the history of mankind from the very beginning (particularly the empire-builders) is a tale of how he exploited his environment to the point that even self-delusion and outright fraud were no longer effective, and then he moved on. from easter island to christmas sale stampedes at the local wal-mart, the story is basically the same. it doesn't matter who gets crushed in the wake; all that matters is the perpetual satiation of incessant desires. and how are many of our relationships any different? it's all about the getting. and when all the getting has been gotten, we move on to the next one. you can argue any of that, but i know 3 things for sure: if i were a god, i would not lift a finger to stop the next apocalypse. in the end, we are all dead. it's just a ride, man.

:merry christmas:
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/12/2010 5:55:15 AM

so the question now beckons... can you see the writing on the wall?
or perhaps you have different ideas of the future. either way, post away

Lol, the only thing in the foreseeable future we all have is a trip to a pine box, oak for the rich folk, lol. Everybody knows "All things come to an end anyway", so why should "We Care". It either will end "abruptly" or it will end "slow", but it "Ends". That's the future.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/12/2010 7:02:10 AM
People have culture. Culture is a given set of expectations based in rules encoded in myths. Cultures are conservative. They are established routines. The society constrained by culture behaves according to the culture's rules. There is an underlying premise and that will manifest as human events. Economically the cultural principle of private property manifests socially as a cycle of boom and bust. The society is divided into two classes of people, one of which creates the other. Ordinary worker people need bosses so they conspire to work for and make wealthy a few victims in that way, condemning those so designated to lives of luxury, power and ease. The ordinary working people earnestly cram as much wealth into the bank accounts of their appointed bosses as they can, as fast as they can, irrespective of any realistic accounting of wealth, so great is their fervor. In a predictable mathematical transgression of logic, numbers lose their practical meaning. The economy surpasses reality to become a wholesale fantasy of future values. The bosses do their best to keep pace but of course it all must eventually break down when across the land notes come due and the absence of real wealth can no longer be denied. In the bust phase of the cycle the workers revel in an orgy of dependence on the bosses they erected, achieving a penultimate relief from responsibility. In the resulting orgasm of anguish the myth is realized. This social self-immolation produces a warmth that comforts against the deep cold of dispassionate reason.

I imagine a future some years hence when because of the global availability of information a democratic adjustment is made to cultures, as if they were all rivers flowing at last into one sea, where people swim like happy dolphins in the salty truth of knowledge.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/12/2010 5:46:40 PM
I can indeed see the future, occasionally. Sadly, not the lottery numbers, usually only small things.
As for the things you point to OP, they are far less significant than what I grew up with. When I was ten, I had dreams most nights, that we went to NUCLEAR war with the Soviet Union. As a teen, I saw the eruption of nationwide racial hatred and near civil war, in some areas. The Nixon years came after that, with paranoia ruling everything. South Vietnam collapsed, communist power seemed stronger than ever. Riots in Europe were MORE rampant then than now, by far. We saw horrifying things here, like the Manson Family, and the domestic terrorists who pretended to fight for freedom of the proletariat. Interest rates rose and rose, wages rose to compensate, prices rose to destroy THOSE raises. Inflation was eating us up.
Now, we have new fears. Instead of Nuclear Armageddon, we have Global Warming. Instead of Communism, we have fear of Chinese economic hegemony. Instead of out of control inflation, we have fear of a huge international debt.
These problems ARE real. They DO threaten us. We SHOULD have great concern about them. We should NOT be complacent, and say "problems have come and gone before, and these will too." But they are like all problems, they must be faced CALMLY, and with determination NOT to panic and NOT to buy into the "magic" promises of politicians of any stripe.
And please, watch out that DOOM does not become a desirable thing. That was part of what messed up my generation, and others before us. "Doom" can seem very romantic, almost comforting. If we are "doomed, " then we need not struggle. We can "party like it's nineteen ninety-nine," and say "who cares about tomorrow?" Or we can stare mournfully into wretched darkness, and wait for an inevitability (that wont actually materialize), praising ourselves for our insight as we waste our lives doing nothing.
So I say, yes, I can see the future. It's messy, like the past. It's painful, like the past. So please, work your BUTT off, so that we can get through it, like we did in the past.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 2:31:45 AM

The future will be the future and we as individuals have little to no control over it since, the ONLY control we do have is... on our own lives in the hear and now.

It becomes a problem when everyone agrees on this so easily without question. The future is created by the interaction of all entities in the present. When all entities decide they can not change the future then stagnation occurs.

While many inventions could be said to have changed the world, I think Nikola Tesla is perhaps the best example of why such a view is dangerous for humanity. He had this insane idea of bringing electricity to everyone in the world, and not just any electricity, specifically AC power which at the time was considered extremely dangerous. Along the way to failing to reach his ultimate goal, he came up with theories, recorded data, and even produced working inventions which have forever shaped the future of everyone and everything on the face of this planet. Just about every electrical device out there owes credit in part to his work and would not have been possible to create without it. He wanted to change the future for the entire world, and he did just not in the way he had hoped to.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 9:37:41 AM
igor, that was good. can't add anything to what you said. Even if it contradicts parts or the whole of what I had said.
 Max Schnell
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 10:07:32 AM

Now, we have new fears. Instead of Nuclear Armageddon, we have Global Warming. Instead of Communism, we have fear of Chinese economic hegemony. Instead of out of control inflation, we have fear of a huge international debt.

Yeah and notice how the foregone solution to ever single one of these problems is "more government". Coincidence? But of course.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 11:47:19 AM
"more government" means we, as a society, have to manage an increasingly complex world. Government, if viewed from this aspect, is a body of decision makers who have the tough job of making order among groups within a society with opposing interests. There is not enough resources to satisfy everyone's interest. Therefore government had been created to arbitrarily decide the fate of the resources, meaning what portion of it ought to go to what group.

The comlexification of society means much more many special interest groups are being formed than any time before this in history, even as we speak. There is more government? yes, and to me that's no surprise and to me that's not an evil, banal, self-serving thing by the government.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 12:22:49 PM
Yes, I can see the future. Here is what it looks like: the majority of the world's population will live a life of servitude to the wealthy few. The biggest issue we face right now is the disparities in the distribution of wealth--it is the root of every other problem in the world...well, that and religion.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 1:49:18 PM
In the US the people as a group, every citizen included, are self-governing and so the government here is exactly the same size as the adult population. Making it smaller would either be a weight loss campaign, looking at it through the wrong end of a telescope, or comparing it to something more important. I see a future where ignorance is the exception not the rule.
 motown cowgirl
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 3:49:25 PM
In the US the people as a group, every citizen included, are self-governing and so the government here is exactly the same size as the adult population. Making it smaller would either be a weight loss campaign, looking at it through the wrong end of a telescope, or comparing it to something more important.

i can't speak for max, but if i had to guess, i would say he isn't talking about the representation of senate and house, but referring by implication to the increasingly zealous insertion of government mitts into citizen pants.... and i don't mean just at the airports. in DC, every crisis is basically a mandate for a new government agency and/or increased federal power at the expense of individual freedom, as well as states' rights. i will not bother to list examples or we'd be here all week. it's gotten to the point that we're basically the mirror image of what our founding fathers envisioned, except in their worst nightmares. the constitution and bill of rights get lip service while government agencies and corporations practice incestuous power-brokering at the direct expense of the people within their spheres of influence. "original intent" has been eroded to the point that concepts like sovereignty are considered quaint, antiquated, and irrelevant. we are, in effect, no longer Citizens, but merely citizens (and if you thought the weird old capitalization is just an anachronism of 17th century english, you are wrong.) well, ben franklin did say, "a republic, if you can keep it.

we didn't.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 6:54:47 PM
When I was in grade school we had to wear dog tags and people were building bomb shelters and we had drills where we ducked under our desks and kissed our asses goodbye in case Russia bombed us. It never happened, but it could have and the outcome would have been unknown until it happened because you really can't do a whole lot about the future. I mean you could save the world by getting rid of gas-powered engines but you just may kill it with a surplus of big old used up batteries. Whatever you do will have a reaction, but you won't know what that is until you are waist deep in it. Live, be happy, deal with shyt as it comes.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/13/2010 8:39:52 PM
I can see the future simply because history repeats itself. From what I understand the 10 most significant tyrannical indicators have arrived, just like they did in Germany years ago.

Like it or not, we will be at war with our own government possibly within 10 years. But it won't be a strictly American revolution, we'll also be fighting against others on our own soil. In the end we'll probably win once again because absolute evil can only go so far.

I'm keeping this comment somewhat vague because of how complicated the details are, and the fact that most people haven't taken their blinders off yet.

We'll all be taking the "red pill" soon enough, whether we want to or not.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/14/2010 6:58:22 AM
Okay, it would be best to let Naomi Wolf explain what I was talking about. She started her crusade for teaching the people back in 2006.

Part 2:

As far as I remember she more recently stated that the time for peaceful change has since expired. She basically hated to admit it will take violence and prosecution of the administration to overthrow our upcoming dictatorship.

We are currently witnessing the biggest historical change ever. What will happen in the next couple of decades should overshadow all past wars combined.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/14/2010 7:33:15 PM
renai man, I don't know what the seven indicators are for a tyranny's imminent emergence, but i know that the USA has reached a critical point of decadence.

Its decadence is on several fronts:
1. Economic. Aside from the financial crisis, which is not at all an economic issue, Americans are importing almost everything they use. This means that they occupy their time with jobs that are important to them, but produce nothing. Whether this is significant or not, I don't know. Practically the only producing is in the military and in agriculture, but the latter is much automated, little manpower is needed. We work in Video stores, we sell iPads and mobile phones, we lawyer each other, we answer help lines, we drive buses and we very vehemently build more and more government. But the car industry is near kaput, nobody makes widgets any more, and if it were not for the illegal drug industry, the circulation of large sums of money would drop below critical levels, so much so, that it would bring down the economy. The illegal drug industry employs not only junkies, pushers and traders, but cops, lawyers, judges, jailkeepers, as well as social workers, youth advocates, rap musicians, doctors, hospital personnel, tax accountants and bank employees, and the income of the people in this industry gets spent on other facets of the economy, such as movie tickets, three-D tvs, and the people who sell them and deliver the tvs as well as pizza, cascade the money even further down. This is a good thing, except it is sad that the backbone of the American economy is now an industry that is illegal, immoral, and generally sells misery to people to make other people help keep themselves out of misery.

2. international relations. The Romans had to worry about the huns and the Visigoths. The Egyptians had to worry about the Romans and the Persians. Americans are not worried, but they make everyone else worried with their wars and war arsenals. This is not good, though it gives a false sense of security to Amys, what with their weapons, who would be crazy to attack them?

3. Well, the attack may not be coming riding on the back of intercontinental ballistic missiles, but on the backs of internet-related attacks, and one that already played itself out is WikiLeaks. That guy probably never had a gun in his hand, Larsson, but he caused way more damage to American's safety than all other guns ever pointed at Amys.

3. A. be careful with the analysis of 3. The WikiLeaks did not happen because the internet gave an easy venue for it to unfold. this is false to think this. Larsson is being impudent because almost every person outside the usa is bitter at the usa for it has stepped on too many toes for too long. WikeLeaks could have just as easily and even more damagingly attack Senegal or Bhutan or Malaysia. But it did not.

This is explained well with the saying Americans like to use... it's not guns that kill people, it's people that kill people.

Similarly to that saying, the world feels bitter about America and its senseless internatial relations, and they are sickened to the point of vomiting. The call for a coalition in the second desert war was answered only by the Uk, and they made movies afterward in which their prime minister would need to stand on trial for war crimes. This is a pretty strong statement, and it was aired as a film on Uk soil.

So WikiLeaks is the same thing as 9/11 was. both were isolated incidents, both came at Americans for the same reason, and still independently from each other. The incidents are isolated and not connected, but the motivation to commit them is shared by all or almost all outside the USA.

4. The emergence of competing superpower China. I don't know whether to believe or create a sort of conspiracy theory or not. But one needs not to create one to see the threat of the "yellow menace". The Chinese are everywhere, and they got everywhere unassumingly, with no intention to hurt anyone, they try to do their best to be peaceful, law-abiding, contributing citizens. This nobody can take away from them, except the conspiracy theorists. but... in case of a war between China and any other country, the enemy will be visually identified in a flash. There is no need for uniforms. The cells are in place, the men can arm in a flash. Nobody stands a chance against the Chinese if they decide to cause damage.

I am not accusing at all the Chinese of such intentions. I have lived with, and known many chinamen and chinawomen. i have the utmost respect for them. I am just saying that if push comes to shove, nobody has a snowballs' chance in hell against the Chinese.

5. The cultural decadence. It is not just the drug culture, or the violence, or the ever-widening gap between the poor and the rich in America. The decadence is being felt in a much more dangerous level. one reality tv show proves this more eloquently than a hundred million public speakers ever could. That tv show is the "biggest Loser".

The first time I saw this show on tv, I stood there, gaping, not believing my eyes. This... this merits a show? i asked my friend if Americans gone completely out of their minds, to produce and WATCh a tv show like this. I mean, they come home, eat dinner, sit down in front of the telly, and watch fat people stand, speak, jump, and generally try to lose weight.

My friend replied to my query, Andrew, the situation is much worse. if Americans had lost their minds, that would be understandable, and we could come to terms with them watching fat people galore on tv. But the situation is much worse... the Amys have NoT lost their minds, and yet they still sit down in their living rooms, the whole family, get comfortable, eat popcorn and watch fat people on tv for the sake of watching fat people on tv, and for no other reason.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/14/2010 8:25:03 PM
Yes, I can see the future.

Tomorrow, I am going to get up and grade papers.

The next day, I am going to grade finals.

After that, I have four weeks off from school.

Why do you ask?
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/15/2010 10:34:10 AM
Paul K, yes, the sky is literally falling. You say you came from a communist country, but you can't recognize the onset of tyranny here? Wow, I'm just amazed with our current society.

It's up to each individual how (and how soon) they interpret the truth around them. I find it honestly strange how thousands like me who seek the truth are flippantly deemed "conspiracy theorists", or "tin foil hat wearers", and even "nut cases". There are so many doctors, lawyers, police, and decent honorable citizens from all walks of life who are becoming VERY concerned for their families and future generations.

This country was founded on freedom, and in fact we've been warned about absolute governmental corruption from the very beginning. Everyone who serves our citizens took an oath to uphold the Constitution as the highest priority. Anyone who violates this oath should be immediately removed from office and prosecuted accordingly.

So they pass a health bill that forces decent citizens into spending thousands each a year for a commercial product, or pay heavy penalties through the IRS. To hell with the idea of choices in medicine, we would be forced into paying into a government-created monopoly that isn't based on healing whatsoever. I don't want to pay for people's expensive chemotherapy that kills them, or diabetes medicine that causes heart failure, or even long-term blood pressure meds for something so easily curable.

So when Nancy Pelosi was asked what part of the Constitution allows government to mandate such insanity she said, "What, are you kidding?". GeBu called the Constitution "just a g*d d*mn*d piece of paper!" How's that for keeping an oath for the sake of the citizens.

Then this TSA mess. Even our top sock puppet says they have every right to stick their hands down our childrens pants, or radiate them, or look at them naked on a screen as if our freedoms never existed. If you or I did that we could never bend over in the shower again.

So instead of the people getting angry and defending their rights like we've done for centuries, they throw their arms in the air and say, "Whatever". Or they just choose not to fly, which of course will simply destroy another big industry along with our whole economy. And with the loss of the airlines we'll have a harder time escaping this mess in the future.

Currently we have the safety food act bill hovering over us, with the potential power to stop us from even having a back-yard garden in the future. This Wikileaks fiasco is in perfect timing for them to take over the internet and stop people from discussing topics like this. That also coincides with the recent push for our citizens to report "suspicious activity" against their neighbors. Bills are being considered to regulate rainwater, so you or I can't even collect it in a barrel. We'll all be forced to buy their toxic brew.

Every day now I read new stories that are stranger than fiction, it's obvious there's a hard-and-fast push for the total loss of our freedoms and economy.

The skies above me are constantly filled with jets criss-crossing each other, creating vast grids of linear clouds which are proven to contain aluminum particulates and barium, among other substances, yet everyone around me is completely oblivious.

The slow push for mandatory vaccinations continues, even despite the latest news of the CDC ignoring possibly 3600 spontaneous miscarriages last year while continuing their chant about how incredibly safe immunizations are. Bill Gates expressed his concern about population explosion and his hopes to control it through vaccines and some bizarre health care agenda. Speaking of, research "Agenda 21", NATO's big documented plans for absolute control of the world. I don't think many of us fit in the 10% of their allowed future population.

I'll stop there and say this insanity is completely out of control, it's like a reality far beyond all science fiction movies and books combined.

I'm very proud of my "nut case" status, at least some of us choose to be vigilant watchdogs the way our forefathers vehemently recommended... Just remember the ones you call crazy now just might save your life in the future. And your family.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/15/2010 11:21:56 AM
It's nut case when all it is, is pointing randomly to this or that in alarm while making a general noise about vague ideas. To be taken seriously you would have to have a coherent theory related rationally to concrete reality, like scientists are taken seriously by how they do their work and present it for review. Anyone can go on an emotional alarmist binge ranting against things, saying how everyone else is asleep, everyone needs to wake up. There is no law against it. It lacks credibility because it lacks substance.

There are real problems that serious people address intelligently, and then there is this alarmist prognostication that is for expressing an anxiety.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/15/2010 5:59:00 PM

While the concept of the Democratic Republic and the Constitution was meant to remove suffocating class warfare from our political life and free us from the numerous dangers of elitism, invariably, those men who thirst for power over others find a way to insinuate themselves into any system, regardless of checks and balances, especially when the populace does not fulfill its necessary role as watchdog and tireless sentinel. Many Americans often assume that ‘the people’ derive their power from the Constitution, but the reality is actually reverse; the Constitution, in fact, derives its power from the people. Our duty (which some have forgotten) has always been to protect the rights and liberties inscribed on those pages of parchment. Not just to know those rights, or recite them, but to implement and defend them in our day-to-day existence. Without the constant nurturing cultural pulse of sound minds and courageous hearts, the Constitution dies.

Many in our society, instead of taking on the responsibility of preserving their freedoms, have instead handed it over to the trappings of government. The fatal error here is obvious; the corporatized and over-centralized political landscape of America’s government today does not hold the same values as the people it is determined to lord over. We have witnessed the parasitic possession of our system, know it to be corrupt, yet still seem to expect this bureaucratic monstrosity to cradle our liberties in good faith!

The whole article is a good read and explains a lot of where I'm coming from.

And no, I've never lived in a communist country. That's why I'm trying to learn all I can before our dictatorship starts here.

I'll admit my earlier post seemed extremely alarmist in nature, however that is not my intent. The worse thing anyone can do is cower in fear during this historical transition. Knowledge is power, success against tyranny is dependent solely on awareness.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/16/2010 5:05:39 PM
no...... why would I want to? it's challenging enough keeping up with today.

my lord, what will be will be, que sera sera.... hyping, huffing, hyperventilating, hysterics, over what MIGHT happen? COULD be? Come on, how empty can anyone's life be to even spend 1 minute worrying about the "future" when pfft, you could be extinguished like that at the whim of nature, a madman, a cosmic apocalypse and there is SO MUCH TO DO ABOUT TODAY....who cares for goodness sakes, LIVE FOR TODAY! LIVE FOR THIS MINUTE! I hope you had a gosh darn ball today, smiled up a storm, made 10 other people smile, did a wild fandango on the roof of your car and loved someone madly, totally, completely, if only yourself. If your today was better than yesterday you are LIVING!!!!!!! JUST LIVE...and let the psycho-babble-profound sounding-esoteric- prognosticators in their ivory tower think tanks wallow in their theories.
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Can you see the Future?
Posted: 12/16/2010 9:32:45 PM
Well Fatoldfart, I can totally accept what's ahead of us because that's what life is about. I'm completely wealthy with friends and family, I laugh, we laugh, on a daily basis, and no one will ever take that away. I'm not freaking out or suffering high blood pressure, in fact I feel a great comfort in the knowledge I've gained as far as what's ahead.

So the original question was "Can you see the Future?"

Yes, I can.
Not the total sum, just a lot of what humanity, especially North Americans will experience soon. The rest of the world will follow shortly.

I offered a really simple overview. The details and timeline are still greatly open for debate.

Take it or leave it. Be happy with your American Idol, or Dancing With the Stars, or the latest football game while safely sitting on your couch eating Doritos and drinking Diet Coke.

Just remember that some people choose to research today's real political news so they can anticipate what's ahead, and how to try and keep their loved ones healthy. Call them what you want, in fact now you can report them for their "bizarre beliefs", no matter how compassionate and loving of all life they are. I am one because I would prefer a little foreknowledge instead of being blindsided. And I was just trying to offer the same here for anyone who has the "strength of spirit" to absorb it.

I'm ready, with a smile on my face and maybe a drink in my hand!

And in case you are wondering, we'll never destroy planet Earth even if we tried.
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